Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Friday, December 11, 2015

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 321~

Mahi finally had some private time to herself after having heard a whole heap of banter from Raj on her way home.She kept thinking about Mayank and how he broke down.

This wasn't the Mayank who she saw practically every day.In fact,if it was ages back, she might have had a softer spot for him and always defended for him,just like how she would for Sonali and Raj.This unlikely encounter had changed her perception of Mayank totally.

She wanted to call and check on him.Just as she dialled his number,she recollected what she was supposed to ask him.She wanted to know the truth about Radhika's murder.It is not easy to bring him to open up but she had to do it for Bharti's sake.She didn't want anything bad to happen to her at any cost.Mahi tried calling his landline number after getting an automated voice message.

Mahi:Hi.. (heard his voice)Mahi here..
Mayank:Hi Mahi..is everything ok?I'm fine..
Mahi:Are you..really??Mayank,you can share anything with me.You can trust me with your life.
Mayank:I'm fine,Mahi.Why did you call?
Mahi:To check up on you.You were just so devastated.I..
Mayank:I am alright.I just need to take time off..
Mahi:That's why you're laying off workers and shutting down Trends? Mayank,that's no solution.Have you thought of your employees?
Mayank:Right now,I'm furious at Gaurav.It is his responsibility to come back.He just can't disappear and create such a ruckus.
Mahi:Don't you think you should think twice before trusting him again?
Mayank:I'm not placing my trust in him anymore..
Mahi:Maybe you shouldn't have,in the first place.What if Bharti was right all along?
Mayank:Mahi,you don't mean to say..
Mahi:Mayank,Gaurav has a hand in this murder.Bharti had something which you don't,thus the reason for her holding to her friendship so strongly.I feel..that Bharti shouldn't be stopped.
Mayank:Mahi,you too??She's gone nutz!!
Mahi:Ved knows quite a lot about Radhika and that includes Gaurav and his ally,Siddharth too.Alisha and i found out at the hospital and i came over to talk to you about this but i couldn't.
Mayank:Ved knows them?
Mahi:Yes,and you shouldn't be shocked to know that Gaurav was only buttering you up to find out about Bharti.There are things you still have no clue about.But you've got to find out and search for the truth.
Mayank:OMG!!Why did i not let Bharti speak?Mahi,i wanna find out about Bharti.
Mahi:We will,in due time.Just rest for the time being.
Mayank:Luv u Mahi..Good night!! (hung up and in a split moment,he just realized what he had blabbered)

Mahi was surprised to note a smile on her face as she hung up and watched herself in the mirror.She was surely going bonkers.

~Bhaskar's home~

Payal was waiting to open the package that Bharti had entrusted her with.She was waiting for Bhaskar.Wondered what took him so long.He finally arrived,soaked in his own perspiration.She was surprised that he didn't come in his car.He had rushed to the washroom for a bath instantly.

Something was amiss.She wanted to call someone and ask.She dialled up Armaan.

Armaan:Payal,i have left the office earlier so no chance of meeting him today.But if i am not wrong,he left earlier than me..He was in a rush after receiving a text message or something.
Payal:Ok thanks. (Heard Bhaskar coming out and hung up instantly,leaving Armaan clueless)

Bhaskar: Paayu, we made a terrible mistake.
Bhaskar:Ok fine, it's me. It was a plot by Vinita, Gyaan and Ash and I couldn't see it in due time. But now it's time to rectify my mistake.
Payal:Any idea how you're gonna do it? Bharti has gone very far away, from all of us.
Bhaskar:What do you mean??
Payal: Open the envelope and read it.

Bhaskar's hands trembled mildly as he unfolded the letter written by Bharti.

Hey Bhaskar,

I guess Payal must have told you something about me by now..Or didn't she, out of her panic-stricken mode? She gets frightened so easily yaar par kya kare? Bhaskar the man, no apologies needed for the way you shouted at me before.. Hota hai yaar..I've got no regrets about the friendship I share with you or Payal, despite knowing of your motives towards befriending me right from the start. Desperate much, Bhaskar?? I must say you were a charmer trying to seduce my mum and dad at their socialite parties..

Bhaskar glanced at Payal. He couldn't believe it. He muttered under his breath, 'She knew of my motive all along but why did she play along?' .

But then you know something guyz?The most amazing things happened because of your friendship..Jaane anjaane hi sahi par maine bohat kuch paaya hai zindagi mein..Chaahe woh kuch pal ke liye kyun naa ho par woh sabhi yaadein ban ke reh gayi hai aur kaafi hai iss janam ke liye..Naina ko godh lena, Men's Universe me kaam karna, itne saare doston se milna, Mayank se phir se milna aur..

Bhaskar could imagine the deep sigh in her next word. There was so much left in between. Things changed so much, so quickly for Bharti that he began to wonder if it was Bharti who initiated it or was it...

Armaan..Someone whom I'll never forget in my life till eternity. The best and the worst thing to have happened to me, thanks to you guyz!!Khayr, chodo!!Ab main jo tumse baat karne waali hoon woh ek raaz ki tarha hi hai. Chaahe kuch bhi ho iski baarein mein kisi ko hawa tak nahin lagna chaahiye.

Naina. Payal mujhse pooch rahi thi Naina ke baarein mein. Payal,maine tumse kaha tha ki woh San Diego mein hai apne uncle ke paas par asal mein woh surakshit hai ek ghar par, London mein..Meri ek dost uski dekh bhaal karegi aur poori zimma uthaa legi..Koi shikayat nahin hai tujhse par main uss par kisi bhi tarha ke darr paidha nahin karna chahthi. Main badle ke paar jaa rahi hoon, Gaurav ke paas aur tum dono aur kaafi saare logon se door..Ho sake toh mujhe maaf karna kyunki ab mujhe kisi par bhi barosa nahin hai, Mayank par bhi nahin...

Iss dil mein ab koi darr nahin hai badle ke saamne,maut ke saamne. Agar meri jaan chali bhi jaati hai,toh koi mujhe dhoondhne nahin aana chaahiye..par ek vaada maangti hoon tum dono se..ki jab meri dost ek chitti bhejegi toh meri laadli ko jaa kar London mein milna zaroor..

Kaash humaare saare dosti ke lamhe ek bottle mein chupa sakoo..Bohat yaad karungi tum dono ko..Meri aakhri chitti tum dono ke liye..


Bhaskar froze.Payal went close to him and held him tight, so that he wouldn't fall but he collapsed into her arms and began weeping. He couldn't take the fact that his best friend left them without a farewell or proper goodbye.

Days passed by. Bhaskar dropped by Armaan's place to meet him and Sudha. He saw the decorations going on. Sudha was running to and fro,attending to some of her faculty members, who had come to attend Armaan's pre-engagement party.The engagement was two days later.

Bhaskar and Payal scanned the hall. They were just close friends and relatives.

Payal:I still can't believe everything's happening so fast...I wonder what's his hurry..
Bhaskar:He's in the mood of proving to himself and the rest that Bharti means nothing in his life. (Payal held his palm firmly)We brought him into her life and look at everything that's happening. I'm telling you Payal, this is not right!!
Payal:Not now,Bhasku!!Smile,people are watching..Aur please..We don't even know where she is so what can we expect from this guy???

Just then, Mayank came with Niharika and soon after, all of Armaan's colleagues came. This did take Bharti off Bhaskar's mind but not for long. He excused himself to the terrace, for some fresh air.

He met Mayank there.

Bhaskar:Mayank, you alright??
Mayank:Yeah it was getting a bit crowded so I came here...
Bhaskar:(saw Mayank a bit lost)I guess you don't wanna talk about anything..
Mayank:You're right. I dont.
Bhaskar:Neither do I but I can't help my arising curiosity. Where is Bharti?
Bhaskar:Keep it down,Mayank.What had happened that she could no longer trust you?
Mayank:Why are you making this up?There is no such..
Bhaskar:She wrote me and Payal her last letter. She has gone far from us and told us never to locate her. Do you get me,Mayank??
Mayank:Please don't tell me she went to find Gaurav.. (Armaan had overheard everything while having brought two cocktails for Bhaskar and Mayank)I was so wrong. Mahi told me there is much more to Radhika's murder than I had known..Something which Radhika had hid from me. But I have yet to speak to Mahi about it.
Bhaskar:How did she know..
Mayank:I...I don't know if it is her assumption but I can't let that thought go...
Armaan:Hi guyz..here are your cocktails...Enjoying the party?(Bhaskar and Mayank nodded)
Mayank:Congratz to both of you, you and Shreya..
Armaan:This is not my engagement party so you can wait till then to do your honours..Excuse me!!(thought in his head)

'This can't be happening. Niharika and I clearly saw the newspaper clippings and journal entries. The dates couldn't be wrong. In fact, I do have the photos, some of them which I had managed to take. Bharti can't have gone far. She will have to come back for....Where in the heavens is Naina?? So many questions and I've got no answer to any of them. Am I regretting letting her go?? No...I can't support her for killing someone who's guilt-free of murder...Isn't he innocent????'

