Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 331~


I can't let your hands be tainted with blood, Bharti. 

It's too late, Armaan.

No it's not. We can run away from here. Somewhere far, where it is just me and you. Please!!

I'm really sorry!!Ho sake toh mujhe maaf kar dena...

Ek baar gale nahi miloge Bharti??

Bharti turned away to go but turned back and rushed to Armaan's arms. She hugged him, feeling his warmth, closeness and passion like never before. He kissed her hair and wiped her tears but by then the cops came and voiced out for her. Bharti was handcuffed and soon she was led to the police jeep. Armaan looked on from the terrace, watching her leave. He went inside her room,where the photo frame of her's and Naina stood by the bedside. He hugged it and began sobbing hard, continuously, not knowing what to do next.

Just then, Armaan opened his eyes. He felt his face,tears having dried. He must have slept for some time,he assumed. The call had awakened him. He picked up the call without answering, wondering who was calling Bharti late at 2:30 am.

Bharti,it's me, Naina's uncle from San Diego. Naina has been really missing you lately and was expecting a call from you today since it's her birthday. Payal had called her just now and she was happy for a while but after that,she had been waiting for your call. She hasn't eaten much at all in waiting for your messages. I urge you to just send a video message or anything to cheer her up. Please call back Bharti.

Armaan hung up instantly. He was shocked to know about Naina's whereabouts. He couldn't digest the fact that Bharti had laid out her cards so perfectly in such a way that Naina wouldn't be slightly affected by her plots.Bharti had hatched her perfect primary plot so many months or even years ahead such that she gradually let each of her colleagues and friends go from her life and now she expected Armaan to let her go as well. That was why she surrendered herself. To the cops.

She can't do this to me now. Not after the 6 years nor after all the misunderstandings have been cleared. She can't leave me like this.Mayank. He would know everything. He can help me. I need to trust him in this matter. No one else can help me apart from him now.

As Armaan left Bharti's home,heavy rains poured over him,soaking him in his grief. His tears were evident to any stranger on the deserted streets. He hailed a cab and headed to Mayank's place. Mayank rushed to the door upon seeing a devastated Armaan by his doorstep and invited him inside. Niharika offered him hot chocolate to calm him down before both of them began to converse with him.

Niharika:Armaan,tum bahar kya kar rahe the??Tumhe aaraam ki sakh zaroorat hain na..
Mayank:Nihar,let him calm down first hmm? (Niharika nodded)Baarish bhi bohat tezi se chal raha hai..Lagta hai bohat bada toofaan aane ko hai...
Armaan: Please Mayank aisa matt bolo..I mean..
Mayank:Tum agar mann halka karna chahthe ho toh..Tum Niharika se baat kar sakte ho..I'll be in my room..
Armaan:Mujhe tumse baat karna hai,Mayank..We've always had our share of differences but right now I really don't care..All I need is your help and I can only trust you with my deepest feelings..I'm lost,confused as ever. Bharti.. (coughed and took a deep breath before continuing) She has been handcuffed by the cops. She called them home and she surrendered.
Mayank:What???She did not...She did not,right??
Armaan:I'm coming from her place...
Mayank:Idiot..You were there and you didn't stop her???
Armaan:You think I didn't????I even offered to go along with her..I proposed to her tonight but everything's gone berserk. She had called the cops way before I had reached there. Mayank,did you know anything about her wanting to surrender?? (Mayank shook his head)
Mayank:I would never let her do that at any cost...Instead I would have taken all the blame on me..It was only because of me that she had to do this. Years ago I had told her to not even think about Radhika,her death and to start afresh..That both of us needed a new lease of life but how would I have known that Radhika's death would have affected her so badly that her life had depended on avenging her death,regardless of the vow she made to me..Damn it!!Damn it!!! (buried his face in his palms and shook his head in despair) Armaan,we've got to get her out..I won't let her do her nonsense this time round!!Enough is enough!!
Niharika:But Mayank..What about the evidence?
Mayank:I have been keeping tabs and as far as I'm concerned,they haven't found the weapon yet..And Bharti must have surrendered way before and that makes it easy for the cops to close the case quicker...
Armaan:Mayank I have another set of news for you..Naina's uncle called..Naina is in San Diego and Payal knew everything about it but she didn't inform anyone..It's Naina's birthday today and she wanted to talk to Bharti badly but before that Bharti had already gone..
Mayank:(shook his head)Bharti must have placed her under her oath..This is getting ridiculous!!What is she trying to achieve?I thought I just regained her trust and friendship back but what the hell is she thinking of??Sacrificing herself???
Niharika:Let me get you both something to drink.. (Armaan looked at her and nodded)
Armaan:This is not the time to get mad,Mayank...Bharti had planned this early..To let go of each of her friends one by one,turning them against her and making them abhor her so that she could leave from their lives quickly just like that...That could also be the reason why she didn't want Naina to be around her when she had planned to carry out what she had planned in mind. But how could she just do this to me or you in any matter?

