Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Monday, October 26, 2015

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 320~Mini Steps to Letting Go

Niharika:Mayu..actually Raj was already here before you came..I had invited him here because....Because..
Niharika:(looked to Mahi for help,who lip-synced Bharti)Because he could help me in finding Bharti..
Mayank:(strided towards Raj)Tell me you have something,Raj..I'm desperate to meet her somehow!! (Didn't realize Nihar who heaved a deep sigh)
Raj:(checked his mobile)Maybe we might...Just keep still!! (called Bhaskar upon getting his message;the call went through but he heard voices)

Bhaskar:Bharti...Vinita???God,what are you doing here??Don't you dare run... (Vini tried to but Bhaskar hit her leg and she fell;Raj heard her shriek)Where is Bharti?
Vinita:How the bloody hell am i supposed to know?
Vinita:You just ruined it,you idiot!!It was my golden opportunity,damn it.Bharti's missing,hence i took the limelight with Ash.Get lost,Bhaskar!!
Bhaskar:Vini,what are you saying?
Vinita:Like you know nothing..Bhaskar the great always have the scoop,doesn't he??That loser Mayank is about to shut Trends down but i can't let that so I've kept Gaurav away..
Bhaskar:What the hell?You were the one who came here,the Old Fort,and beat him up so bad that he fell unconscious on the spot?
Oh God,what have I done??I mistook you for Bharti and...
Vinita:Gyaan and Ash told me you were following me..I took care of what you had to see...
Bhaskar:Where is she,Vinita???Either one of you would have gotten the scent of her whereabouts..Where is she???
Vinita:You have screwed my plans up..Bhaskar,i can't help you;I'm sorry!! (Left from there;Raj disconnected the call)

Mayank's eyes turned moist,brimming with tears on his eyelids as he gently sat down near a corner of Niharika's balcony.

Mahi:Wait a sec..There is something wrong..Nihar,you told me that Bharti was behind the kidnapping...How is it possible?No,who told me?Raj?
Raj:I got that from Mayank...
Mayank:She told me personally..
Mahi:Arhh ok..So how did Vini get to know about this??This is so confusing!!!
Raj:Ok,stop..Letz process the new info.Vini,Ash and Gyaan..They were not in the picture till now.Bhaskar thought he saw Bharti beating up Gaurav badly but it was Vini all along.But why?Why did she trap Bharti?
Niharika:Didn't she always have an eye on her progress and excellence?My best guess will be because Bharti got lucky with Mayank as the editorial assistant in Trends.
Mayank:It is all my fault.Now she's in deep trouble all because of me!! (Mahi witnessed the emotional soft figure of Mayank,something she couldn't imagine at all and froze)She didn't want to work at Trends.I let my partiality decide and she got the job.I kept my friendship alive but now she's gone.
Mahi:No Mayank.You listen to me!! (Knelt down in front of him and held his palm affirmatively)Bharti had this coming for herself.As far as i am getting it,I think she had it all planned out.First she gets the job.Then finds out about Gaurav's true involvement in Radhika's murder and now is out for personal vengeance.But in between came your friendship.Not only that,other factors came in,inclusive of her and Armaan's forgotten friendship,Bhaskar's misunderstanding and most importantly her daughter,Naina.After all,where is she??Have anyone thought about her??? (Mayank wiped his tear and realized Mahi hasn't withdrawn her hand;he looked at her gentle hand having supported him and Mahi gradually let his hand go,one finger after another)
Raj:(cleared his throat)Mahi's right.Bharti is somewhere safe.But Gaurav?Where is that idiot hiding??

Bharti was staring at the stars.She was slowly recovering at a secretive hideout where KK had brought her to,after having packed all of Radhika's stuff from her place.She had to.She needed Radhika's presence surrounding her.Right now,she felt safe to be away from everyone,detached and disconnected.She didn't need anyone now;not Armaan,Bhaskar or even Mayank.Jiya had now seen her as a foe.A lot of her ex-colleagues were pretty much in the negative view of her so why should she bother?Perhaps the only person she really is concerned about is Payal and Naina.She had let out a huge burden from her heart to Payal but she didn't know how she will take it,given the dramatic expression upon seeing her gun.Bharti couldn't stop feeling amused by her explosive eyes.Just then,she received a phone call.

'But i didn't switch on my phone. That's not my phone!!'

'That's right. It's mine. I'm sorry,Bharti.'

'How did you reach here?Oh yes,my last message before i switched off my mobile.'

'I went to Men's Universe and followed Bhaskar.He's broken,having found out that Vini,Ash and Gyaan were behind the attempts in defaming you for hurting Gaurav,after he escaped from us.I think they've got some proof against us,Bharti and this could pose as a danger.'