Monday, October 26, 2015

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 320~Mini Steps to Letting Go

Niharika:Mayu..actually Raj was already here before you came..I had invited him here because....Because..
Niharika:(looked to Mahi for help,who lip-synced Bharti)Because he could help me in finding Bharti..
Mayank:(strided towards Raj)Tell me you have something,Raj..I'm desperate to meet her somehow!! (Didn't realize Nihar who heaved a deep sigh)
Raj:(checked his mobile)Maybe we might...Just keep still!! (called Bhaskar upon getting his message;the call went through but he heard voices)

Bhaskar:Bharti...Vinita???God,what are you doing here??Don't you dare run... (Vini tried to but Bhaskar hit her leg and she fell;Raj heard her shriek)Where is Bharti?
Vinita:How the bloody hell am i supposed to know?
Vinita:You just ruined it,you idiot!!It was my golden opportunity,damn it.Bharti's missing,hence i took the limelight with Ash.Get lost,Bhaskar!!
Bhaskar:Vini,what are you saying?
Vinita:Like you know nothing..Bhaskar the great always have the scoop,doesn't he??That loser Mayank is about to shut Trends down but i can't let that so I've kept Gaurav away..
Bhaskar:What the hell?You were the one who came here,the Old Fort,and beat him up so bad that he fell unconscious on the spot?
Oh God,what have I done??I mistook you for Bharti and...
Vinita:Gyaan and Ash told me you were following me..I took care of what you had to see...
Bhaskar:Where is she,Vinita???Either one of you would have gotten the scent of her whereabouts..Where is she???
Vinita:You have screwed my plans up..Bhaskar,i can't help you;I'm sorry!! (Left from there;Raj disconnected the call)

Mayank's eyes turned moist,brimming with tears on his eyelids as he gently sat down near a corner of Niharika's balcony.

Mahi:Wait a sec..There is something wrong..Nihar,you told me that Bharti was behind the kidnapping...How is it possible?No,who told me?Raj?
Raj:I got that from Mayank...
Mayank:She told me personally..
Mahi:Arhh ok..So how did Vini get to know about this??This is so confusing!!!
Raj:Ok,stop..Letz process the new info.Vini,Ash and Gyaan..They were not in the picture till now.Bhaskar thought he saw Bharti beating up Gaurav badly but it was Vini all along.But why?Why did she trap Bharti?
Niharika:Didn't she always have an eye on her progress and excellence?My best guess will be because Bharti got lucky with Mayank as the editorial assistant in Trends.
Mayank:It is all my fault.Now she's in deep trouble all because of me!! (Mahi witnessed the emotional soft figure of Mayank,something she couldn't imagine at all and froze)She didn't want to work at Trends.I let my partiality decide and she got the job.I kept my friendship alive but now she's gone.
Mahi:No Mayank.You listen to me!! (Knelt down in front of him and held his palm affirmatively)Bharti had this coming for herself.As far as i am getting it,I think she had it all planned out.First she gets the job.Then finds out about Gaurav's true involvement in Radhika's murder and now is out for personal vengeance.But in between came your friendship.Not only that,other factors came in,inclusive of her and Armaan's forgotten friendship,Bhaskar's misunderstanding and most importantly her daughter,Naina.After all,where is she??Have anyone thought about her??? (Mayank wiped his tear and realized Mahi hasn't withdrawn her hand;he looked at her gentle hand having supported him and Mahi gradually let his hand go,one finger after another)
Raj:(cleared his throat)Mahi's right.Bharti is somewhere safe.But Gaurav?Where is that idiot hiding??

Bharti was staring at the stars.She was slowly recovering at a secretive hideout where KK had brought her to,after having packed all of Radhika's stuff from her place.She had to.She needed Radhika's presence surrounding her.Right now,she felt safe to be away from everyone,detached and disconnected.She didn't need anyone now;not Armaan,Bhaskar or even Mayank.Jiya had now seen her as a foe.A lot of her ex-colleagues were pretty much in the negative view of her so why should she bother?Perhaps the only person she really is concerned about is Payal and Naina.She had let out a huge burden from her heart to Payal but she didn't know how she will take it,given the dramatic expression upon seeing her gun.Bharti couldn't stop feeling amused by her explosive eyes.Just then,she received a phone call.

'But i didn't switch on my phone. That's not my phone!!'

'That's right. It's mine. I'm sorry,Bharti.'

'How did you reach here?Oh yes,my last message before i switched off my mobile.'

'I went to Men's Universe and followed Bhaskar.He's broken,having found out that Vini,Ash and Gyaan were behind the attempts in defaming you for hurting Gaurav,after he escaped from us.I think they've got some proof against us,Bharti and this could pose as a danger.'

'Let's see what they are up to.Meanwhile,i am close to finding Gaurav's location.I have no one to fear about now.Let defamation or danger come strike me but i am not going back.If you're scared,then you may abort your support and leave.No compulsion from my side.'

'I have another news which may or may not shock you.Armaan is having doubts about you.He was asking around if anyone had contacted you since a lot of your colleagues were worried about your absence.'

'They'll get used to it.Especially Bhaskar,Payal and Mayank.Sacrifices need to be made.Did...Did Armaan see you??Did he say anything?'

'No,he didn't but i overheard him and Shreya talking.Armaan will be leaving for UK sooner than expected and perhaps after this,he might never meet you again in his life.All I'm saying is,have a final farewell conversation with him;wrap things up,all loose ends perfectly and let him go.'

'I've already let him go but it's Armaan who's simply making it complicated.Anyways,let us work on our future steps;only a couple of days remain till the execution is performed.'


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 319~Mahi's Gone Bonkers!!

Mahi quickly got out of the auto.Having rushed to the lift lobby,her heart raced.She was going crazy.She was lost.So much so that she didn't realize that her hair was still dripping wet.She didn't wait.She rushed upstairs but just then,her heels broke and she fell flat on the ground,letting out a loud scream.

She felt even more uglier by the number of people who watched her one instant and by the next few seconds,just left her on her own without offering any help.She was surprised but really pissed with herself for being so oblivious.She never wore heels for work!!!

She took off the other heel and picked herself up and gradually paced herself,walking towards Alisha.Alisha informed her that both Vedant and Mayank are under observation.

Alisha:You didn't come then,Mahi..What made you come?
Mahi:I needed to face my past.I needed to give a piece of admonition.Sometimes i just want to give myself satisfaction by killing him but I'm leaving that to God.I never would want to get my hands tainted with his blood.
Alisha:Mahi,i need to apologise to you.I had no idea.Seriously,not until i heard from Bharti and Sanju..They saved me from a heartbreak but i just can't imagine how he effortlessly weaved a web of lies.Gaurav and he seemed close and i trusted Gaurav like a mentor but everything has gone awry nowadays...Hey,I'm sorry k?
Mahi:Yeah,whatever.. (pushed the door after the doctor came out)
Alisha:Mahi,that's Mayank's room.I mean,aren't you meeting Ved first??
Mahi:Oh yes,i was confused(blinked her eues in disbelief and rushed in)...Excuse me!!!

Ved was slowly gaining consciousness,Mahi realized.She turned away,not knowing how to exactly voice things put.Here she was,in front of her past,face-to-face.She had to get past him and move on,as per Sudha's guide.Just then,Ved held her wrist and called her.Alisha.Alisha's name rung in her ears loud and clear,enraging her so much that she turned to look straight in his eyes.

Mahi almost strangled him but she soon felt someone at the door.Ved was extremely shocked to see Mahi.He just observed her face.Nothing seemed different to him;she was just like how he had left her.Despite the accident,he flashed his smile at Mahi,who was unsure of her own reactions and expressions.She can't be defeated by his misleading charm.

Ved:Mahi..Wow,how are you?
Mayank:She's excellent by the way..
Mayank:Shocked??You sadistic moron,you expect her to be still waiting for you like a hopeless romantic,living a life full of fantasies after whatever you and your family have done?? (Mahi just watched a bruised Mayank vouch for her.In fact,she unknowingly interlocked her fingers in his)But you are way too late to realize that she now belongs with me.If you think that she has come to see you,then you're so mistaken,you fool. (Ved kept looking at Mahi who gave him the assurance further that she had moved on in her life)Mahi,it's your turn to speak . I'll be waiting for you outside.
Mahi:You heard him,didn't you?I am his world now.But i can't let you go off so easily after hurting another innocent girl like Alisha.You forged a relationship with her and this time,you've got to pay.(turned around and Alisha came forward)I think i am going to watch and enjoy this,Alisha.
Alisha:(smiled widely and turned to see a drowsy Ved,who began to realise he had been drugged)Yes sweetie,you're gonna spill everything to me.Now.What was all the drama for???
Ved:To get closer to Bharti.To destroy any possible evidence that she could be having against Gaurav or Sid.They killed some friend of her's,i accidentally overheard his conversation and had confronted him about it.But Alisha,our meeting at the pub was a total coincidence.I swear. (Fell unconscious as Alisha further injected the remaining drug intravenously into his system)
Alisha:I'll take care of him,settle scores with Gaurav as he schemed to kill Radhika.OMG!!!Where's Mayank??
Mahi:I'll go check on him. (Went out and saw Mayank trying to get a glass of water with difficulty and she went to help him,having held his waist and suppported him till he sat down)

Initially both of them felt super awkward but they both knew that they had to break the silence,almost killing them inside.

'Ok,what was that all about,inside?'

Both of them looked at each other and smiled.They both uttered the same words at the same time.This time,they didn't vent out their frustrations.They almost sang in harmony had it not been for the awkwardness which kept on persisting in their hearts.

Mayank:You were getting plain scared of your past.You were feeling intimidated by his presence,letting your inferiority set in.After all you've been through,i couldn't let this happen to you,no matter how you and i are. (Mahi just kept gazing at him and he noticed and snapped instantly)Mahi,what's going on?
Mahi:You literally spoke my heart and perhaps i needed that.I least imagined you to be the guy who would attempt at mending my heart.
Mayank:Whoa,huge words,Mahi!!Stop,k?Remember how we vented out our frustrations at each other??We can keep it that way.. (laughed but stopped as his head and shoulder hurt)
Mahi:Heyy you ok??Can i do something to help??
Mayank:God,i need to get away from you or else I'll be having dreams about you,probably nightmares of an angelic Mahi..(just then,a nurse called and Mayank slowly walked away)

Mahi gleamed at the compliment.As soon as she came back to earth,she realized Mayank was gone.She forgot to ask him about Radhika.Or stop him for that matter.