Mayank was confused. Bharti had clearly told him about Niharika's condition before surrendering herself to the cops. She had staged a perfect farewell to him and he had no inkling about it at all. Bharti was supposed to tell him something else too but she kept it for some time later. He needed to meet her and get her out from there.

Armaan and Mayank were quiet for some time. Finally, Mayank decided to ask him clearly.

Mayank:Armaan,you..Aren't you like getting engaged to Shreya?Why were you even at Bharti's place,proposing to her??
Armaan:Mayank,I wanted to know once and for all if she too had felt something for me. I felt something when I got shot. Her eyes were speaking to me..It was a true connection and I just..
Mayank:And you felt that Bharti harboured a feeling so deep and indescribable and you finally let down your walls..
Armaan:Yeah... (surprised)You ever felt that before??(Mayank just glanced at him)You had a deep connection with Radhika,didn't you?
Mayank:Armaan,we should think about Bharti now.. (tried not to think about his past)She was supposed to tell me something as well but she decided to save it for later...
Armaan:Shall we go and meet her now??
Mayank:Look at the time Armaan..It's past midnight..We'll go in the morning tomorrow but....
Mayank:No,nothing...How did you come??There's no car or bike outside..
Armaan:Can I crash here tonight,if you don't mind?I can't face my Maa tonight. I'll text her.. (Mayank agreed and made preparations for him in the guest room)

~Next Day Morning~

Armaan had already woken up and was chatting with Niharika when Mayank had come back from his morning jog. 

Armaan:Morning to you too..
Mayank:Have some breakfast while I get refreshed. We'll head off to the station asap.. (Armaan nodded)

Meanwhile,Raj called Armaan on his mobile. Niharika saw Raj's photo and gave Armaan his mobile. He observed a vague friction arising in Niharika and stopped her and kept his mobile on loudspeaker mode.

Raj:Hey dude we're all at your place..Where are you?
Armaan:Why?Isn't Maa around?
Raj:She was..but she had to rush off for an important meeting..so basically now me,Jiya and Mahi are at your place. We thought of giving you company but you are not even here..
Armaan:I'm with Niharika right now and your call is a bit distracting right now so call me later,k??
Armaan:Yeah..Do you mind?
Raj:No,why would I? 
Armaan:Good.. (hung up and looked at Niharika)Tell me what's cooking..You two haven't patched up yet??Niharika..
Niharika:What,Armaan??There was nothing EVER between us..He..He is not worthy of my time!!I don't even want to talk about this..and Mayank knows nothing about this,k?And I don't want him to ever find out anything about me or Raj for that matter,k??(Armaan agreed)
Mayank:Heyy Armaan chale?Nihu,shall I drop you?
Niharika:I'll go off on my own Mayu..Go meet Bharti first,go!!

~Police Station~

Bharti turned around as the lady constable brought Armaan and Mayank before us,inside the prison cell, much to her bewilderment.

God, you've got to be kidding me!!(shut her eyes and shook her head, frustrated at her games fate was playing with her)

Thursday, August 4, 2016

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 330~

Shreya: Don't worry so much; she'll say Yes!! (drove off and Armaan smiled, adjusting his hair and coat)

Armaan gradually opened the gate to Bharti's home. Just then, it hit him.

'Arre, no flowers,chocolates...Nothing at all,Armaan? Woh kya sochegi??I should get her something special..But then it's so freakin' late at night..Ab kahaa jaa kar kya le aao uske liye?? (shook his head)No, I don't have a choice. Armu, just go and propose. How the heavens am I going to...Uske saamne toh pehle jaao phir socho...Ab chal!!'

