Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Sunday, June 21, 2015

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 316~

Ishaan:Bharti...Bull's eye!!Shayad Bharti hi sab ki hal hai...
Shreya:Ya phir dard ho...Aisa dard ki kabhi jaye na....!!!

Bharti had just gained her energy back.KK had put her to sleep as she was still very much fatigued when he helped rescue her.He had brought her to a safe place,somewhere far from all noise.It was a silent,creepy place but as Bharti opened her eyes and looked around,she smiled.

Bharti:For the first time in my life,i want to thank you for bringing me here.
KK:I brought you here for a reason...(Bharti looked at him,stoic as she appeared)

Armaan headed home,rushing to meet Sudha who had called to meet him home as soon as possible.He took off his sweater and both sat down with the mugs of coffee prepared by Sudha.

Armaan:Maa..is this about the engagement?
Sudha:Indeed it is Armu..I know there is a reason or else you wouldn't..
Armaan:Maa..Pls,mujhe wahaa nahin jaana hai..kam se kam abhi toh nahin..
Sudha:You still have time to go to London..I saw you on TV today..This is not about... (just then,the dòorbell rang;it was Jiya and Shreya)Girls,everything good?
Jiya:Yes Sudha aunty...I had been in London for a while but what am i hearing?Armaan,are you serious about your decision?
Armaan:Wow,who brought you here,Jiya??You had not called me in weeks and now,you unknowingly hear about my decision and you barge in here,questioning me about it?
Jiya:Sure i would,i am your friend for God's sake!!
Armaan:Friendship le matlab samajh thi ho tum?Dosti nibhaana padhtha hai,jo tum kuch mahino se nahin karte aa rahe ho aur woh bhi tumhaari stupid insecurities ke kaaran...Aur ab tum,Shreya..Kya patti padhaya tumne isse?Shreya,(stips Jiya from intervening)I really don't think i am rushing into this,ok?
Shreya:Armaan,you told me that everyone's plans are changing but why?Who are you doing this for?Yourself or someone else?Bharti??
Sudha:Bharti inn maamlo se bohat door hai aur tum yeh kaise keh sakte ho ki...
Jiya:Aunty,kyunki jab se Bharti ne Armaan ke zindagi me aayi hai tab se Armaan mushkil mein padhthe jaa raha hai...
Armaan:Shut your freakin' mouth,Jiya..This is my final word to both of you!!Bharti might have been associated with me for my problems emotionally but now neither has she got to do anything with me nor me myself have anything to do with me.I am preponing this engagement for a friend,for a very confidential reason.She is no longer a part of my life,as she had been before and if anyone were to disturb her about this matter,i will make things worse for both of you, mind it!!
Shreya:Armaan,how has your heart changed so promptly?So abrupt?
Armaan:Hearts do change.My heart has changed its course,its direction that it will not touch the path of Bharti's.

KK:Bharti,what is your plan after avenging Radhika's death?There is a chapter,a new one to unfold post your mission...
Bharti:There will be nothing left of me,KK..Hence,no chapter...!!!
KK:What about Arm..
Bharti:Why did you pause?I have always cared for him,sure but our lives don't intertwine...We belong to separate worlds and our hearts will never collide..Thanks for bringing me to Radhika's home,KK...This has always been my secret abode for ages since my teenage years and now i miss her ever so badly....But it is time for my mission!!!
KK:Will your heart ever change?
Bharti:Hearts change,KK...But they will not tread along the same path... (took off her bandages,KK healed her with his powers and transported her to Gaurav's hideout)

I made a mistake.Once.Twice.But not any more.

Armaan rushed to his room upon hearing an alert from his bag.He took hos jacket,kissed his mom and took off in his car.He just knew his idea of inserting a chip in Bharti's shoes wouldn't fail him.He texted Niharika he was going to meet Bharti,who informed Mayank about it.

Meanwhile,Bharti stealthily checked the fortress out.She was planning her strategy on ending Gaurav's lifeline tonight itself.She took out her gun.The first time she felt the gun was a decade back.Since then,she had always placed and handled it safely.

She took her step towards the exact location of Gaurav.Just as a sudden wave of a strong force,Armaan held her wrist and pushed her close to a wall far from Gaurav.The latter got up and started looking around.

Bharti felt the heat surging within her as his rapid warm breaths kept surfacing on her lips.He didn't look at her.This made it easier for her to look at him but soon,she realized what she was doing.