Both of them tried to contact Bharti and their colleagues but no one could reach her.It was so weird.Weird that Mayank could be a rash driver.Weird that no one could reach Bharti. 'Nah', Alisha sighed as she looked at Mahi.

Alisha:Either her mobile got flat or she switched it off on purpose..Nothing atypical of her!!I'll bring Ved to my place and he'll be taken care of.
Mahi:Are you sure?I mean..He's..
Alisha:Mahi,you go to Mayank's place and talk to him.Maybe he has a clue of Bharti.

Mahi reached Mayank's place.She was surprised that he didn't wait for her to ring the bell.He was looking much better than her visit to the hospital.He snapped at her.

Mayank:Yes Mahi?
Mahi:Ermm hi??Mayank,won't you invite me in?
Mayank:Not keen on doing so...why??
Mahi:Mayank!! (hit his shoulder mildly)Is that how you're going to treat me...You...Am i disturbing you and some white collar professionals here??(Mayank excused himself,gesturing his team to wait a lil and nudged Mahi,bringing her to a corner)What's wrong?
Mayank:Mahi,what is the matter?
Mahi:Mayank,i want to talk to you and it's rather personal. (Mayank began to wonder if it was how he had saved her from Ved from further humiliation and started worrying)You know what?I'll talk to Nihar and when you're done,you can come up!!
Mayank:But she isn't here.
Mahi:(raised her eyebrow)I saw her wet slippers.. (saw Mayank turning away from her and she gently walked up the stairs)What is wrong with him??(knocked and upon opening,saw an annoyed Niharika with a drenched Raj,much to her bewilderment)What the hell!!! (Shut the door)What's going on?I thought you two broke up??
Niharika:Thank God you're here.Will you do the honours of explaining to this desperate idiot to get out from here?He climbed up the ladder to meet me..I just can't believe his nonsense.
Raj:Hold it.Mahi,you're here to meet Mayank,right??
Raj:Yes,go on... (liked the fact that he made her speechless)You were at the hospital,weren't you??You met Mayank there and...
Mahi:Yeah so?I met Ved as well...And that's nothing new for you but what are you doing here now?Are you out of your mind?Mayank might come up anytime after his meeting...
Niharika:What meeting?
Mahi:Err...You didn't know??
Niharika:After he came back from the hospital,i had specifically warned him not to strain himself or host any legal meetings with his advisors of any kind.I don't know what's been running in his mind ever since Bharti has broken their pact of friendship. (Rushed towards the door but stopped to face Raj)You...Yes,get out from my home before i come upstairs.
Raj:So much for trying to redeem my love for her.I love her,Mahi and you girls know it well.She does too but something is wrong somewhere...
Mahi:Sure...In your cuckoo brains,that's where!!Stop distirbing her,k?If Mayank got to know about your love,he's gonna butcher you up dude..
Raj:And that's why i need you...Why are you here exactly?
Mahi:I wanted to see how Mayank was doing..He had been badly hurt and i just..but you have to forget Niharika!!Mayank won't approve of you of all people,for his beloved sister...
Mayank:What's going on,Mahi?I didn't know you had company here... (Mahi and Raj's eyes opened in shock as they gradually turned towards Mayank and Nihar who stood clueless)

Preview:Alisha reveals facts about Gaurav's whereabouts to Mahi who informed Bhaskar.Bhaskar finally comes face to face with the alleged Bharti's lookalike.He was shocked to find out it was ______!!!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 318~

Both of them didn't realize that Pushpak had overheard them.

Bharti reached Mayank's home with the idea of talking to her best friend.Having a long,deep chat over coffee.

Just then,she was surprised by Niharika who caught her off track.She welcomed Bharti inside.

Niharika:You have to do something,Bharti.Mayank is going through bouts of depression,I'm sure of that.Just like before.
Bharti:What did he do now??
Niharika:He has lawyers coming to our home.Initially i thought he was joking but now i think he's dead serious.He's thinking of shutting down Trends.
Bharti:WHAT??? (Grew appalled,widening her eyes in shock)
Niharika:Sshh..He's coming. Don't tell him i told you anything.Just be casual. I'll get you something to drink...

Bharti was confused.She came here to talk to him about a lot of things,top priority being his trust in Gaurav but now she started feeling numb,as he sat beside her.

Bharti watched Mayank who had received a call,having broken the silence between them.Her eyes moved to look at Niharika,who turned around upon noticing her glance.Soon,she went upstairs.Bharti wondered if she should be worried about something but Mayank came forth with coffee and diverted her attention.

Niharika:Armaan,is everything ok?
Armaan:Yeah..I wanted to talk about Raj.You haven't told me your thoughts..
Niharika:It slipped my mind.But wait, i have already told you that we have grown distant..
Armaan:Oh come on Nihar..you may have decided to call it quits,haven't you??Kam se kam Raj ke baarein mein toh soch thi...Itni khudgarz kaise ho sakti ho???
Niharika:Main aur khudgarz? (Almost choked)Raj had issues with my identity..After that,he didn't really bother but he had sent off mixed signals for sure..
Armaan:(murmured)Uss duffer ko toh main...Ek number ka idiot khor hai..(just then he heard Mayank's voice and Bharti's as well)Nihar,is someone at your place?
Niharika:(got the hint)Sure..Recognizing her voice or is someone still in the denial game after all these days??Your engagement with Shreya is...
Armaan:Why is she there??
Niharika:Armaan,you are way off track..Anyways,i have called her for some personal issues related to Mayank..He's been making such rash,irrational decisions lately...
Armaan:Such as??
Niharika:Trying to fish out info from you,aren't you??Itz personal,Armaan..Goodnight!!
Armaan:Arre!!! (Heard the engaged tone and hung up)I obviously can't get to Mayank..Nihar was my hope but she's quite smart..I need to find some way out !!Sab meri galti hai..Aakhir Gaurav kahaa jaa sakta hai??

Meanwhile,Mayank looked grim upon Bharti's nature of questioning.He knew she will definitely come to question him upon learning about his and Gaurav's acquaintance.After all,why would anyone trust his girlfriend's murderer??Or partner-in-crime??He kept mum,leaving Bharti frustrated.She started shouting at him madly.

Bharti:Gaurav Khanna.A renowned murderer in our eyes.How dare you,Mayank??Just how dare you do this to me and Radhi??He killed her for God's sake?You not only put him in your Board of Directors' list,one of the primary stakeholders  but you became a close acquaintance with him.Now,don't come to me with the 'Keep your enemies closer' cliché cuz i am not gonna buy it.I am extremely mad at you for doing this to me.
Mayank:Radhika wasn't murdered by Gaurav.He had a confidante,someone named Siddharth..He did it!!(Bharti came close to Mayank,watched his eyes in remorse and turned to the table,hurling all that was on the coffee table,bringing Niharika's attention)
Bharti:This Gaurav has become so significant in your life,Mayank??Ever since Radhika's death,i have promised myself to avenge her death,regardless of the obstacles that i will have to face.Even if that was in your shape!!First,it has got to be that Armaan;now it's you.
Mayank:You promised me you'll forget everything..Not to think about her death before you went to pursue your studies further..You had alienated me from your world,Bharti!!
Bharti:Whoa,so now itz all my fault??(slapped Mayank real hard,which Niharika had not expected)You decided to make amends with the murderer and make him a part of your business venture..I mean,it totally makes no sense!!Just like Bhaskar and Payal,you decided to turn into a manipulative business magnet with the help of Gaurav Khanna..Wow!!! (Clapped her hands in disbelief)Guess what?This is the end of us,Mayank..I'm breaking this up right now,so that you don't have to make amends with me whatsoever..And yes,if you do meet Gaurav somewhere,let him know that his life is at God's mercy or else when i find him, his death will be decided by my wrath.(Niharika was shell shocked;she went inside)

'Armaan knows everything about Bharti and her past.It seems from Bharti's talks that he had not supported her but i don't think she will back off.She shouldn't but how can Mayu be so sure about some Siddharth guy having killed Radhika??'

Mayank left his home and drove fast.He didn't know where he was going but just kept going straight.He realized his phone vibrating and looked at it.It was one of his lawyers but he chose not to pick it up.Just as he looked in front,he saw a speeding vehicle and before he could do anything,the car flipped around and the bodies were hurled.

Alisha managed to get out of her car.However,she wished she hadn't,instead.

Two bodies were laid before her.Badly injured.Unconscious.Bleeding profusely.

She called the ambulance.Mahi was on her way but got obstructed by the path.As she got out of her car and made her way into the crowd,she was dumbstruck as she saw and identified them both.

Vedant Raiz...

Mayank Sharma...

Before either Alisha or Mahi could react,the paramedics brought them to Fortis Hospital.

Alisha:Aren't you coming?? (Mahi shook her head and wiped her tears)
Mahi:I need to head back home...Bye!!

Alisha went with the ambulance while Mahi drove back home,recalling her traumatic journey with Ved.

After her bath,as she was wiping her hair dry,she recollected seeing Mayank.She wondered if Alisha had informed Niharika or Bharti.She tried calling them both but they were inaccessible.

She had decided instantly.She was going to Fortis.Right away.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 317~

Bharti pulled the trigger and shot.Armaan has clasped his ears shut and after some time,he could still feel his heart racing.She tapped on his shoulders,which shuddered even then,much to her amusement.However,she hid her thoughts within,stifling them for the matter wasn't meant to be taken lightly.She needed to ingrain this into his head.

