Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Monday, April 27, 2015

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 312~

**Armaan V/S Mayank-keep a watch!!!

Yaad hai tumhe???(Bharti turned away but looked back at him,straight in his eyes)
Bharti:Woh kasam maine tab thod diya tha jab mujhe sach ka pata chal gaya tha...Ab main kisi ki sunne waali nahin hoon..Samjhe??(left from there,leaving Mayank and Niharika much more shocked than ever)

Mayank grabbed Bharti's arm.

Mayank:Don't you dare,Bharti...I have never stopped loving Radhika and you know that very well..
Bharti:Then why did you make G aka Gaurav a stakeholder in Trends?
Mayank:Bharti,it took me lots of guts to do it.You have to understand that this is about business and nothing personal.
Bharti:(shoved his hand away)That's what true love was for you..Thank God she isn't around to hear this..
Mayank:There is a story behind this association,Bharti..Please listen!!
Bharti:I don't think there is any story as meaty as the fact that G killed Radhika brutally..I couldn't identify him during the Holi bash but you were well versed with his mannerisms and his voice...I had never managed to meet him well then but you did!! (pressed her index finger deep into his shirt repeatedly)You are a traitor, just like him!! (Lowered her voice,she proclaimed)My revenge is on the way so if you wish,you can inform your dear friend!!
Mayank:Bharti,stop!!You are getting it... (Bharti left )All wrong.... (sank down on his carpet)

Niharika heard everything and witnessed her brother's devastation once again but she can't let him break down now.She rushed towards him and quickly held him upright before he began to stone.She wiped his tear and made him look in her eyes,reinforcing the belief she has in him.

Niharika:You are not going to give up now...But is this the same Gaurav whom you were waiting for? (Mayank nodded sadly)Why are you stopping Bharti then?She has all the right to..
Mayank:Nihar,there is another side to Radhika's murder..A slight detour,i will say..Gaurav intended to kill but his ally did it instead of him..Gaurav told me this myself and he had wanted to offer his repentance by doing good,keeping in contact with me and Bharti as well,making sure that he didn't ruin our lives by the death of Radhika..
Niharika:Ally?Are you even serious that you are going to trust him so easily?
Mayank:Everyone deserves a chance..(paused for a while)Even murderers and guilt-stricken victims as well...He wants to repent;let me be the source.
Niharika:I can't even begin to fathom you,Mayu.Even if that is true,how can you coax Bharti to stop?I don't think she can be...I need to go..
Mayank:Me too...(both of them looked at each other)
Mayank:Come with me..I know how to stop her!! (Before Niharika could say anything,Mayank held her wrist firmly and pulled her with him)

Armaan was just about to call his mum and Raj for dinner.He promptly stood from his place when he heard sudden repetitive thuds on his door.He wasn't expecting Mayank and Niharika together at his doorstep so soon.He realized Niharika snatching glances from him and looking elsewhere,wrapping her fingers around the nape of her neck.

Mayank:Hi..Won't you welcome us in?
Armaan:Huh what?Yeah sure,come in..Ahh!!You met Raj,Niharika...
Niharika:Sure..Mayu,why are we here again?
Raj:(murmured)Dude,yeh Mayank banda mujhe aise kyun ghoor raha hai?Kahin isse..
Armaan:(murmured)Shayad..kya pata?? (Smiled)

Sudha took early rest as she wished good night to them since she was dead tired from the crazy hospital scjedules she's been posted to,in recent days.

Mayank:Armaan,can we talk in private,please??
Armaan:WH...(switched to glance at Niharika who gesticulated to him to follow)Sure,ok..Come..
Raj:Dude!! (Armaan and Mayank went to talk from his balcony while Raj instantly sat next to Niharika)He knows about us,doesn't he??
Niharika:(rolled her eyes)You are unbelievable..Why do you think things alwaus have to be about you?God knows what they are up to..
Raj:Why don't we find out? (Niharika felt tempted but she didn't bother much)So much for trying to get your ass up and eavesdropping..
Niharika:Apparently that seems more like your job...Go and do it!!
Or else you'll be at a loss..Go,go!! (Helped herself with some garden salad laid on the plate)

Raj ignored her and went on eavesdropping. He certainly missed Jiya here.She would tag along just like that.He hid behind the curtains and overheard Mayank talking about asking Armaan a favour.

Armaan:I wouldn't think twice to do a favour for Bharti but for you?Mayank,i..
Mayank:What's your current status with Bharti btw??
Armaan:What do you mean by that?
Mayank:On talking terms,strangers or on pretense??It just keeps changing...
Armaan:We are friends,Mayank..Thanks for your interest but to be extremely frank with you,I wouldn't give a dime to help you just like that.
Mayank:So you will help me?I knew i was right in coming to you..
Armaan:(smirked)Oh well let me make this extremely interesting for you instead,Mayank.I will only help you stop Bharti from her craziness if you will first give me details of the 1998 and 2006 scandal that took place in Trends.. (Mayank was totally taken aback,not sure how to react) Surprised???
Mayank:What do you want,Armaan?
Armaan:Everything that brought Trends to fame in 1998...The hidden scandal which can't be kept secretive any longer due to some of my hungry informers!!(Raj couldn't believe Bharti could ditch him like that,leaking his information to Armaan)
Mayank:Emotional blackmailing??
Armaan:You want me to stop Bharti?
Mayank:Don't think you've won here,Armaan...
Armaan:Who's talking about winning??We both need each other..At least thatz true from your side...
Mayank:Fine,I'll give you all the details..I need you to stop Bharti by first finding about Gaurav.She is on a rampant search for him.You have got to stop her from getting to him first..
Armaan:You give me the info first..Then I'll get your work done!!
Mayank:Armaan,do you even understand the severity of this crisis?This could end her life!!
Armaan:Mayank,info first!!
Mayank:First thing in the morning..it will be emailed to you.
Armaan:Good...I will only stop her after i get the information.You can go now. (Mayank and Niharika left from there instantly with not much hope but Raj grew extremely baffled)
Raj:What the heck was all that about??
Armaan:Killing 2 birds with a stone..Kickstarting your career once again in London and ending Bharti's misery before departing from India..My last wish is for her to lead a normal life after what she had gone through in her life.The disturbing death of her dearest friend had scarred her life till now but not forever!!

Raj began to realize this was all about Radhika and not about his secret project.He trusted Bharti with all his heart and he knew his gut couldn't betray him.He wanted to help Armaan but held his shoulder,reassuring Armaan of his support to help Bharti out of the mess she is entangled in.

Armaan had to find Bharti and began narrowing the contacts he had.It all came down to Gaurav and Alisha.Something was missing somewhere.But what?He tried to analyse Mayank's conversation with Bharti from what he had told Armaan but clearly it didn't make sense.How could Bharti kidnap or hurt Gaurav so badly?From Bhaskar and Payal,it was far worse.A lookalike version of Bharti had shaken Bhaskar up.What if someone was setting Bharti up??


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