He was shocked to see the front door slightly ajar. His eyes promptly scanned her shoe rack. They were probably her's anyways. He crept inside and looked around. Just then he stopped upon hearing her voice, 'Where the hell are the candles? Whenever things are needed, I can't find them. I so need to organise things around here.' He figured she was in the kitchen and went there with the help of his mobile torch. He switched it off as soon as he saw Bharti's illuminated face from the candle she just lit. He couldn't stop smiling. Bharti took the candle and froze as she looked straight. She was stunned to see Armaan at this hour of the night. She fidgeted with her fingers, thinking of an excuse to get him out of her home as soon as possible but little did she realize about her clumsiness. Armaan rushed to her with a knee bent before her. She became even more confused.

Bharti:(thought to herself)What the hell is he...With one knee bent...Why is my leg having a burning sensation??(looked at her right leg and gasped at the scorching pain and Armaan had been snapping at her)
Armaan:Heyy,got an ice pack?? (Bharti nodded and pointed to the freezer)Ok hold on...Let me bring you to the sofa...
Bharti:(Armaan placed her feet on the sofa and made her sit)What are you doing here??
Armaan:Ice pack??K?(got the ice pack and endured the pain without a shriek of any kind, amazing him)
Bharti:There's an ointment in the drawer next to your left side..Thanks!!
Armaan:(placed the ointment on her bruised leg)You didn't make a hiss about your pain...
Bharti:Aadat pad chuki hain..Aur waise bhi main baaki ladkiyon ki tarha nahin hoon jo ek halke se moch ya dard ko jhel na sakti...
Armaan:Woh toh tum ho hi..
Bharti:Tum yahaa pe kaise aa gaye? I mean you need so much of rest...Bhaskar told me you got discharged yesterday..
Armaan:So you do have my updates??Thatz news!!
Bharti:FYI, I don't go around asking..News reach me..
Armaan:Waise I did wanted to ask you about something.. (Bharti placed her legs downwards and started walking but Armaan stopped her)What are you doing? You need rest too..
Bharti:Apna bakwas band karoge? It is a minor burn and nothing else... (just then both of them felt the strong winds from the open windows and Bharti hit her head)Clothes..I've just hung my clothes up at the terrace.. (turned to go but Armaan held her wrist)
Armaan:I'll get them for you...
Bharti: Fine. Go ahead.

Bharti made coffee for Armaan and herself. She wondered what was taking him so long. She decided to not wait any longer and headed up to the terrace. She couldn't believe her eyes and began shouting his name.

Armaan turned around. He was so absent-minded about her clothes while enjoying the heavy rains after a long time. He looked at her taking shelter inside and not getting wet at all, which was so unlike of her. But he soon noticed her facial expressions, one which spelt trouble for him.

He realized what she was holding. He smiled subtly and ran his fingers deep down and walked towards her.

