Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Monday, December 29, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 310~

~Hours Later~

Mahi received a call from Mayank,only to realize it got disconnected before she could pick it up.In that split second,Armaan texted her to apologize to her but she couldn't care less.She was pretty annoyed by both Armaan and Mayank,the two guys who were somehow finding it difficult to open up to her unless she had persisted in asking further.

She picked up the phone and called Sudha aunty,a person who had reached out to her and made her feel sane,recently.She wanted to let down her burden and her worries about finding out the whereabouts of her ex-husband.Sudha had decided to keep her as a private client and made her promise to contact her whenever she felt extremely low and hence she left to meet Sudha at her hospital.

Mahi kept waiting outside her room where apparently quite a humoungous lot were already getting impatient.Mahi glared at her watch,which wasn't moving.She hit her watch repeatedly,not knowing what had happened all of a sudden.She had obviously not expected this turnout from her watch,at least not today.Now she wouldn't know how fast she had to finish meeting up with Sudha.Just then,Jiya had called her up.

Jiya:Mahi,i am waiting for you..
Mahi:What for?
Jiya:What for??Mahi,where is your mind these days??You and Sonali wanted to meet me to discuss something about Raj's project??
Mahi:Oh shuckz!!Woh aaj thi??I'm so sorry Jiya but i seriously can't make it now but Sonu must be at MU right now so just ask her,k??(heard her name being called)Gotta go..Bye,bye,bye!!!(hung up,adjusted her hair and went inside after keeping her phone on silent mode)

Sudha gestured her to sit down while she sorted put her files and took out Mahi's personal file,which she had created two to three weeks back,where Mahi first started to visit her frequently at odd hours during the day in oblivion.

Sudha:So here we both are...I wasn't expecting you today,Mahi...You don't come on Thursdays...Anything serious??
Mahi:No..not particularly..I mean...(Sudha noticed Mahi twirling her hair which she stopped after a few seconds)I just dropped by,thatz all..
Sudha:You are having cold hands..You are being fidgetive and you're telling me that everything's fine.Really??(Mahi felt tongue tied and just looked down)Mahi,you clearly have issues which you don't wish to acknowledge or at least you wish to escape from..You remind me of Bharti!!!Why,Mahi??
Mahi:Bharti???I don't know where you're getting this from..I'm no escapist!!
Sudha:Hey,relax..I didn't say this to intimidate you but i want you to face your fears and move ahead from all the traumatic experience that you've faced in your life,Mahi..You told me about Ved last week but you are clearly not over him..Why do i say that??Because you feel you see him often and you want to know his whereabouts..You haven't let go of him or your past!!You think someone else has taken your position in his life but do you realize that the position you had once acquired in his life was never destined to be??He had never valued your worth or your love..Yet you crave for him to come back to you??Is that what you really desire in your life??
Mahi:Tell me something,Aunty...
Sudha:Dr Sudha...
Mahi:Dr Sudha,Armaan too loved Bharti..or still is deeply in love with her.Yet he agreed on getting engaged to Shreya.Why?? My point is that he too is very much hung up on Bharti and now he's taking it to a worse level by moving to UK for his job..Thatz escapism too,isn't it??(Sudha sadly accepted the truth as she nodded in agreement)I didn't mean to hurt you but moving on isn't easy!!It takes out the life within you and leaves a deep scar for life..
Sudha:It is a matter of your choice whether you want to move on or not...I'm here to help you,not agonize you,Mahi..This is the end of our session for today..Next time,if you wish to consult me,only do so if you're even considering of moving on in your life!!Take care,Mahi...You can leave now!!(Mahi felt real weird but left instantly without uttering a word)

~Men's Universe~

Armaan kept walking to and fro,not realizing that it was already past his work time.Bhaskar noticed him and dropped by.

Bhaskar:Dude,everything fine?
Armaan:Oh hi Bhaskar..I thought you had already left..
Bhaskar:Was just about to..Then you caught my attention,so here i am..What's the tension?(Armaan looked blankly)
Armaan:(smiled weakly)Bhaskar...(looked away)Why do we feel that we are tested by God for the wrong reasons??It seems that one fine day He shows a path and we follow it so endearingly and wholeheartedly..And all of a sudden,things change when they are not supposed to!!You get what i mean?
Bhaskar:Dude,changes are inevitable portions of life,you simply gotta embrace them.Like your job promotion??You seem so disturbed everytime it pops up..Are you sure you're ok with it??Cuz i'll be super pissed if u mess things up in the end!!You get me??
Armaan:You're all about business,aren't you??You don't have a life other than this and Men's Universe,Bhaskar??
Bhaskar:Look who's talking...(Armaan glared at him)FYI,Armaan,itz you who don't have a life,mixing up your personal and professional life altogether and this has somehow affected your creative output...You only linger around for only her and you are saying i don't get anything what you're going through??
Armaan:I don't care about Bharti,alright??Why am i even wasting my time on you??(left from there)
Bhaskar:(picked up his ringing mobile)He better get a hold of himself or else i am really going to shoot him!!I'm dead serious,Paayu..Mayne we both need to do something huge this time round...Armaan toh na jaane kyun Bharti ke naam sunn kar hamesha badakh tha rehta hai yaar...
Payal:Pyaar jo karta hai bechara..
Bhaskar:Yeh tum dono ki jo love language hai na mujhe mere productivity kam kar dega..Bharti has to make my life more difficult!!!Pyaar mein itna dard??
Payal:Pyaar mein dard toh hai par log pyaar karne se mahin darr the na??Jaante ho kyun??Pyaar bas ho jaata hai Bhasku...Koi choice nahin chod tha!!
Bhaskar:Tum bhi na Paayu,apne pyaar ka baashan shuru kar dete ho phir se..Babe,main bas aa raha hoon k,10 minutes!!Bye...(hung up)

Just moments after starting his car,his mobile started ringing again
He thought it must be his Payal but it was someone else altogether.He picked up.He heard a hushed voice but couldn't make out what the person was saying.


P.S: This is a personal message to all my lovely readers and fans of JLH to let you all know just how thrilled i am to have such a wonderful,loyal audience who have stuck by me.Thanks a tonne!!!I had been bz wid my newborn who has been taking up my time and thatz why i couldn't post my story episodes earlier on. Please bear with me in patience as i shall post upcoming parts soon.Lurve all of u loaddzzz!!!😚😚

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