Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Monday, May 18, 2015

Trapped In Mystery:~Jab Lurve Hua Part 313~

Armaan had to find Bharti and began narrowing the contacts he had.It all came down to Gaurav and Alisha.Something was missing somewhere.But what?He tried to analyse Mayank's conversation with Bharti from what he had told Armaan but clearly it didn't make sense.How could Bharti kidnap or hurt Gaurav so badly?From Bhaskar and Payal,it was far worse.A lookalike version of Bharti had shaken Bhaskar up.What if someone was setting Bharti up??

His eyes softened every time he tried to not give a damn about Bharti.His heart ached every time he thought of the possibility that Bharti was only going to get gravely hurt as she dug further. He had woken up in the early hours,and now he stood before Gaurav's home.He told Niharika to meet him there after having forwarded Raj the details of the scandalous affairs of Trends.Armaan didn't bother explaining to Raj about any implicit details that he was so curious to know,baffling the latter further.

Niharika was late.He went ahead,broke into Gaurav's home.He had a bizarre impression of Gaurav's home.It looked quite dilapidated unlike what the exteriors would boast about but he guessed that this must be the works of his foe (s) days ago.

He saw a ladder in the kitchen which had a dim light switched on.He looked up and saw a some translucent glass pieces shattered,revealing rays of the warm sun.He switched off the light and looked around.Just then,he almost stumbled upon some greasy newspapers and almost slipped but someone caught him from behind and covered his mouth.Armaan struggled to get out of the strong grip and tried shouting,sounding as muffled as ever.

Niharika:Where do you think you are going,Gaurav?Caught you red-handed now!!How about that?? (Her grip loosened as she realized it was Armaan and bit her tongue,dropping her phone as well)Oops!!
Armaan:Strong grips,ouch!!From which angle do i look like Gaurav to you?Are you bonkers??And where are you coming from??
Niharika:I came at 4:30 am..but i didn't see you and i tried to break in but strangely i couldn't so i climbed up the roof..
Armaan:The greasy water pipes??Are you out of your mind or something???
Niharika:Uffo..Wait till the end,will you??I soiled my dress for sure but guess what i found??Gaurav's attic!!
Niharika:Come with me..Itz a whole new world up there...(both of them reached up via the ladder and saw the dark attic;upon switching on the light,both of them saw lots of magazines featuring Trends and Men's Universe as well as newspaper clippings,specifically relating to Mayank and Bharti)There...this is Radhika,Bharti's best friend and Mayank's love.
Armaan:She's really pretty,Nihar..Mayank's a lucky guy!!
Niharika:Armaan,i don't want you to support Mayank..No matter what,i still think that Gaurav is the murderer no matter what Mayank may say or believe..
Armaan:If Mayank is feeling strongly about this..
Niharika:He isn't feeling anything...He just doesn't want Bharti to get hurt.I didn't know till now that Bharti would have been prepping herself to take extreme measures progressively to avenge Radhika's death but if she is,i want her to do it because Radhika deserves justice.Gaurav had not killed Radhika but three united souls for good and i can't let him go loose.
Armaan:(held back his tears)Nihar..
Niharika:Armaan,he had no right to snatch my brother's love from him and now to intervene in both his and Bharti's lives...But i just don't understand why Mayu is defending Gaurav so much...
Armaan:Maybe we can get some clues from here...

~Hours Later~

Armaan realized the secret behind Mayank's defensive approach towards Gaurav but hid it from Niharika for the moment and went off from there before anyone spotted them.He brought her to Hard Rock Cafe and had their breakfast from there.