Bharti:Ab bhi darr lag raha hai tumhe?(looked at him coldly)
Armaan:Yeh kiski gun hai?
Bharti:Haath matt lagaana..Gaurav ki gun hai..
Armaan:Tumne chori ki?
Bharti:Bohat saal pehle yeh mujhe Mayank ne diya tha Radhika ke maut ke waqt par..Jab hamla hua tha tab...Tab se isse ache se rak rahi thi..Aaj acha mauka tha lekin tum...Tum mere aas paas matt badakhna..Samjhe?? (Turned around but Armaan stopped her)
Armaan:Yeh jagah abhi khatre se khaali nahin hai...Mere saath chalo!!! (Drove with Bharti in his car)I still can't believe i had married you once!!A trained shooter with no hesitation..(Bharti couldn't stop laughing)What's so funny??
Bharti:Our marriage..Your infatuation which lingered and had overwhelmed you so much that you couldn't think straight..In fact,till now...
Armaan:Itz not some bloody infatuation, alright??If it were,i wouldn't have agreed to a contract marriage where my primary intention was revenge..In fact,i... (paused to think)
Bharti:You fell in love when you met me the first time you met me,alright?Face it..That was like what?5 to 6 years plus back??Armaan,if your intention was revenge,why didn't you nullify the marriage once your misunderstandings were cleared?Clearly you didn't wanna let me go.It is that simple.Look,i don't want to steer both of us back to our past.What i want is for you to focus on what's ahead for you.Don't look back to see where i am because i am never supposed to be a part of you.
Armaan:Get out!!Bharti,get out.You are safe from here on. (Bharti shook her head and got out)Mayank and i did each other a favour,that's all.Don't take me so seriously.I have much greater plans than to keep saving you from the grave you are digging for yourself!! (Sped off from there)

Bharti headed off to meet Payal at Breekz Cafe,a place she hadn't gone in a long while.Payal was filled with lots of buzzing questions and she wanted all the answers.

Bharti:Heyy.. (hugged Payal for a long while and both of them sat at a table at the innermost corner where it was quite discreet and quiet)Wow,not much business as before..I have been MIA for long,haven't i??
Payal:Armaan told me stuff..Shocking stuff that i didn't know before...and you had left from my apartment overhearing Bhaskar's accusations..Bharti,what were the things that you wanted to tell me so badly that you couldn't when i asked you before??You kept asking me to wait at the right time...
Bharti:This is the right time for you to know everything,Payal..(Gesticulated Payal to open the small bag in front of her and Bharti watched her)
Payal:Your every truth that i need to know is in this?(Bharti nodded;Payal unzipped the black bag slowly and her eyes almost popped out of fear and zipped the bag back and jerked backwards)OMG!!!OMG a gun???Ok ok calm down... (inhaled and exhaled deeply as Bharti covered her mouth)Let go...This is your's?You have a license to this?You're not gonna kill,i mean you are not gonna use it...Of course you are not...What am i even thinking?Armaan was just trying to figure your whereabouts by provoking me with his stupid questions..
Bharti:I have already used this gun today but he had to come in the way...I found Gaurav and had my correct aim but Armaan had to come there...I could have finished the chapter of Radhi's killer tdy...Payal,i have known Radhi before you...In fact,our friendship was quite a coincidence,at one of my dad's social parties..Remember?? (Payal nodded in agreement)I was heading to get away from his party when i had bumped into you..You seemed quite lost and sought my help..
Payal:Bhaskar was at the hospital and i needed to get there..His mom was very critical..You drove me there...
Bharti:Sure but sadly she passed away...It was the second close encounter of death i had,right after Radhika..You introduced me to Bhaskar but Payal,our friendship started on a sad note of condolences when we met again for Bhaskar's mum's funeral..You two felt more in love with my dad's parties than my friendship,which Radhika treasured the most!!
Payal:It was only after you left me at the hospital that it occured to me and Bhaskar that you were the daughter of a multi billionaire.
Bharti:You had motive at the start itself. .Not bad!!
Payal:Only to help Bhaskar climb up the ladder of success...to gain him his first break..I'm sorry..
Bharti:I don't care Payal..
Payal:But the friendship was genuine from our side and i am serious about it!!
Bharti:Sure it was,Payal..It still is...But perhaps not for long from my end.For starters,i have shown you one of the skeletons from my hidden closet...
Payal:I don't even get it.How do you even know about Gaurav after so long,since Radhika's death?You had gone to London,if i am not wrong..after Excel College,you had gone missing..till i got an unexpected call one night, years back...

Bharti:It was my gut instinct.The gut just brings you to places,haunting you back with black flashes of nightmares,making you ponder over white spots you had probably overlooked while mourning in grief.I had lost touch with Mayank once and Gaurav as well but my fate had brought me back...To where i should be and this time,I'm prepared to face it!!
Payal:Now what,Bharti?Where is Gaurav?
Bharti:He's on the loose...Payal,there is an envelope in the bag.Take it out gently without touching the gun. (Payal did as instructed)This is for you and Bhaskar and i want it kept confidential.Let's move from here.(Bharti hid her small bag inside her large tote bag and went with Payal to the radio station)


Armaan was in the lift,dazzled by how Bharti titled his love as infatuation.He recalled all that has happened between him and her.Armaan looked at his reflection,his eyes reddened with an unimaginable temper.He looked to meeting Bharti at the workplace and enquired from colleagues and Jenny.No one saw her yet.He decided to wait.He can't let go of the alleged accusations so easily.After all he knew the depth,the intimacy he felt in his marriage though deemed as an improper one,probably inspired by traditions Bharti could have grown in.He knew she would come to see Mahi as he had talked to her an hour back.

Bharti finally turned up in the evening,an hour before work ended.Armaan saw her entering and promptly opened his glass door.As she walked,he pulled her inwards.She fixated her eyes on her wrist.She heard a thud as the door closed,wondering what Armaan was upto.

Armaan:Oops,did that hurt?
Bharti:What do you want?
Armaan:No sense of regret in your eyes after all these months,Bharti...You're going to kill him,knowing of your dearest friend associating him with Trends and what?Your uni mate is also in touch with him...I mean,how exactly are you planning to kill him??
Bharti:You held me up here for this?Come on Armaan,this is none of your business!!!You afraid to move on?
Armaan:I like the way you wanna cover up the feelings of attraction you still have for me,or what should i say,infatuation maybe???For some moments you got me there but you're so wrong,having preconceived,false ideas of my one-sided love for you. (Sighed deeply as he smiled)These are mere words of a foolish lover,Bharti but don't underestimate him..For this very same guy will do anything to stop you from your major plot!! (Bharti recollected of her scheme which she thought of when she went to Payal's radio station and now she decided to fix the date to set everything on stage)
Bharti:(leaned closer to Armaan's ear)Whatever,Armaan!! (Left from there to meet Mahi)

Armaan felt a sudden urge to follow her,so badly and knock herself out but there was no point in doing so.He now realized that he wanted to break the mysterious image of Bharti so hard and let down all her walls in front of everyone,even if it were to prick him adversely.He would do it.

Mahi:Bharti,what took you so long??Where were you?
Bharti:Here i am,Mahi...I am so sorry that you had to bear such a grave loss.
Mahi:Bharti,i don't understand what you're...
Bharti:You tried to take your life with pills,didn't you??You had fabricated an excuse,that of trying to patch Sonu and Pushpak up,didn't you?? (Mahi stood tensed)I know everything,Mahi!!
Mahi:What do you suggest you know,Bharti??
Bharti:Sanjee and i had found out about someone whom Alisha had been dating..Someone whom you knew..Now,do i have to spell his name out to you???(Mahi turned away,not being able to believe it)Don't you know that Alisha had been dating Vedant Raiz for some time for now??? (Mahi clasped her ears shut and Bharti stood before her face,seeing her tears;Bharti took her hands away)Alisha hadn't known anything but now she does..and I promise you that he'll pay for everything that he did to you!!!
Mahi:Bharti,wait...How did you know???
Bharti:Sanjee did tell me about how she had doubts about Ved for some time and I too had doubts but i wasn't clear.His name sounded so familiar but i hadn't seen him before till the double date Alisha planned for me.Without your knowledge,i had once entered your home.Sorry but yeah,I did with Mayank.
Bharti:He doesn't know anything so chill...Anyways i have other sources too and clearly this guy had not been in town till recently...Sonu had him arrested,right??After your divorce and all?(Mahi nodded)Everything will be taken care of,before i settle my personal scores...
Bharti:Nothing dear... (patted her face and left from there,leaving her confused)

Both of them didn't realize that Pushpak had overheard them.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 316~

Ishaan:Bharti...Bull's eye!!Shayad Bharti hi sab ki hal hai...
Shreya:Ya phir dard ho...Aisa dard ki kabhi jaye na....!!!

Bharti had just gained her energy back.KK had put her to sleep as she was still very much fatigued when he helped rescue her.He had brought her to a safe place,somewhere far from all noise.It was a silent,creepy place but as Bharti opened her eyes and looked around,she smiled.

Bharti:For the first time in my life,i want to thank you for bringing me here.
KK:I brought you here for a reason...(Bharti looked at him,stoic as she appeared)

Armaan headed home,rushing to meet Sudha who had called to meet him home as soon as possible.He took off his sweater and both sat down with the mugs of coffee prepared by Sudha.