'Let's see what they are up to.Meanwhile,i am close to finding Gaurav's location.I have no one to fear about now.Let defamation or danger come strike me but i am not going back.If you're scared,then you may abort your support and leave.No compulsion from my side.'

'I have another news which may or may not shock you.Armaan is having doubts about you.He was asking around if anyone had contacted you since a lot of your colleagues were worried about your absence.'

'They'll get used to it.Especially Bhaskar,Payal and Mayank.Sacrifices need to be made.Did...Did Armaan see you??Did he say anything?'

'No,he didn't but i overheard him and Shreya talking.Armaan will be leaving for UK sooner than expected and perhaps after this,he might never meet you again in his life.All I'm saying is,have a final farewell conversation with him;wrap things up,all loose ends perfectly and let him go.'

'I've already let him go but it's Armaan who's simply making it complicated.Anyways,let us work on our future steps;only a couple of days remain till the execution is performed.'


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 319~Mahi's Gone Bonkers!!

Mahi quickly got out of the auto.Having rushed to the lift lobby,her heart raced.She was going crazy.She was lost.So much so that she didn't realize that her hair was still dripping wet.She didn't wait.She rushed upstairs but just then,her heels broke and she fell flat on the ground,letting out a loud scream.

She felt even more uglier by the number of people who watched her one instant and by the next few seconds,just left her on her own without offering any help.She was surprised but really pissed with herself for being so oblivious.She never wore heels for work!!!

She took off the other heel and picked herself up and gradually paced herself,walking towards Alisha.Alisha informed her that both Vedant and Mayank are under observation.

Alisha:You didn't come then,Mahi..What made you come?
Mahi:I needed to face my past.I needed to give a piece of admonition.Sometimes i just want to give myself satisfaction by killing him but I'm leaving that to God.I never would want to get my hands tainted with his blood.
Alisha:Mahi,i need to apologise to you.I had no idea.Seriously,not until i heard from Bharti and Sanju..They saved me from a heartbreak but i just can't imagine how he effortlessly weaved a web of lies.Gaurav and he seemed close and i trusted Gaurav like a mentor but everything has gone awry nowadays...Hey,I'm sorry k?
Mahi:Yeah,whatever.. (pushed the door after the doctor came out)
Alisha:Mahi,that's Mayank's room.I mean,aren't you meeting Ved first??
Mahi:Oh yes,i was confused(blinked her eues in disbelief and rushed in)...Excuse me!!!

Ved was slowly gaining consciousness,Mahi realized.She turned away,not knowing how to exactly voice things put.Here she was,in front of her past,face-to-face.She had to get past him and move on,as per Sudha's guide.Just then,Ved held her wrist and called her.Alisha.Alisha's name rung in her ears loud and clear,enraging her so much that she turned to look straight in his eyes.

Mahi almost strangled him but she soon felt someone at the door.Ved was extremely shocked to see Mahi.He just observed her face.Nothing seemed different to him;she was just like how he had left her.Despite the accident,he flashed his smile at Mahi,who was unsure of her own reactions and expressions.She can't be defeated by his misleading charm.

Ved:Mahi..Wow,how are you?
Mayank:She's excellent by the way..
Mayank:Shocked??You sadistic moron,you expect her to be still waiting for you like a hopeless romantic,living a life full of fantasies after whatever you and your family have done?? (Mahi just watched a bruised Mayank vouch for her.In fact,she unknowingly interlocked her fingers in his)But you are way too late to realize that she now belongs with me.If you think that she has come to see you,then you're so mistaken,you fool. (Ved kept looking at Mahi who gave him the assurance further that she had moved on in her life)Mahi,it's your turn to speak . I'll be waiting for you outside.
Mahi:You heard him,didn't you?I am his world now.But i can't let you go off so easily after hurting another innocent girl like Alisha.You forged a relationship with her and this time,you've got to pay.(turned around and Alisha came forward)I think i am going to watch and enjoy this,Alisha.
Alisha:(smiled widely and turned to see a drowsy Ved,who began to realise he had been drugged)Yes sweetie,you're gonna spill everything to me.Now.What was all the drama for???
Ved:To get closer to Bharti.To destroy any possible evidence that she could be having against Gaurav or Sid.They killed some friend of her's,i accidentally overheard his conversation and had confronted him about it.But Alisha,our meeting at the pub was a total coincidence.I swear. (Fell unconscious as Alisha further injected the remaining drug intravenously into his system)
Alisha:I'll take care of him,settle scores with Gaurav as he schemed to kill Radhika.OMG!!!Where's Mayank??
Mahi:I'll go check on him. (Went out and saw Mayank trying to get a glass of water with difficulty and she went to help him,having held his waist and suppported him till he sat down)

Initially both of them felt super awkward but they both knew that they had to break the silence,almost killing them inside.

