Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Friday, December 11, 2015

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 321~

Mahi finally had some private time to herself after having heard a whole heap of banter from Raj on her way home.She kept thinking about Mayank and how he broke down.

This wasn't the Mayank who she saw practically every day.In fact,if it was ages back, she might have had a softer spot for him and always defended for him,just like how she would for Sonali and Raj.This unlikely encounter had changed her perception of Mayank totally.

She wanted to call and check on him.Just as she dialled his number,she recollected what she was supposed to ask him.She wanted to know the truth about Radhika's murder.It is not easy to bring him to open up but she had to do it for Bharti's sake.She didn't want anything bad to happen to her at any cost.Mahi tried calling his landline number after getting an automated voice message.

Mahi:Hi.. (heard his voice)Mahi here..
Mayank:Hi Mahi..is everything ok?I'm fine..
Mahi:Are you..really??Mayank,you can share anything with me.You can trust me with your life.
Mayank:I'm fine,Mahi.Why did you call?
Mahi:To check up on you.You were just so devastated.I..
Mayank:I am alright.I just need to take time off..
Mahi:That's why you're laying off workers and shutting down Trends? Mayank,that's no solution.Have you thought of your employees?
Mayank:Right now,I'm furious at Gaurav.It is his responsibility to come back.He just can't disappear and create such a ruckus.
Mahi:Don't you think you should think twice before trusting him again?
Mayank:I'm not placing my trust in him anymore..
Mahi:Maybe you shouldn't have,in the first place.What if Bharti was right all along?
Mayank:Mahi,you don't mean to say..
Mahi:Mayank,Gaurav has a hand in this murder.Bharti had something which you don't,thus the reason for her holding to her friendship so strongly.I feel..that Bharti shouldn't be stopped.
Mayank:Mahi,you too??She's gone nutz!!
Mahi:Ved knows quite a lot about Radhika and that includes Gaurav and his ally,Siddharth too.Alisha and i found out at the hospital and i came over to talk to you about this but i couldn't.
Mayank:Ved knows them?
Mahi:Yes,and you shouldn't be shocked to know that Gaurav was only buttering you up to find out about Bharti.There are things you still have no clue about.But you've got to find out and search for the truth.
Mayank:OMG!!Why did i not let Bharti speak?Mahi,i wanna find out about Bharti.
Mahi:We will,in due time.Just rest for the time being.
Mayank:Luv u Mahi..Good night!! (hung up and in a split moment,he just realized what he had blabbered)

Mahi was surprised to note a smile on her face as she hung up and watched herself in the mirror.She was surely going bonkers.

~Bhaskar's home~

Payal was waiting to open the package that Bharti had entrusted her with.She was waiting for Bhaskar.Wondered what took him so long.He finally arrived,soaked in his own perspiration.She was surprised that he didn't come in his car.He had rushed to the washroom for a bath instantly.

Something was amiss.She wanted to call someone and ask.She dialled up Armaan.

Armaan:Payal,i have left the office earlier so no chance of meeting him today.But if i am not wrong,he left earlier than me..He was in a rush after receiving a text message or something.
Payal:Ok thanks. (Heard Bhaskar coming out and hung up instantly,leaving Armaan clueless)

Bhaskar: Paayu, we made a terrible mistake.
Bhaskar:Ok fine, it's me. It was a plot by Vinita, Gyaan and Ash and I couldn't see it in due time. But now it's time to rectify my mistake.
Payal:Any idea how you're gonna do it? Bharti has gone very far away, from all of us.
Bhaskar:What do you mean??
Payal: Open the envelope and read it.

Bhaskar's hands trembled mildly as he unfolded the letter written by Bharti.

Hey Bhaskar,

I guess Payal must have told you something about me by now..Or didn't she, out of her panic-stricken mode? She gets frightened so easily yaar par kya kare? Bhaskar the man, no apologies needed for the way you shouted at me before.. Hota hai yaar..I've got no regrets about the friendship I share with you or Payal, despite knowing of your motives towards befriending me right from the start. Desperate much, Bhaskar?? I must say you were a charmer trying to seduce my mum and dad at their socialite parties..

Bhaskar glanced at Payal. He couldn't believe it. He muttered under his breath, 'She knew of my motive all along but why did she play along?' .

But then you know something guyz?The most amazing things happened because of your friendship..Jaane anjaane hi sahi par maine bohat kuch paaya hai zindagi mein..Chaahe woh kuch pal ke liye kyun naa ho par woh sabhi yaadein ban ke reh gayi hai aur kaafi hai iss janam ke liye..Naina ko godh lena, Men's Universe me kaam karna, itne saare doston se milna, Mayank se phir se milna aur..