Armaan:He has gone the other way..(saw her eyes fixated in his)What?(saw Bharti's gun pointed to his tummy,making it the only space between them)
Bharti:Armaan,i could kill you if you're coming in my way...
Armaan:Yeah you could..But would you?
Bharti:Doubting my capabilities,Mr Sinha?
Armaan:My dad would...But I'm Armaan and having seen much of you,i wouldn't dare to doubt you.. (Bharti sensed his sarcasm behind his smile)But you shouldn't underestimate me either...
Bharti:How did you reach me?
Armaan:Nothing that concerns you..
Bharti:Sure it does since you have clearly obstructed me from...
Armaan:I obstructed you?Feels great to know that!!!
Bharti:Get lost,Armaan..
Armaan:Do you even know how to pull the trigger or are you simply....
(Bharti instantly looked for Gaurav,saw him from a distance and looked back at Armaan and smiled)

Bharti pulled the trigger and shot.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 315~

Armaan:Our plans are changed..
Shreya:What do you mean?
Armaan:Well,for starters,let's just say... (paused and Shreya waited)...Our engagement will be preponed!!
Shreya:WHAT???Like what??Why are you so eager all of a sudden?I mean,hello,introduce me to the new Armaan here..
Armaan:Firstly you really gotta stop that and secondly i am serious about this.The engagement is preponed.I have talked to Maa about this and she's fine with it..
Shreya:You do understand that you won't be going to London any sooner just because you prepone the engagement,right?You are ruining my plans...
Armaan:Everyone's plans are being ruined,not only your's,k?No need to get so hyper now...Just do as i say..
Shreya:And your stupid farewell party?
Armaan:That...Cancel it!!Bye Shreya,I'm in a rush..
Shreya:What the...Now he wants to cancel and prepone and sorts...Damn him!!!

Just as she dashed to the conference room,she saw it.The TV was on and a live telecast with Raj was shown,disclosing the scandalous affairs of Trends,one at a time.She slowly glanced at Mayank who melded into the background and moved to the back,and towards his room.She looked back at the TV and was shocked seeing Armaan together with Raj.

'Was Raj and Armaan involved in this together???Why isn't Mayank sir stopping any of the rumours??'

Shreya continued watching the news and hearing Raj and Armaan talk about Trends.

Raj: Since the start,there has been so much rumors about Trends and Men's Universe and their aggressive competition.Sure this is true but as of late,defamation suit has been filed against us by Mr Gaurav from Trends with no probable cause.He is a primary stakeholder in Trends and not only that,he is a criminal lawyer who sure knows his ways to bend the laws to his way so we have no doubt that these scandals are genuine.
Armaan:Scandals as these need to be highlighted for concealing them led to the success peak of Trends.We have to thank a person of seniority in this but he or she prefers to be unknown.Fashion world has reached enormous heights of atrocities,thanks to such people.There are lots of mosuse of power and harassment matters that have arisen in Trends and lots more waiting to be disclosed.
Raj:If you ask about Men's Universe,we have been in the trade for over 5 years and we have not come across much cases,nothing that would lead to such scandals.In fact,our boss,Mr Amarjeet wouldn't tolerate such preposterous and outrageous attitudes at all.

'Is this the end to the former  successful magazine whose standards has been compared and matched to international magazines?What will become of Trends?Stay tuned as we bring you exclusive coverage of the company itself,all footage included.'

Shreya and Ishaan followed Mayank out while the rest started arguing and panicking about their future.It was a big bomb blast which they had never predicted.

Shreya:Sir!!! (tagged along with Ishaan and followed Mayank to the carpark)
Mayank:Stop following me,you two!!Don't you get what's happening??
Shreya:Sir,aap ki bhaagne se...I mean...
Mayank:Mujhe bhaagna pasand nahin hai Shreya...Your boyfriend is the cause of all these!!
Mayank:Asked him for help and he blackmailed me in return...I didn't know what it was for..but he sure helped me to shut down Trends sooner... (Ishaan gasped)
Ishaan:Shut...Sir,kitne log yahaa kaam karte hai..Sab ko jawab dena hai..
Mayank:I don't know and I don't care!!Ho sake toh yahaa se kahi aur job dhoondo aur aage bhado...
Ishaan:Sir,aap kahaa jaaoge??
Mayank:Ek jagah,jahaa pe koi nahin pohanchega...Good day!!(drove from there)
Ishaan:Dhoob gaye hum Shreya...
Shreya:Armaan ne yeh sab kyun kiya Mayank sir ke saath?
Ishaan:Kahin wajah ho sakti hai..
Shreya:Engagement bhi prepone kiya tha usne...Aaj bata raha tha mujhe...Par kyun??
Ishaan:Sach saamne laane ke liye,dost ko madat karne ke liye ya phir kuch paane ke liye...
Ishaan:Mayank sir ne kaha tha ke Armaan yeh info paane ke liye thodi si blackmail kar raha tha Mayank sir ko madat karne ke liye...Shayad Mayank sir ki koi majburi...
Shreya:Yaane ki Niharika ya phir.... (widened her eyes)Bharti!!
Ishaan:Bharti...Bull's eye!!Shayad Bharti hi sab ki hal hai...
Shreya:Ya phir dard ho...Aisa dard ki kabhi jaye na....!!!