Armaan:Maa..is this about the engagement?
Sudha:Indeed it is Armu..I know there is a reason or else you wouldn't..
Armaan:Maa..Pls,mujhe wahaa nahin jaana hai..kam se kam abhi toh nahin..
Sudha:You still have time to go to London..I saw you on TV today..This is not about... (just then,the dòorbell rang;it was Jiya and Shreya)Girls,everything good?
Jiya:Yes Sudha aunty...I had been in London for a while but what am i hearing?Armaan,are you serious about your decision?
Armaan:Wow,who brought you here,Jiya??You had not called me in weeks and now,you unknowingly hear about my decision and you barge in here,questioning me about it?
Jiya:Sure i would,i am your friend for God's sake!!
Armaan:Friendship le matlab samajh thi ho tum?Dosti nibhaana padhtha hai,jo tum kuch mahino se nahin karte aa rahe ho aur woh bhi tumhaari stupid insecurities ke kaaran...Aur ab tum,Shreya..Kya patti padhaya tumne isse?Shreya,(stips Jiya from intervening)I really don't think i am rushing into this,ok?
Shreya:Armaan,you told me that everyone's plans are changing but why?Who are you doing this for?Yourself or someone else?Bharti??
Sudha:Bharti inn maamlo se bohat door hai aur tum yeh kaise keh sakte ho ki...
Jiya:Aunty,kyunki jab se Bharti ne Armaan ke zindagi me aayi hai tab se Armaan mushkil mein padhthe jaa raha hai...
Armaan:Shut your freakin' mouth,Jiya..This is my final word to both of you!!Bharti might have been associated with me for my problems emotionally but now neither has she got to do anything with me nor me myself have anything to do with me.I am preponing this engagement for a friend,for a very confidential reason.She is no longer a part of my life,as she had been before and if anyone were to disturb her about this matter,i will make things worse for both of you, mind it!!
Shreya:Armaan,how has your heart changed so promptly?So abrupt?
Armaan:Hearts do change.My heart has changed its course,its direction that it will not touch the path of Bharti's.

KK:Bharti,what is your plan after avenging Radhika's death?There is a chapter,a new one to unfold post your mission...
Bharti:There will be nothing left of me,KK..Hence,no chapter...!!!
KK:What about Arm..
Bharti:Why did you pause?I have always cared for him,sure but our lives don't intertwine...We belong to separate worlds and our hearts will never collide..Thanks for bringing me to Radhika's home,KK...This has always been my secret abode for ages since my teenage years and now i miss her ever so badly....But it is time for my mission!!!
KK:Will your heart ever change?
Bharti:Hearts change,KK...But they will not tread along the same path... (took off her bandages,KK healed her with his powers and transported her to Gaurav's hideout)

I made a mistake.Once.Twice.But not any more.

Armaan rushed to his room upon hearing an alert from his bag.He took hos jacket,kissed his mom and took off in his car.He just knew his idea of inserting a chip in Bharti's shoes wouldn't fail him.He texted Niharika he was going to meet Bharti,who informed Mayank about it.

Meanwhile,Bharti stealthily checked the fortress out.She was planning her strategy on ending Gaurav's lifeline tonight itself.She took out her gun.The first time she felt the gun was a decade back.Since then,she had always placed and handled it safely.

She took her step towards the exact location of Gaurav.Just as a sudden wave of a strong force,Armaan held her wrist and pushed her close to a wall far from Gaurav.The latter got up and started looking around.

Bharti felt the heat surging within her as his rapid warm breaths kept surfacing on her lips.He didn't look at her.This made it easier for her to look at him but soon,she realized what she was doing.

Armaan:He has gone the other way..(saw her eyes fixated in his)What?(saw Bharti's gun pointed to his tummy,making it the only space between them)
Bharti:Armaan,i could kill you if you're coming in my way...
Armaan:Yeah you could..But would you?
Bharti:Doubting my capabilities,Mr Sinha?
Armaan:My dad would...But I'm Armaan and having seen much of you,i wouldn't dare to doubt you.. (Bharti sensed his sarcasm behind his smile)But you shouldn't underestimate me either...
Bharti:How did you reach me?
Armaan:Nothing that concerns you..
Bharti:Sure it does since you have clearly obstructed me from...
Armaan:I obstructed you?Feels great to know that!!!
Bharti:Get lost,Armaan..
Armaan:Do you even know how to pull the trigger or are you simply....
(Bharti instantly looked for Gaurav,saw him from a distance and looked back at Armaan and smiled)

Bharti pulled the trigger and shot.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 315~

Armaan:Our plans are changed..
Shreya:What do you mean?
Armaan:Well,for starters,let's just say... (paused and Shreya waited)...Our engagement will be preponed!!
Shreya:WHAT???Like what??Why are you so eager all of a sudden?I mean,hello,introduce me to the new Armaan here..
Armaan:Firstly you really gotta stop that and secondly i am serious about this.The engagement is preponed.I have talked to Maa about this and she's fine with it..
Shreya:You do understand that you won't be going to London any sooner just because you prepone the engagement,right?You are ruining my plans...
Armaan:Everyone's plans are being ruined,not only your's,k?No need to get so hyper now...Just do as i say..
Shreya:And your stupid farewell party?
Armaan:That...Cancel it!!Bye Shreya,I'm in a rush..
Shreya:What the...Now he wants to cancel and prepone and sorts...Damn him!!!

Just as she dashed to the conference room,she saw it.The TV was on and a live telecast with Raj was shown,disclosing the scandalous affairs of Trends,one at a time.She slowly glanced at Mayank who melded into the background and moved to the back,and towards his room.She looked back at the TV and was shocked seeing Armaan together with Raj.

'Was Raj and Armaan involved in this together???Why isn't Mayank sir stopping any of the rumours??'

Shreya continued watching the news and hearing Raj and Armaan talk about Trends.

Raj: Since the start,there has been so much rumors about Trends and Men's Universe and their aggressive competition.Sure this is true but as of late,defamation suit has been filed against us by Mr Gaurav from Trends with no probable cause.He is a primary stakeholder in Trends and not only that,he is a criminal lawyer who sure knows his ways to bend the laws to his way so we have no doubt that these scandals are genuine.
Armaan:Scandals as these need to be highlighted for concealing them led to the success peak of Trends.We have to thank a person of seniority in this but he or she prefers to be unknown.Fashion world has reached enormous heights of atrocities,thanks to such people.There are lots of mosuse of power and harassment matters that have arisen in Trends and lots more waiting to be disclosed.
Raj:If you ask about Men's Universe,we have been in the trade for over 5 years and we have not come across much cases,nothing that would lead to such scandals.In fact,our boss,Mr Amarjeet wouldn't tolerate such preposterous and outrageous attitudes at all.

'Is this the end to the former  successful magazine whose standards has been compared and matched to international magazines?What will become of Trends?Stay tuned as we bring you exclusive coverage of the company itself,all footage included.'

Shreya and Ishaan followed Mayank out while the rest started arguing and panicking about their future.It was a big bomb blast which they had never predicted.

Shreya:Sir!!! (tagged along with Ishaan and followed Mayank to the carpark)
Mayank:Stop following me,you two!!Don't you get what's happening??
Shreya:Sir,aap ki bhaagne se...I mean...
Mayank:Mujhe bhaagna pasand nahin hai Shreya...Your boyfriend is the cause of all these!!
Mayank:Asked him for help and he blackmailed me in return...I didn't know what it was for..but he sure helped me to shut down Trends sooner... (Ishaan gasped)
Ishaan:Shut...Sir,kitne log yahaa kaam karte hai..Sab ko jawab dena hai..
Mayank:I don't know and I don't care!!Ho sake toh yahaa se kahi aur job dhoondo aur aage bhado...
Ishaan:Sir,aap kahaa jaaoge??
Mayank:Ek jagah,jahaa pe koi nahin pohanchega...Good day!!(drove from there)
Ishaan:Dhoob gaye hum Shreya...
Shreya:Armaan ne yeh sab kyun kiya Mayank sir ke saath?
Ishaan:Kahin wajah ho sakti hai..
Shreya:Engagement bhi prepone kiya tha usne...Aaj bata raha tha mujhe...Par kyun??
Ishaan:Sach saamne laane ke liye,dost ko madat karne ke liye ya phir kuch paane ke liye...
Ishaan:Mayank sir ne kaha tha ke Armaan yeh info paane ke liye thodi si blackmail kar raha tha Mayank sir ko madat karne ke liye...Shayad Mayank sir ki koi majburi...
Shreya:Yaane ki Niharika ya phir.... (widened her eyes)Bharti!!
Ishaan:Bharti...Bull's eye!!Shayad Bharti hi sab ki hal hai...
Shreya:Ya phir dard ho...Aisa dard ki kabhi jaye na....!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 314~

Escape-Major Announcement

Niharika:(looked at Armaan)You have known this for some time and you were between us,me and Mayank as though you had no idea what we were saying...and you are still not supporting her and accusing her further of being suicidal???Are you freakin' out of my mind?Shut up,Armaan!!!I had enough and i am not going to seek your help in helping me to stop Mayank...In fact,Bharti.. (turned)Bharti?Where's she?? (Bharti just disappeared)Disappeared into thin air??No way... (Armaan tapped on her and showed her the large glass window in the washroom which was strangely broken)It doesn't make any sense...How..Why would...Hi Sudha aunty... (swallowed her breath)
Sudha:Bharti...Where's Bharti??? (Looked at Niharika and Armaan who blinked their eyes and kept mum)You two let her go?
Niharika:Aunty,i tried to..but Armaan let her go..in fact he helped her!! (Armaan couldn't believe Nihar's cold-blooded lies)
Sudha:You had always been lenient towards her but what was the hurry?
Armaan:Maa,she wasn't suicidal..
Sudha:Suicidal??Duffer kahi ka!!Someone intentionally slit her throat and wrist as well...What's happening with her??I couldn't think of letting her stay alone and i even considered asking her and Naina to stay with us but you,idiot!!You had to ruin everything...
Armaan:Maa,i am getting engaged to Shreya,remember?This is unacceptable at any cost!!Anyways i think she headed home but Maa,who brought her here??
Sudha:I will have to check the report..Hold on,let me check..It is here... (flipped through the forms and saw 2 names-Khushi and KK.Khushi??Yeh KK kaun hai??
Armaan:Maa,we gotta dash...we'll talk to you soon...

