Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Thursday, May 28, 2015

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 314~

Escape-Major Announcement

Niharika:(looked at Armaan)You have known this for some time and you were between us,me and Mayank as though you had no idea what we were saying...and you are still not supporting her and accusing her further of being suicidal???Are you freakin' out of my mind?Shut up,Armaan!!!I had enough and i am not going to seek your help in helping me to stop Mayank...In fact,Bharti.. (turned)Bharti?Where's she?? (Bharti just disappeared)Disappeared into thin air??No way... (Armaan tapped on her and showed her the large glass window in the washroom which was strangely broken)It doesn't make any sense...How..Why would...Hi Sudha aunty... (swallowed her breath)
Sudha:Bharti...Where's Bharti??? (Looked at Niharika and Armaan who blinked their eyes and kept mum)You two let her go?
Niharika:Aunty,i tried to..but Armaan let her go..in fact he helped her!! (Armaan couldn't believe Nihar's cold-blooded lies)
Sudha:You had always been lenient towards her but what was the hurry?
Armaan:Maa,she wasn't suicidal..
Sudha:Suicidal??Duffer kahi ka!!Someone intentionally slit her throat and wrist as well...What's happening with her??I couldn't think of letting her stay alone and i even considered asking her and Naina to stay with us but you,idiot!!You had to ruin everything...
Armaan:Maa,i am getting engaged to Shreya,remember?This is unacceptable at any cost!!Anyways i think she headed home but Maa,who brought her here??
Sudha:I will have to check the report..Hold on,let me check..It is here... (flipped through the forms and saw 2 names-Khushi and KK.Khushi??Yeh KK kaun hai??
Armaan:Maa,we gotta dash...we'll talk to you soon...

Ñiharika:She just can't disappear...Who's KK??
Armaan:(murmured)Khushi had been quite close with Bharti but..Why is this name so familiar..KK... (stopped as he took a sip from his warm cup of Starbucks coffee)KK...
Niharika:Stop murmuring,will you??Things are getting out of hand...
Armaan:You didn't want my help but i am ķnee deep in this problem now so don't neglect me,got it??Someone is after Bharti for sure but i don't think it's Ķhushi or KK..
Niharika:Don't you get it?It's Gaurav!!
Armaan:Not him..He must be badly hurt and he couldn't be physically fit to attack Bharti in this manner...what about his ally??
Niharika:Ok.. (paid the bill for their coffees and headed to Men's Universe together with Armaan)Rhetorically speaking.. If his ally were to attack Bharti,he should have done that ages ago, don't you think? It doesn't make sense,Armaan!! (Raj and Bhaskar witnesses them going inside Armaan's cabin)Wait a sec..I've got an idea!!To stop Bharti...
Armaan:But weren't we just talking about Gaur.. (Niharika pulled him closer and told him the plan)What??OMG!!(began to think)If we did that,everyone's plans will surely get foiled especially Bharti's!!!OMG i love you Nihu!!!! (Raj overheard him and saw him hugging Nihar;Armaan quickly withdrew from the hug)
Niharika:Hmm i love you too Armaan..Call me,k?
Niharika:Hey..Bye Armaan!!
Raj:Seriously Armaan...I love you???
Armaan:Dude,she's out of your league now...hence it wasn't inappropriate either...Chill!!You lost her,move on..It isn't big of a deal for you;girls often have the hots for you,no tension needed...Nihar was nothing,na?? (Left from there)

Armaan just recollected the man from Rheo Pub.KK!!

That dude knew quite a lot about me and Bharti..But how??And where is Naina??I haven't met her ever since I've met Bharti...She got away so easily from the hospital and it just makes me wonder if she really had the gut and strength to escape from the hospital without getting caught??Maybe KK might have helped her.Secret allies of her,most probably...

Shreya was surprised to see Armaan at Trends.Mayank let her meet Armaan during their conference,making her wonder about the changed attitude in her boss.

Shreya:Did you,by any chance,perform any black magic on Mayank sir?He let me out of the conference so quick without any questions... (Armaan smiled widely)
Armaan:Our plans are changed..
Shreya:What do you mean?
Armaan:Well,for starters,let's just say... (paused and Shreya waited)...Our engagement will be preponed!!

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