Armaan:Is that...coffee for me?? (looked at her admiringly)How sweet and you know, thoda romantic too.. (Bharti rolled her eyes)
Bharti:Coffee toh hai lekin tumhaare liye nahin...
Armaan:Do mugs?
Bharti:Mere liye..Yeh toh kam hain, usually char paanch cups toh aaraam se pee leti hoon..So don't expect anything from me for yourself..
Armaan:Aisa kyun?
Bharti:Maine kahaa tha ki main apne kapde khud lelungi chajje par lekin nahin...Volunteer toh tum karte ho aur ab mere saare ke saare kapde gila kar diya...
Armaan:Bharti,suno na..Main lene hi waala tha lekin itni khoobsurat baarish ko dekh kar main sab kuch bhool gaye yaar...I mean yeh mausam bohat hafte baad aa raha hai aur main bas aise hi kho gaye....
Bharti:Yeh toh tum mere kapde kamre mein rakh kar bhi toh mazaa le sakti thi...(drank her coffee as she watched the heavy monsoon rains)Tumne abhi tak nahin bataaya ki tum yahaa kya karne aaye ho...Mausam bohat kharaab hai aur tumhaari gaadi bhi toh nahin hai...
Armaan:(waited for her to finish her second mug and gazed at her;he took her hand by surprise,leaving the mugs by the stool and gradually brought her close to him,one step at a time,out in the rains)You wanted to know why I came here?(brought her hand to his chest)Do you know what's in here?(Bharti was feeling a bit uneasy, uncomfy to face him in the eye as flashes of her shooting him came straight to her head) I have not allowed the doctors to remove the bullet from my system. (Bharti was appalled and she withdrew her hand with force and turned away from him but he placed his palm on her shoulder and stopped her)This is a punishment for me, Bharti. For not having supported you when you needed me the most.
Bharti:When did I ever ask for your support?I don't need anything from you..
Armaan:Bharti, I can now understand you fully. The pains you've gone through are so much more deep and time may not have fulfilled it's promise of healing you. Since Radhika's demise, you have just become reclusive but at the same time, you've filtered so much of love and compassion that you truly deserve. (Bharti realised where this conversation was headed and took his hand off her shoulder and took a step further but just then, she felt the lace of her dress tear near her neck. Bharti was stunned. Armaan turned around and was embarrassed by what he did. Bharti turned to see him but soon turned away when she saw him turning towards her) I'm so sorry, Bharti. I only meant to stop you for I want to finally free my heart..
Armaan: Bharti...
Bharti:I don't wanna hear anything.. (started walking)
Armaan:I love you!!!!!! (Bharti stopped)
Bharti:It's getting late, Armaan..
Armaan:Will you marry me??? (Bharti froze; she gradually turned around and looked at him)
Bharti:(thought to herself as her heart raced) This can't be happening. This really can't be happening. (clasped her ears shut and closed her eyes) He shouldn't even think about confessing his feelings for me. I shot him, damn it!!!
Armaan too was confused. He had just blabbered away in an attempt to stop her from leaving. He was awkward but he had to say it before she left. He never ever told her anything before. Only hinted to her on several occasions but that didn't work and now he didn't want her to run away from him, of all people.

All of a sudden, he saw Bharti enraged, coming at him as though she was gonna shout. He jerked backwards in fear.

Bharti:Why don't you get it,huh?Haven't I hinted to you already? Haven't yu understood anything??You think I had no idea about your love for me??You think I'm so blind that I can't even differentiate friendship from love? I had always prayed in my mind that you would never ever say this to me, Armaan. I just don't want love in my life, ok?Is it that difficult to understand??? I shot you for God's sake..How can you even think about confessing even after all of that?
Armaan:My love for you is beyond all of that, Bharti.
Bharti:(smirked)Yeah..No,it never can be. No one is that crazy to love a killer.
Armaan:Will you just stop berating yourself about how you don't deserve my love?? (held her face)You have all rights over me, Bharti..You had never meant harm upon me on purpose...I was only happy to give up my life for you by taking the bullet... (Bharti took his hands from her face and moved away)

Just then,both of them heard a jeep stop outside. Armaan took a look from the terrace but Bharti knew her time has come and took small steps from him. He turned to look at her intently, trying to grasp what's going on in her head. Just then, it struck him.

She was trying to walk away from his life. The cops slowly crept out from the jeep without its siren on, to not alert any neighbours around.

No,no!!!Not now; this can't be happening now!!Bharti...

Armaan held Bharti's wrist firmly. Both of them needn't say anything yet somehow both of them felt a secret communication sparking through their eyes.

You shouldn't have called the cops.

You shouldn't have come here, Armaan.

Is this why you were trying to get me out of your home?

One day or another, I had to surrender. Most importantly, leave from your life. You have to let me go, Armaan. Ek na ek din toh mujhe jaana hi hai..Jitni jaldi ho sake utni hi achi hai tumhaare liye. I'm never a good influence on you. I've never been a good friend for you so it's better I leave. Forever!!

Nothing happened to me na??

I killed Gaurav and his allies, Armaan.

They deserved it.

The cops are coming up, Armaan.

I can't let your hands be tainted with blood, Bharti.

It's too late, Armaan.

No it's not. We can run away from here. Somewhere far, where it is just me and you. Please!!

I'm really sorry!!Ho sake toh mujhe maaf kar dena...

Ek baar gale nahi miloge Bharti??