Ñiharika:She just can't disappear...Who's KK??
Armaan:(murmured)Khushi had been quite close with Bharti but..Why is this name so familiar..KK... (stopped as he took a sip from his warm cup of Starbucks coffee)KK...
Niharika:Stop murmuring,will you??Things are getting out of hand...
Armaan:You didn't want my help but i am ķnee deep in this problem now so don't neglect me,got it??Someone is after Bharti for sure but i don't think it's Ķhushi or KK..
Niharika:Don't you get it?It's Gaurav!!
Armaan:Not him..He must be badly hurt and he couldn't be physically fit to attack Bharti in this manner...what about his ally??
Niharika:Ok.. (paid the bill for their coffees and headed to Men's Universe together with Armaan)Rhetorically speaking.. If his ally were to attack Bharti,he should have done that ages ago, don't you think? It doesn't make sense,Armaan!! (Raj and Bhaskar witnesses them going inside Armaan's cabin)Wait a sec..I've got an idea!!To stop Bharti...
Armaan:But weren't we just talking about Gaur.. (Niharika pulled him closer and told him the plan)What??OMG!!(began to think)If we did that,everyone's plans will surely get foiled especially Bharti's!!!OMG i love you Nihu!!!! (Raj overheard him and saw him hugging Nihar;Armaan quickly withdrew from the hug)
Niharika:Hmm i love you too Armaan..Call me,k?
Niharika:Hey..Bye Armaan!!
Raj:Seriously Armaan...I love you???
Armaan:Dude,she's out of your league now...hence it wasn't inappropriate either...Chill!!You lost her,move on..It isn't big of a deal for you;girls often have the hots for you,no tension needed...Nihar was nothing,na?? (Left from there)

Armaan just recollected the man from Rheo Pub.KK!!

That dude knew quite a lot about me and Bharti..But how??And where is Naina??I haven't met her ever since I've met Bharti...She got away so easily from the hospital and it just makes me wonder if she really had the gut and strength to escape from the hospital without getting caught??Maybe KK might have helped her.Secret allies of her,most probably...

Shreya was surprised to see Armaan at Trends.Mayank let her meet Armaan during their conference,making her wonder about the changed attitude in her boss.

Shreya:Did you,by any chance,perform any black magic on Mayank sir?He let me out of the conference so quick without any questions... (Armaan smiled widely)
Armaan:Our plans are changed..
Shreya:What do you mean?
Armaan:Well,for starters,let's just say... (paused and Shreya waited)...Our engagement will be preponed!!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Trapped In Mystery:~Jab Lurve Hua Part 313~

Armaan had to find Bharti and began narrowing the contacts he had.It all came down to Gaurav and Alisha.Something was missing somewhere.But what?He tried to analyse Mayank's conversation with Bharti from what he had told Armaan but clearly it didn't make sense.How could Bharti kidnap or hurt Gaurav so badly?From Bhaskar and Payal,it was far worse.A lookalike version of Bharti had shaken Bhaskar up.What if someone was setting Bharti up??

His eyes softened every time he tried to not give a damn about Bharti.His heart ached every time he thought of the possibility that Bharti was only going to get gravely hurt as she dug further. He had woken up in the early hours,and now he stood before Gaurav's home.He told Niharika to meet him there after having forwarded Raj the details of the scandalous affairs of Trends.Armaan didn't bother explaining to Raj about any implicit details that he was so curious to know,baffling the latter further.

Niharika was late.He went ahead,broke into Gaurav's home.He had a bizarre impression of Gaurav's home.It looked quite dilapidated unlike what the exteriors would boast about but he guessed that this must be the works of his foe (s) days ago.

He saw a ladder in the kitchen which had a dim light switched on.He looked up and saw a some translucent glass pieces shattered,revealing rays of the warm sun.He switched off the light and looked around.Just then,he almost stumbled upon some greasy newspapers and almost slipped but someone caught him from behind and covered his mouth.Armaan struggled to get out of the strong grip and tried shouting,sounding as muffled as ever.

Niharika:Where do you think you are going,Gaurav?Caught you red-handed now!!How about that?? (Her grip loosened as she realized it was Armaan and bit her tongue,dropping her phone as well)Oops!!
Armaan:Strong grips,ouch!!From which angle do i look like Gaurav to you?Are you bonkers??And where are you coming from??
Niharika:I came at 4:30 am..but i didn't see you and i tried to break in but strangely i couldn't so i climbed up the roof..
Armaan:The greasy water pipes??Are you out of your mind or something???
Niharika:Uffo..Wait till the end,will you??I soiled my dress for sure but guess what i found??Gaurav's attic!!
Niharika:Come with me..Itz a whole new world up there...(both of them reached up via the ladder and saw the dark attic;upon switching on the light,both of them saw lots of magazines featuring Trends and Men's Universe as well as newspaper clippings,specifically relating to Mayank and Bharti)There...this is Radhika,Bharti's best friend and Mayank's love.
Armaan:She's really pretty,Nihar..Mayank's a lucky guy!!
Niharika:Armaan,i don't want you to support Mayank..No matter what,i still think that Gaurav is the murderer no matter what Mayank may say or believe..
Armaan:If Mayank is feeling strongly about this..
Niharika:He isn't feeling anything...He just doesn't want Bharti to get hurt.I didn't know till now that Bharti would have been prepping herself to take extreme measures progressively to avenge Radhika's death but if she is,i want her to do it because Radhika deserves justice.Gaurav had not killed Radhika but three united souls for good and i can't let him go loose.
Armaan:(held back his tears)Nihar..
Niharika:Armaan,he had no right to snatch my brother's love from him and now to intervene in both his and Bharti's lives...But i just don't understand why Mayu is defending Gaurav so much...
Armaan:Maybe we can get some clues from here...

~Hours Later~

Armaan realized the secret behind Mayank's defensive approach towards Gaurav but hid it from Niharika for the moment and went off from there before anyone spotted them.He brought her to Hard Rock Cafe and had their breakfast from there.

Armaan:Nihar..what if Gaurav was innocent?
Niharika:What?How can you even think about it?(passed Niharika Gaurav's confession journal which he found by the attic)
Armaan:Tell me something,Nihar...If he wasn't feeling remorseful about Radhika's death,why would he come in search of both Mayank and Bharti?What if he wanted to make amends?
Niharika:I don't think so..He could be a psychopathic killer whom no one should trust..He would know the nooks of breaking laws easily since he's a criminal lawyer as well,don't forget that!!
Armaan:Read this journal clearly and you will understand..I have to rish but promise me you will talk Bharti out of this..She hasn't listened to me before and i don't know what will happen of her but knowing the truth,we have got to stop her before itz too late,Nihar!!Please??(Niharika wiped her tears and picked up her mobile and almost screamed,shocking Armaan)What happened?? (Niharika hung up and pulled him with her and headed straight to Fortis Medical Care Hospital)

Sudha bumped into Armaan and Niharika.

Sudha:What are you two doing here?
Niharika:Aunty?You are working here?
Sudha:A different shift,covering for my friend who's out of town for 2 months...What are you two doing here,once again??
Sudha:Come with me...Bharti ke life mein kuch problems hai kya?I mean,why did she slit her wrists??
Armaan:Kya???? (Looked at Niharika who stood speechless)
Sudha:I saw here being admitted here and filled all the necessary paperwork and now she's under observation.She hasn't regained consciousness as of yet.Ok,i am needed by the staff nurse . I'll get back to you.Stay here,k?
Armaan:Why would she do this,Nihar??And what the hell;why didn't you tell me about Bharti on our way here?
Niharika:Cuz you wouldn't come with me..You would have run away instead of confronting your fears and emotions..Anyways,i..
Armaan:I can't believe she could be suicidal!!! (Niharika couldn't believe what Armaan was thinking out loud)Cutting her wrists..just because Mayank or i myself weren't there for her or out of desperation..
Niharika:How ridiculous can you be,Armaan?And by the way,there is no need to give yourself or Mayank so much footage...Understood?? (Upon Sudha's instructions,both Nihar and Armaan went inside and Bharti gradually regained consciousness;they soon realized that Bharti had her throat slit as well)
Armaan:She slit her throat as well?I am not going to leave her... (Nihar tried to hold his wrist but he shoved her hand away)

Bharti was adjusting her position on the bed but just as she did so,she saw the white shirt of Armaan and looked blankly at him.He instantly held her arms tightly and talked in a tone filled with rage.