'Ok,what was that all about,inside?'

Both of them looked at each other and smiled.They both uttered the same words at the same time.This time,they didn't vent out their frustrations.They almost sang in harmony had it not been for the awkwardness which kept on persisting in their hearts.

Mayank:You were getting plain scared of your past.You were feeling intimidated by his presence,letting your inferiority set in.After all you've been through,i couldn't let this happen to you,no matter how you and i are. (Mahi just kept gazing at him and he noticed and snapped instantly)Mahi,what's going on?
Mahi:You literally spoke my heart and perhaps i needed that.I least imagined you to be the guy who would attempt at mending my heart.
Mayank:Whoa,huge words,Mahi!!Stop,k?Remember how we vented out our frustrations at each other??We can keep it that way.. (laughed but stopped as his head and shoulder hurt)
Mahi:Heyy you ok??Can i do something to help??
Mayank:God,i need to get away from you or else I'll be having dreams about you,probably nightmares of an angelic Mahi..(just then,a nurse called and Mayank slowly walked away)

Mahi gleamed at the compliment.As soon as she came back to earth,she realized Mayank was gone.She forgot to ask him about Radhika.Or stop him for that matter.

Both of them tried to contact Bharti and their colleagues but no one could reach her.It was so weird.Weird that Mayank could be a rash driver.Weird that no one could reach Bharti. 'Nah', Alisha sighed as she looked at Mahi.

Alisha:Either her mobile got flat or she switched it off on purpose..Nothing atypical of her!!I'll bring Ved to my place and he'll be taken care of.
Mahi:Are you sure?I mean..He's..
Alisha:Mahi,you go to Mayank's place and talk to him.Maybe he has a clue of Bharti.

Mahi reached Mayank's place.She was surprised that he didn't wait for her to ring the bell.He was looking much better than her visit to the hospital.He snapped at her.

Mayank:Yes Mahi?
Mahi:Ermm hi??Mayank,won't you invite me in?
Mayank:Not keen on doing so...why??
Mahi:Mayank!! (hit his shoulder mildly)Is that how you're going to treat me...You...Am i disturbing you and some white collar professionals here??(Mayank excused himself,gesturing his team to wait a lil and nudged Mahi,bringing her to a corner)What's wrong?
Mayank:Mahi,what is the matter?
Mahi:Mayank,i want to talk to you and it's rather personal. (Mayank began to wonder if it was how he had saved her from Ved from further humiliation and started worrying)You know what?I'll talk to Nihar and when you're done,you can come up!!
Mayank:But she isn't here.
Mahi:(raised her eyebrow)I saw her wet slippers.. (saw Mayank turning away from her and she gently walked up the stairs)What is wrong with him??(knocked and upon opening,saw an annoyed Niharika with a drenched Raj,much to her bewilderment)What the hell!!! (Shut the door)What's going on?I thought you two broke up??
Niharika:Thank God you're here.Will you do the honours of explaining to this desperate idiot to get out from here?He climbed up the ladder to meet me..I just can't believe his nonsense.
Raj:Hold it.Mahi,you're here to meet Mayank,right??
Raj:Yes,go on... (liked the fact that he made her speechless)You were at the hospital,weren't you??You met Mayank there and...
Mahi:Yeah so?I met Ved as well...And that's nothing new for you but what are you doing here now?Are you out of your mind?Mayank might come up anytime after his meeting...
Niharika:What meeting?
Mahi:Err...You didn't know??
Niharika:After he came back from the hospital,i had specifically warned him not to strain himself or host any legal meetings with his advisors of any kind.I don't know what's been running in his mind ever since Bharti has broken their pact of friendship. (Rushed towards the door but stopped to face Raj)You...Yes,get out from my home before i come upstairs.
Raj:So much for trying to redeem my love for her.I love her,Mahi and you girls know it well.She does too but something is wrong somewhere...
Mahi:Sure...In your cuckoo brains,that's where!!Stop distirbing her,k?If Mayank got to know about your love,he's gonna butcher you up dude..
Raj:And that's why i need you...Why are you here exactly?
Mahi:I wanted to see how Mayank was doing..He had been badly hurt and i just..but you have to forget Niharika!!Mayank won't approve of you of all people,for his beloved sister...
Mayank:What's going on,Mahi?I didn't know you had company here... (Mahi and Raj's eyes opened in shock as they gradually turned towards Mayank and Nihar who stood clueless)

Preview:Alisha reveals facts about Gaurav's whereabouts to Mahi who informed Bhaskar.Bhaskar finally comes face to face with the alleged Bharti's lookalike.He was shocked to find out it was ______!!!!!