Bharti turned away to go but turned back and rushed to Armaan's arms. She hugged him, feeling his warmth, closeness and passion like never before. He kissed her hair and wiped her tears but by then the cops came and voiced out for her. Bharti was handcuffed and soon she was led to the police jeep. Armaan looked on from the terrace, watching her leave. He went inside her room,where the photo frame of her's and Naina stood by the bedside. He hugged it and began sobbing hard, continuously, not knowing what to do next.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 329~

Jiya:Why not,Mayank?When she executed the whole thing, you expect all of us to be in favour of her and glorify her?
Mayank:It is better if you stay quiet,Jiya. You have zilch idea of the pain we both went through for the past 6 years..and now!!This is a hospital so stop creating a scene here. We didn't ask you for a cover up...Your friend here did!!(Mahi looked at him in dismay)So keep your mouth shut!!(brought Bharti away from Jiya,Mahi and Raj but before both Bharti and Mayank could talk, Sudha and the doctor called her)
Sudha:(hugged Bharti and informed her)Armaan's condition is critical, Bharti. Will you be by his side for some time, talk to him?
Bharti:Me,Mom?I don't think..
Sudha:No arguments, Bharti..Remember how he was there for you in your hard times..When you struggled in the hospital as well;he was there for you. It's time for you to be loyal to him now. I know it's a lot different then and now but it will mean a lot to me.
Bharti:(withdrew from the hug)Anything for you, Mom..

Bharti closed the door of the ICU where Armaan was laid, unconscious and infused with painkillers and antibiotics. He looked so pale and tender.His head had been bandaged. Bharti slowly mustered the courage to walk from the foot of the bed towards the head of the bed, near Armaan. Bharti sat on the seat provided and looked at him. The fan rotating above blew Armaan's sheet a bit, making his bosom bare. She recollected how he got shot unexpectedly by Gaurav and how he collapsed in her arms right after she had shot him. She closed her eyes instantly, not being able to look at Armaan in the eye.

'You should not have ever known about mine or Radhika's past. If you had known, you should not have ditched me like that or interfered in my mission. This is what I had feared. I will never want to inflict any pain or harm to you but you would have never listened to me. Aaj bhi tum meri baat na jaane sunn rahe ho ke nahin...Tum bas theekh ho jaao Mom ke liye aur mujhse door ho jaao,bas yehi hai dua meri..Aaj tumhe khush hona chahiye ki sab kuch khatam ho chuka hai meri zindagi mein..Aur jaldi meri yeh parchaayi tumhari zindagi se door hogi,jaise main kabhi tumhaari zindagi mein thi hi nahin..Jaise bohat saare log chahthe hain..Aur tum apne career banaa paao jaise Mom chahthi hain..Yeh yaad rakhna ki main kabhi tumhaari zindagi mein thi hi nahin..Sab kuch pehle jaise aur tumhaari kareebi dost,Jiya,Raj aur Mahi besabri se intezaar kar rahi hain tumhaare theekh hone ka..Alvida Armaan,hamesha ke liye..'

Bharti stood up and slowly walked towards the door but just then, she felt as though she heard a voice. She stopped and saw Armaan voicing out for Bharti. Just next to him, she saw KK.

KK: Tum kyun ro rahi ho,Bharti? (Bharti wiped her tears)Ab bhi tum apne aapko saza dene ki soch rahi ho?Tumhe bhi toh pyaar karne ka haqq hai..Che saal beet gaye aur tumhe aur Mayank ko bhi...
Bharti:Mayank...Oh my God..Mayank.. (Bharti didn't notice Armaan having opened his eyes already and seen her going out)Mom,aapko andar jaana chahiye.. (Sudha was surprised and rushed inside to see a conscious son back in shape and called for the doctor but by then, she no longer saw Bharti or Mayank and grew a little disappointed)

~By the beachside~

Mayank and Bharti were watching the waves while having seated on top of his car. They had been silent for quite a while, ever since they both abruptly left from the hospital.