Armaan:Tum..Tumhaari himmat kaise huyi yeh sab karne ki?Kuch andaaza bhi hai ki aisa kuch log hai jo tumhàari chinta karta hai?Par tum toh..
Bharti:(looked intently at him and gazed at him,with bloodshot eyes)
Chinta? (Felt the pressure that Armaan was inflicting on her)Ouch Armaan..Dard ho raha hai mujhe..
Armaan:Dard?Dard ka matlab bhi samajh the ho tum?Nikal gayi thi na suicide karne ki..
Bharti:Suic.. (pulled Armaan close to her)Tum...tum aise...Chi!!! (Pushed him away with all her might)Idiot!!! (Pulled out the intravenous and antibiotic drips attached to her hand and anything else placed on her head)To hell with you,Armaan..I don't care if you support me or not in my mission.It was my mistake to have taken you in confidence and disclosing every secret i had held deep in my heart..You are free to think whatever you want but i seriously didn't realize that you would bother to think of me as suicidal.
Armaan:Oh so you mean to say someone did this to you??(his skeptical smile faded off with Bharti's silence and he looked at Niharika in disbelief and murmured to her)What?
Niharika:(looked at Armaan)You have known this for some time and you were between us,me and Mayank as though you had no idea what we were saying...and you are still not supporting her and accusing her further of being suicidal???Are you freakin' out of my mind?Shut up,Armaan!!!I had enough and i am not going to seek your help in helping me to stop Mayank...In fact,Bharti.. (turned)Bharti?Where's she?? (Bharti just disappeared)Disappeared into thin air??No way... (Armaan tapped on her and showed her the large glass window in the washroom which was strangely broken)It doesn't make any sense...How..Why would...Hi Sudha aunty... (swallowed her breath)
Sudha:Bharti...Where's Bharti??? (Looked at Niharika and Armaan who blinked their eyes and kept mum)

Monday, April 27, 2015

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 312~

**Armaan V/S Mayank-keep a watch!!!

Yaad hai tumhe???(Bharti turned away but looked back at him,straight in his eyes)
Bharti:Woh kasam maine tab thod diya tha jab mujhe sach ka pata chal gaya tha...Ab main kisi ki sunne waali nahin hoon..Samjhe??(left from there,leaving Mayank and Niharika much more shocked than ever)

Mayank grabbed Bharti's arm.

Mayank:Don't you dare,Bharti...I have never stopped loving Radhika and you know that very well..
Bharti:Then why did you make G aka Gaurav a stakeholder in Trends?
Mayank:Bharti,it took me lots of guts to do it.You have to understand that this is about business and nothing personal.
Bharti:(shoved his hand away)That's what true love was for you..Thank God she isn't around to hear this..
Mayank:There is a story behind this association,Bharti..Please listen!!
Bharti:I don't think there is any story as meaty as the fact that G killed Radhika brutally..I couldn't identify him during the Holi bash but you were well versed with his mannerisms and his voice...I had never managed to meet him well then but you did!! (pressed her index finger deep into his shirt repeatedly)You are a traitor, just like him!! (Lowered her voice,she proclaimed)My revenge is on the way so if you wish,you can inform your dear friend!!
Mayank:Bharti,stop!!You are getting it... (Bharti left )All wrong.... (sank down on his carpet)

Niharika heard everything and witnessed her brother's devastation once again but she can't let him break down now.She rushed towards him and quickly held him upright before he began to stone.She wiped his tear and made him look in her eyes,reinforcing the belief she has in him.

Niharika:You are not going to give up now...But is this the same Gaurav whom you were waiting for? (Mayank nodded sadly)Why are you stopping Bharti then?She has all the right to..
Mayank:Nihar,there is another side to Radhika's murder..A slight detour,i will say..Gaurav intended to kill but his ally did it instead of him..Gaurav told me this myself and he had wanted to offer his repentance by doing good,keeping in contact with me and Bharti as well,making sure that he didn't ruin our lives by the death of Radhika..
Niharika:Ally?Are you even serious that you are going to trust him so easily?
Mayank:Everyone deserves a chance..(paused for a while)Even murderers and guilt-stricken victims as well...He wants to repent;let me be the source.
Niharika:I can't even begin to fathom you,Mayu.Even if that is true,how can you coax Bharti to stop?I don't think she can be...I need to go..
Mayank:Me too...(both of them looked at each other)
Mayank:Come with me..I know how to stop her!! (Before Niharika could say anything,Mayank held her wrist firmly and pulled her with him)

Armaan was just about to call his mum and Raj for dinner.He promptly stood from his place when he heard sudden repetitive thuds on his door.He wasn't expecting Mayank and Niharika together at his doorstep so soon.He realized Niharika snatching glances from him and looking elsewhere,wrapping her fingers around the nape of her neck.

Mayank:Hi..Won't you welcome us in?
Armaan:Huh what?Yeah sure,come in..Ahh!!You met Raj,Niharika...
Niharika:Sure..Mayu,why are we here again?
Raj:(murmured)Dude,yeh Mayank banda mujhe aise kyun ghoor raha hai?Kahin isse..
Armaan:(murmured)Shayad..kya pata?? (Smiled)

Sudha took early rest as she wished good night to them since she was dead tired from the crazy hospital scjedules she's been posted to,in recent days.

Mayank:Armaan,can we talk in private,please??
Armaan:WH...(switched to glance at Niharika who gesticulated to him to follow)Sure,ok..Come..
Raj:Dude!! (Armaan and Mayank went to talk from his balcony while Raj instantly sat next to Niharika)He knows about us,doesn't he??
Niharika:(rolled her eyes)You are unbelievable..Why do you think things alwaus have to be about you?God knows what they are up to..
Raj:Why don't we find out? (Niharika felt tempted but she didn't bother much)So much for trying to get your ass up and eavesdropping..
Niharika:Apparently that seems more like your job...Go and do it!!
Or else you'll be at a loss..Go,go!! (Helped herself with some garden salad laid on the plate)

Raj ignored her and went on eavesdropping. He certainly missed Jiya here.She would tag along just like that.He hid behind the curtains and overheard Mayank talking about asking Armaan a favour.

Armaan:I wouldn't think twice to do a favour for Bharti but for you?Mayank,i..
Mayank:What's your current status with Bharti btw??
Armaan:What do you mean by that?
Mayank:On talking terms,strangers or on pretense??It just keeps changing...
Armaan:We are friends,Mayank..Thanks for your interest but to be extremely frank with you,I wouldn't give a dime to help you just like that.
Mayank:So you will help me?I knew i was right in coming to you..
Armaan:(smirked)Oh well let me make this extremely interesting for you instead,Mayank.I will only help you stop Bharti from her craziness if you will first give me details of the 1998 and 2006 scandal that took place in Trends.. (Mayank was totally taken aback,not sure how to react) Surprised???
Mayank:What do you want,Armaan?
Armaan:Everything that brought Trends to fame in 1998...The hidden scandal which can't be kept secretive any longer due to some of my hungry informers!!(Raj couldn't believe Bharti could ditch him like that,leaking his information to Armaan)
Mayank:Emotional blackmailing??
Armaan:You want me to stop Bharti?
Mayank:Don't think you've won here,Armaan...
Armaan:Who's talking about winning??We both need each other..At least thatz true from your side...
Mayank:Fine,I'll give you all the details..I need you to stop Bharti by first finding about Gaurav.She is on a rampant search for him.You have got to stop her from getting to him first..
Armaan:You give me the info first..Then I'll get your work done!!
Mayank:Armaan,do you even understand the severity of this crisis?This could end her life!!
Armaan:Mayank,info first!!
Mayank:First thing in the morning..it will be emailed to you.
Armaan:Good...I will only stop her after i get the information.You can go now. (Mayank and Niharika left from there instantly with not much hope but Raj grew extremely baffled)
Raj:What the heck was all that about??
Armaan:Killing 2 birds with a stone..Kickstarting your career once again in London and ending Bharti's misery before departing from India..My last wish is for her to lead a normal life after what she had gone through in her life.The disturbing death of her dearest friend had scarred her life till now but not forever!!

Raj began to realize this was all about Radhika and not about his secret project.He trusted Bharti with all his heart and he knew his gut couldn't betray him.He wanted to help Armaan but held his shoulder,reassuring Armaan of his support to help Bharti out of the mess she is entangled in.

Armaan had to find Bharti and began narrowing the contacts he had.It all came down to Gaurav and Alisha.Something was missing somewhere.But what?He tried to analyse Mayank's conversation with Bharti from what he had told Armaan but clearly it didn't make sense.How could Bharti kidnap or hurt Gaurav so badly?From Bhaskar and Payal,it was far worse.A lookalike version of Bharti had shaken Bhaskar up.What if someone was setting Bharti up??


Friday, February 13, 2015

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 311~

Payal was wiping the table,the last chore she had to complete before adorning herself with the beautiful necklace which Bhaskar had gifted her years ago.She had kept it together with her collection of exquisite accessories which Bhaskar and Bharti had bought for her over the years.

Earlier on,she had been home ahead of her date night with Bhaskar.She wanted to look as beautiful as how Bhaskar had seen her at first sight.She could not exactly say when the moment was but Bhaskar has confessed about the night he had first met her.Till then,she didn't even realize that he had actually met her way before;once at his college mate's anniversary bash,secondly at an ice-cream parlor and thirdly at a shopping mall,at Shopper's Stop.Surprisingly,that was when she had first seen him.The suave,bold gentleman who had come forward to help her out in getting a lollipop stuck in the back pocket of a stranger.Payal laughed out loud,thinking of just how Bhaskar had befriended a stranger who just wanted to be left alone and how she managed to get it out for a small kid.

Just then,the doorbell rang.Payal excitedly opened the door and turned around.

