Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Sunday, August 23, 2015

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 318~

Both of them didn't realize that Pushpak had overheard them.

Bharti reached Mayank's home with the idea of talking to her best friend.Having a long,deep chat over coffee.

Just then,she was surprised by Niharika who caught her off track.She welcomed Bharti inside.

Niharika:You have to do something,Bharti.Mayank is going through bouts of depression,I'm sure of that.Just like before.
Bharti:What did he do now??
Niharika:He has lawyers coming to our home.Initially i thought he was joking but now i think he's dead serious.He's thinking of shutting down Trends.
Bharti:WHAT??? (Grew appalled,widening her eyes in shock)
Niharika:Sshh..He's coming. Don't tell him i told you anything.Just be casual. I'll get you something to drink...

Bharti was confused.She came here to talk to him about a lot of things,top priority being his trust in Gaurav but now she started feeling numb,as he sat beside her.

Bharti watched Mayank who had received a call,having broken the silence between them.Her eyes moved to look at Niharika,who turned around upon noticing her glance.Soon,she went upstairs.Bharti wondered if she should be worried about something but Mayank came forth with coffee and diverted her attention.

Niharika:Armaan,is everything ok?
Armaan:Yeah..I wanted to talk about Raj.You haven't told me your thoughts..
Niharika:It slipped my mind.But wait, i have already told you that we have grown distant..
Armaan:Oh come on Nihar..you may have decided to call it quits,haven't you??Kam se kam Raj ke baarein mein toh soch thi...Itni khudgarz kaise ho sakti ho???
Niharika:Main aur khudgarz? (Almost choked)Raj had issues with my identity..After that,he didn't really bother but he had sent off mixed signals for sure..
Armaan:(murmured)Uss duffer ko toh main...Ek number ka idiot khor hai..(just then he heard Mayank's voice and Bharti's as well)Nihar,is someone at your place?
Niharika:(got the hint)Sure..Recognizing her voice or is someone still in the denial game after all these days??Your engagement with Shreya is...
Armaan:Why is she there??
Niharika:Armaan,you are way off track..Anyways,i have called her for some personal issues related to Mayank..He's been making such rash,irrational decisions lately...
Armaan:Such as??
Niharika:Trying to fish out info from you,aren't you??Itz personal,Armaan..Goodnight!!
Armaan:Arre!!! (Heard the engaged tone and hung up)I obviously can't get to Mayank..Nihar was my hope but she's quite smart..I need to find some way out !!Sab meri galti hai..Aakhir Gaurav kahaa jaa sakta hai??

Meanwhile,Mayank looked grim upon Bharti's nature of questioning.He knew she will definitely come to question him upon learning about his and Gaurav's acquaintance.After all,why would anyone trust his girlfriend's murderer??Or partner-in-crime??He kept mum,leaving Bharti frustrated.She started shouting at him madly.

Bharti:Gaurav Khanna.A renowned murderer in our eyes.How dare you,Mayank??Just how dare you do this to me and Radhi??He killed her for God's sake?You not only put him in your Board of Directors' list,one of the primary stakeholders  but you became a close acquaintance with him.Now,don't come to me with the 'Keep your enemies closer' cliché cuz i am not gonna buy it.I am extremely mad at you for doing this to me.
Mayank:Radhika wasn't murdered by Gaurav.He had a confidante,someone named Siddharth..He did it!!(Bharti came close to Mayank,watched his eyes in remorse and turned to the table,hurling all that was on the coffee table,bringing Niharika's attention)
Bharti:This Gaurav has become so significant in your life,Mayank??Ever since Radhika's death,i have promised myself to avenge her death,regardless of the obstacles that i will have to face.Even if that was in your shape!!First,it has got to be that Armaan;now it's you.
Mayank:You promised me you'll forget everything..Not to think about her death before you went to pursue your studies further..You had alienated me from your world,Bharti!!
Bharti:Whoa,so now itz all my fault??(slapped Mayank real hard,which Niharika had not expected)You decided to make amends with the murderer and make him a part of your business venture..I mean,it totally makes no sense!!Just like Bhaskar and Payal,you decided to turn into a manipulative business magnet with the help of Gaurav Khanna..Wow!!! (Clapped her hands in disbelief)Guess what?This is the end of us,Mayank..I'm breaking this up right now,so that you don't have to make amends with me whatsoever..And yes,if you do meet Gaurav somewhere,let him know that his life is at God's mercy or else when i find him, his death will be decided by my wrath.(Niharika was shell shocked;she went inside)

'Armaan knows everything about Bharti and her past.It seems from Bharti's talks that he had not supported her but i don't think she will back off.She shouldn't but how can Mayu be so sure about some Siddharth guy having killed Radhika??'

Mayank left his home and drove fast.He didn't know where he was going but just kept going straight.He realized his phone vibrating and looked at it.It was one of his lawyers but he chose not to pick it up.Just as he looked in front,he saw a speeding vehicle and before he could do anything,the car flipped around and the bodies were hurled.

Alisha managed to get out of her car.However,she wished she hadn't,instead.

Two bodies were laid before her.Badly injured.Unconscious.Bleeding profusely.

She called the ambulance.Mahi was on her way but got obstructed by the path.As she got out of her car and made her way into the crowd,she was dumbstruck as she saw and identified them both.

Vedant Raiz...

Mayank Sharma...

Before either Alisha or Mahi could react,the paramedics brought them to Fortis Hospital.

Alisha:Aren't you coming?? (Mahi shook her head and wiped her tears)
Mahi:I need to head back home...Bye!!

Alisha went with the ambulance while Mahi drove back home,recalling her traumatic journey with Ved.

After her bath,as she was wiping her hair dry,she recollected seeing Mayank.She wondered if Alisha had informed Niharika or Bharti.She tried calling them both but they were inaccessible.

She had decided instantly.She was going to Fortis.Right away.

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