Bhaskar could imagine the deep sigh in her next word. There was so much left in between. Things changed so much, so quickly for Bharti that he began to wonder if it was Bharti who initiated it or was it...

Armaan..Someone whom I'll never forget in my life till eternity. The best and the worst thing to have happened to me, thanks to you guyz!!Khayr, chodo!!Ab main jo tumse baat karne waali hoon woh ek raaz ki tarha hi hai. Chaahe kuch bhi ho iski baarein mein kisi ko hawa tak nahin lagna chaahiye.

Naina. Payal mujhse pooch rahi thi Naina ke baarein mein. Payal,maine tumse kaha tha ki woh San Diego mein hai apne uncle ke paas par asal mein woh surakshit hai ek ghar par, London mein..Meri ek dost uski dekh bhaal karegi aur poori zimma uthaa legi..Koi shikayat nahin hai tujhse par main uss par kisi bhi tarha ke darr paidha nahin karna chahthi. Main badle ke paar jaa rahi hoon, Gaurav ke paas aur tum dono aur kaafi saare logon se door..Ho sake toh mujhe maaf karna kyunki ab mujhe kisi par bhi barosa nahin hai, Mayank par bhi nahin...

Iss dil mein ab koi darr nahin hai badle ke saamne,maut ke saamne. Agar meri jaan chali bhi jaati hai,toh koi mujhe dhoondhne nahin aana chaahiye..par ek vaada maangti hoon tum dono se..ki jab meri dost ek chitti bhejegi toh meri laadli ko jaa kar London mein milna zaroor..

Kaash humaare saare dosti ke lamhe ek bottle mein chupa sakoo..Bohat yaad karungi tum dono ko..Meri aakhri chitti tum dono ke liye..


Bhaskar froze.Payal went close to him and held him tight, so that he wouldn't fall but he collapsed into her arms and began weeping. He couldn't take the fact that his best friend left them without a farewell or proper goodbye.

Days passed by. Bhaskar dropped by Armaan's place to meet him and Sudha. He saw the decorations going on. Sudha was running to and fro,attending to some of her faculty members, who had come to attend Armaan's pre-engagement party.The engagement was two days later.

Bhaskar and Payal scanned the hall. They were just close friends and relatives.

Payal:I still can't believe everything's happening so fast...I wonder what's his hurry..
Bhaskar:He's in the mood of proving to himself and the rest that Bharti means nothing in his life. (Payal held his palm firmly)We brought him into her life and look at everything that's happening. I'm telling you Payal, this is not right!!
Payal:Not now,Bhasku!!Smile,people are watching..Aur please..We don't even know where she is so what can we expect from this guy???

Just then, Mayank came with Niharika and soon after, all of Armaan's colleagues came. This did take Bharti off Bhaskar's mind but not for long. He excused himself to the terrace, for some fresh air.

He met Mayank there.

Bhaskar:Mayank, you alright??
Mayank:Yeah it was getting a bit crowded so I came here...
Bhaskar:(saw Mayank a bit lost)I guess you don't wanna talk about anything..
Mayank:You're right. I dont.
Bhaskar:Neither do I but I can't help my arising curiosity. Where is Bharti?
Bhaskar:Keep it down,Mayank.What had happened that she could no longer trust you?
Mayank:Why are you making this up?There is no such..
Bhaskar:She wrote me and Payal her last letter. She has gone far from us and told us never to locate her. Do you get me,Mayank??
Mayank:Please don't tell me she went to find Gaurav.. (Armaan had overheard everything while having brought two cocktails for Bhaskar and Mayank)I was so wrong. Mahi told me there is much more to Radhika's murder than I had known..Something which Radhika had hid from me. But I have yet to speak to Mahi about it.
Bhaskar:How did she know..
Mayank:I...I don't know if it is her assumption but I can't let that thought go...
Armaan:Hi guyz..here are your cocktails...Enjoying the party?(Bhaskar and Mayank nodded)
Mayank:Congratz to both of you, you and Shreya..
Armaan:This is not my engagement party so you can wait till then to do your honours..Excuse me!!(thought in his head)

'This can't be happening. Niharika and I clearly saw the newspaper clippings and journal entries. The dates couldn't be wrong. In fact, I do have the photos, some of them which I had managed to take. Bharti can't have gone far. She will have to come back for....Where in the heavens is Naina?? So many questions and I've got no answer to any of them. Am I regretting letting her go?? No...I can't support her for killing someone who's guilt-free of murder...Isn't he innocent????'

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