Payal:(stood with her back facing the inside of the house)Hey handsome..How do i look?
Bharti:(stifled her laughter and fidgeted)Oh gosh..Lagta hai Payal ek surprise date kar rahi thi Bhaskar ke liye...Mauka bhi hai,haath se kaise jaane doo??(cleared her throat)
Payal:Kuch bolne ki zaroorat nahin hai,jaanemann...I know ki main kuch zyaada khaas lag rahi hoon aaj par yeh matt samajh na ki maine yeh sab tumhaare liye kiya hai,k??
Bharti:(tried her best to sound manly)Acha..Toh phir kiske hosh khone ke liye yeh sab kiya hai tu ne??Waise maanna padega.Kaafi hot lag rahi ho...
Payal:Ek minute...Yeh toh ladies' perfume hai na?
Bharti:Lo kardi na..ladkiyo waali baat!!!(lost her manly voice and Payal opened her eyes in shock)Bharti,tu????
Bharti:Ab saara romance yehi karoge kya??Bolo bolo...
Payal:Tum bhi na...andar chal!!(locked the door and brought her to the dining table)Tum yaha iss waqt?
Bharti:Yehi se guzar rahi thi yaar socha ki mil kar chalungi...Aur yeh bhi dekhne chali aayi ki tumhaare aage ka plans kya hai and all...
Payal:(her glow subsided as she thought about her future)Kya karoo yaar??Mann toh karta hai ki yehi ruk jaao tumhaare paas aur RJ ki naukri karlu..Peppy Payal jo tum roz sunte ho..Par Bhaskar bohat mehnat kiya tha na iss mukam tak pohanch ne ke liye na...Uske baarein sochu toh yeh kadam sahi lagta hai...
Bharti:Tum aur tumhaare pyaar...(shook her head and smiled at her)
Payal:Tum hamesha pyaar se bhaagte ho na??Par ek ladka tumhaare intezaar karne ke liye tayyaar bhi tha na..phir bhi tumne..(Bharti knew and she looked away)Khayr...Mujhe tumse ek sawaal poochna tha...
Bharti:Bhaskar ka phone try kiya tumne??
Payal:Bohat baar lekin voice mail mein jaa rahi hai yaar...Kaha tha ki 10 min mein aa jaayega...Jaane kyun yeh mard hamesha aisa kyun kehte rehte hai...Seedhe yeh nahin bata sakte hai ki late hoga and all??Hmm...Main tumse Armaan ke baare mein nahin poochna chahthi hoon...Koi aur baat hai...
Bharti:Main sunn rahi hoon..
Payal:Kya tum mere aur Bhaskar ke liye kuch bhi kar sakte ho??(Bharti stared blankly at her,not being able to understand a question as such from her)Kuch bhi??
Bharti:Matlab?Tum aise kyun...
Payal:Kal ko agar mere saath kuch bhi na insaafi hua toh kya tum mujhe insaaf dilaaoge??
Bharti:Paayu..Yeh kaise sawaal hai yaar?Of course,main tumhe insaaf dilaane ke liye kuch bhi karungi..Tum mere dosti par shaq kar rahe ho??Tum jaanti ho na ki main apne dost ke liye kuch bhi karungi...
Payal:(thought silently to herself)Oh no!!Iska matlab jo kuch Armaan ne mujhse kaha..Woh sab...Sach hai???Par Bharti...Woh aisa thodi na karegi..
Bharti:Kya hua??Meri jawab pasand nahin aayi tumhe??Befilr raho...Jahaa tak Bhaskar hai tumhaari zindagi me,koi tumhe choo bhi nahin sakti,samjhi???(just then the doorbell rang)Lo,tumhaare humsafar aa gaya hai!!!

Payal hurried to the door but Bharti stopped her.
Bharti:Bhaskar ko surprise nahin dena hai kya??(Payal smiled widely and let Bharti do the honours)Hi jaanemann...Kahaa the itne dher tak,hmm???

Bhaskar was sweating profusely.He couldn't believe his eyes.Bharti was standing right before him.He blinked twice and widened his eyes,shaking his head in disbelief.

"This can't be happening.How can Bharti be here when i had seen her at the old fort?She was there dragging Gaurav into a car and speeding off elsewhere...She was being extremely discreet about Gaurav but i am dead sure it was Gaurav...and it was Bharti..the same sleek white dress with a black rose as an adornment at the top right corner)..Oh crap..What is happening and where is Payal??Did she do something to her???"

Bharti snapped at him and knocked him back to his senses.

Bhaskar:Bharti,where is Payal?What have you done to her??
Bharti:(gestured Payal to go insode her room)Oh hello..What the hell,Bhaskar??Pehle super late aate ho aur mujh par itna bada ilzam lagaa rahe ho??Waise itni betaabi hona..Bohat achi baat hai kyunki woh apne kamre mein hai,gussa lekar baith gayi hai...(Bhaskar shoved her to a corner and rushed inside)Arre!!!(Bhaskar closed their room door)

Payal:Tumhe ho kya gaya hai??Itne paseene kyun aa rahe hai tumhaare maathe pe??Kuch bataaoge bhi ya nahin???(Bhaskar stopped his rapid walks to and fro in front of Payal and held her arms tightly)
Bhaskar:Payal,i saw Bharti at the Old Fort..And that too dragging Gaurav in a car..(Payal cringed her nose)I mean it..I really saw her white dress..with..with that black rose at the top corner..She was dragging Gaurav!!
Payal:Are you here in a stupor??Bhaskar,Bharti has been here for the past 2 hours;we were catching up and i was talking to her about your lateness and our trip to UK...But where did this whole fiasco come about??Don't even tell me that this is one of your brilliant schemes to get me hooked to your excuses,alrite??
Bhaskar:Main bilkul bhi mazak nahin kar raha hoon yaar...Sachi Paayu...This is the blatant truth...What if she hid Gaurav somewhere and had come to meet you instead?Have you thought about that???Trust me,Paayu!!!
Payal:Unbelievable!!!Woh baahar khadi hai aur tum yahaa mere saamne chillaa rahe ho???Old Fort kuch zyaada nazdeek nahin hai yahaa se??(Bhaskar realized her sarcasm)
Bhaskar:Payal,maana ki Old Fort bohat door hai yahaa se...
Payal:Dus minute kahaa tha na tumne??Tum wahaa par kar kya rahe the??
Bhaskar:Main wahaa pe tumhaare liye surprise plan karne gaya tha..Tabhi mere gaadi achanak si ruk gayi...Maine door se dekha tha aur aawaaz bhi kiya tha..aur mujhe aisa laga ki woh...Woh baal aur kapde dekh kar..
Payal:Ki woh Bharti hai??What in the world,Bhaskar??(rushed to open the door and went out of the room but froze upon seeing Bharti rush from her home;Bhaskar followed suit and stood behind Payal)Thank you so much for ruining my night!!!(went upstairs and changed her dress into a night gown and as she laid on ber bed,she began to ponder)

'Bhaskar mujhse kyun jhooth bolega aur Armaan...Dono Bharti ke baarein mein aise kyun..Kahin Bharti sach much Radhika ke insaaf ke liye..Par Gaurav in sab ke beech mein kahaa fit ho raha hai???'

Bharti was riding Niharika's Scooty and she too fell deeply in thoughts,

'Old Fort...Bhaskar wahaa kar kya raha tha aur Gaurav??Main toh Payal ke saath thi toh phir mere jaise koi aur wahaa..Gaurav ab gayab ho chuka hai,meri ek galti ke wajah se..Agar usne apne mu khol diya toh mera saara khel  khatam ho sakta hai..Lekin ab main usse kahaa pe dhondhoo??(reached the Old Fort and looked around;she saw the rope which she had tied Gaurav with and a piece of ragged cloth)'

As she looked on after throwing away the blood-stained cloth,she found a locket.A silver locket.Bharti took the locket and went from there to Mayank's place.

Mayank:Hi Bharti...Come join us for late supper....Nihu's special..
Bharti:(locked the door and glared at him)What the hell werw you doing at Old Fort??
Mayank:What...What do you mean??
Bharti:If you had known about Gaurav's whereabouts,why did you put me in between this,hmm??You just..
Mayank:Oh really??What makes you think that i would go all the way to Old Fort??(Bharti loosened her fist and gradually released the silver locket she found)Yeh locket??
Bharti:Tumhaara hi hain na??
Mayank:Par yeh kaise??Ek minute...(brought Bharti to his room and opened his drawer)Mera locket yahaa pe hi hain..(Bharti was confused)Toh phir yeh kiska locket hai???(Bharti and Mayank stared at each other)I swear upon you,Bharti..I don't know!!!Par mujhe ek baat samajh mein nahin aaya..Tum itne worked up kyun ho??
Bharti:Main..tumhaare liye pareshan hoon...Trends ka kaafi luksaan hua hain aur...
Mayank:Lagta toh nahin hain..Tum toh ab wahaa kaam bhi nahin karti toh phir...
Bharti:Fine!!(Nihar witnessed the tension between them)Tum mujhe bataao ki tumne Gaurav Khurana ko Trends ke khaas stakeholder kyun bana diya tha??
Mayank:Bharti,woh meri official business hai..Tumhe isse kya lena dena??
Bharti:Koi lena dena nahin??Aise kaise??Tumhe itna bhi afsos nahin ho raha hai apne faisle par aur kabhi Radhika ke baare mein bhi socha hai tumne??Ohh!!That was what..almost 7 years??Sab bhool gaye tum??Ki kaise G ne humaare zindagiyo ko hamesha ke liye tabah kar diya??Agar woh mere haath lag gaya na,toh uska khayr nahin!!Bhaag gaya idiot!!Tumhaari kasam,Mayu!!!
Mayank:Kya kaha tumne??Tum jaante the ke Gaurav kahaa pe tha itne dino tak??Tumne ek aur kasam diya tha mujhe...Yaad hai tumhe???(Bharti turned away but looked back at him,straight in his eyes)
Bharti:Woh kasam maine tab thod doya tha jab mujhe sach ka pata chal gaya tha...Ab main kisi ka sunne waali nahin hoon..Samjhe??(left from there,leaving Mayank and Niharika much more shocked than ever)