Armaan:Nihar..what if Gaurav was innocent?
Niharika:What?How can you even think about it?(passed Niharika Gaurav's confession journal which he found by the attic)
Armaan:Tell me something,Nihar...If he wasn't feeling remorseful about Radhika's death,why would he come in search of both Mayank and Bharti?What if he wanted to make amends?
Niharika:I don't think so..He could be a psychopathic killer whom no one should trust..He would know the nooks of breaking laws easily since he's a criminal lawyer as well,don't forget that!!
Armaan:Read this journal clearly and you will understand..I have to rish but promise me you will talk Bharti out of this..She hasn't listened to me before and i don't know what will happen of her but knowing the truth,we have got to stop her before itz too late,Nihar!!Please??(Niharika wiped her tears and picked up her mobile and almost screamed,shocking Armaan)What happened?? (Niharika hung up and pulled him with her and headed straight to Fortis Medical Care Hospital)

Sudha bumped into Armaan and Niharika.

Sudha:What are you two doing here?
Niharika:Aunty?You are working here?
Sudha:A different shift,covering for my friend who's out of town for 2 months...What are you two doing here,once again??
Sudha:Come with me...Bharti ke life mein kuch problems hai kya?I mean,why did she slit her wrists??
Armaan:Kya???? (Looked at Niharika who stood speechless)
Sudha:I saw here being admitted here and filled all the necessary paperwork and now she's under observation.She hasn't regained consciousness as of yet.Ok,i am needed by the staff nurse . I'll get back to you.Stay here,k?
Armaan:Why would she do this,Nihar??And what the hell;why didn't you tell me about Bharti on our way here?
Niharika:Cuz you wouldn't come with me..You would have run away instead of confronting your fears and emotions..Anyways,i..
Armaan:I can't believe she could be suicidal!!! (Niharika couldn't believe what Armaan was thinking out loud)Cutting her wrists..just because Mayank or i myself weren't there for her or out of desperation..
Niharika:How ridiculous can you be,Armaan?And by the way,there is no need to give yourself or Mayank so much footage...Understood?? (Upon Sudha's instructions,both Nihar and Armaan went inside and Bharti gradually regained consciousness;they soon realized that Bharti had her throat slit as well)
Armaan:She slit her throat as well?I am not going to leave her... (Nihar tried to hold his wrist but he shoved her hand away)

Bharti was adjusting her position on the bed but just as she did so,she saw the white shirt of Armaan and looked blankly at him.He instantly held her arms tightly and talked in a tone filled with rage.

Armaan:Tum..Tumhaari himmat kaise huyi yeh sab karne ki?Kuch andaaza bhi hai ki aisa kuch log hai jo tumhàari chinta karta hai?Par tum toh..
Bharti:(looked intently at him and gazed at him,with bloodshot eyes)
Chinta? (Felt the pressure that Armaan was inflicting on her)Ouch Armaan..Dard ho raha hai mujhe..
Armaan:Dard?Dard ka matlab bhi samajh the ho tum?Nikal gayi thi na suicide karne ki..
Bharti:Suic.. (pulled Armaan close to her)Tum...tum aise...Chi!!! (Pushed him away with all her might)Idiot!!! (Pulled out the intravenous and antibiotic drips attached to her hand and anything else placed on her head)To hell with you,Armaan..I don't care if you support me or not in my mission.It was my mistake to have taken you in confidence and disclosing every secret i had held deep in my heart..You are free to think whatever you want but i seriously didn't realize that you would bother to think of me as suicidal.
Armaan:Oh so you mean to say someone did this to you??(his skeptical smile faded off with Bharti's silence and he looked at Niharika in disbelief and murmured to her)What?
Niharika:(looked at Armaan)You have known this for some time and you were between us,me and Mayank as though you had no idea what we were saying...and you are still not supporting her and accusing her further of being suicidal???Are you freakin' out of my mind?Shut up,Armaan!!!I had enough and i am not going to seek your help in helping me to stop Mayank...In fact,Bharti.. (turned)Bharti?Where's she?? (Bharti just disappeared)Disappeared into thin air??No way... (Armaan tapped on her and showed her the large glass window in the washroom which was strangely broken)It doesn't make any sense...How..Why would...Hi Sudha aunty... (swallowed her breath)
Sudha:Bharti...Where's Bharti??? (Looked at Niharika and Armaan who blinked their eyes and kept mum)

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