Bharti:Ab kuch bolo ge bhi ya bas aisi hi time pass ke liye mujhe yahaa par lekar aaye ho?
Mayank:Hum baat kar rahe hain?Maine socha ki pehle maafi maanglo uske baad hi..(saw Bharti glaring at him)
Bharti:Kya main tumhaare galaa dabaadoo??
Mayank:(hugged Bharti and smiled)Bharti, I don't know what I'd do without you. But you should have never gone through any of this on your own. At least you should have confided in me.
Bharti:Jisse maine by chance sab kuch baat diya tha usne mera saath chod diya toh tum kya ho?
Mayank:Main woh shaks nahin hoon...Main Armaan nahin hoon..
Bharti:Tumhe kaise..??
Mayank:Jaanta hoon main tujhe...
Bharti:Khayr,chodo woh saari puraani baatein..Ab hum phir se shuru karenge humaari dosti...Banoge na meri dost?
Mayank:Uske pehle tumhe meri baat sunni hogi...
Bharti:Agar beethi baat ko dohrana ho toh please rehne do...I don't wanna hear anything,Mayu!!
Mayank:You should have at least given me a chance to explain my stand. Did you really think I had forgotten everything and befriended Gaurav just like that?Mera bhi koi wajah tha. We lost touch somehow, Bharti. You went somewhere after your studies and that too without informing me...
Bharti:Haha yeah. Guilty me..I didn't get through my papers then as it was right after Radhi's death..
Mayank:I went to Vancouver for my training and entrepreneurship program. I had a vision for the fashion industry then. Media publishing came along and soon with the hard work, Trends earned its name. I hadn't forgotten anything in the midst of fame. I networked with various influential sources and soon I found certain confidants who would do anything for me. Thus, I managed to stumble upon Gaurav yet once again and befriended him. Soon, he became a major part of my firm and we invested in Mumbai. He had no doubts of my intentions, that I was sure. But when I bumped into you at Men's Universe, things got in the way and I got caught up with a lot of things on my mind and you became my top priority. Slowly I hatched up a plan to bring him down for good by giving him more and more power over Trends but before I could implement the final few steps of my goals, you shot him and changed everything.
Bharti:I'm sorry yaar. I mean, when Armaan himself hadn't supported me and fell into his traps of so-called repentance, I really couldn't trust anyone with anything.
Mayank:Even me?
Bharti:I'm really sorry...I just...
Mayank:I understand..OK, no more feeling lonely or being reclusive about anything...
Bharti:Yaar,bohat bhookh lagi hai..Kuch khaana khaaye??
Mayank: Ok let me check with Niharika...
Bharti:Ek minute... (thought about telling Mayank about Niharika's condition)I need to talk about something in confidence..Letz eat some dessert and talk.

Sudha thanked all of Armaan's friends who turned up at the hospital and they all left, giving her hope of speedy recovery.

Armaan:Sab chale gaye?
Sudha:Haan,kaafi dher ho gayi hain na...Tum batao shuru see exactly hua kya tha?
Armaan:(pondered)Ab main aapko kaise batao kind jis Bharti ko aap apni beti maanthi ho usne hi mere seene mein goli chalaayi thi..Kaise aapko dobara sadma de sakta hoon...
Sudha:Armaan,tum theekh ho?
Armaan:Maa,I feel so blank..I just....
Sudha:Hmm I understand..I don't want to disturb you but I need an answer,Armu or else my heart will be under distress..Please!!Your friends told me pretty much but I want to know from you!!
Armaan:(thought)Who did they say??Did they say Bharti??Oh God..Has Maa found out everything?? (looked at Sudha)Who told you?
Sudha:Mahi and Bharti...Bharti promised me this will never happen again but I'm sure this must be the work of..
Armaan:(smiled subtly)Maa, please...Main kisi ka naam nahin lena chahtha...I just want to put this behind me for good..Maa,why do I feel so uneasy? (almost choked)
Sudha:I'm sorry Armu to say that this bullet in your chest couldn't be removed for safety reasons. Doctors said that it could create a major complication and I decided to go with the doctor's opinion. But I will talk to the doctor and ask..
Armaan:Maa,will you promise me something? I don't want this bullet to be removed!!
Sudha:What?? But why?? (Armaan pretended to close his eyes, filtering all of his mum's questions away and she couldn't stop crying)

~Café Coffee~

Mayank:So?(sipped his hot chocolate)
Bharti:Mayu,(held his hand firmly)there are some things which I didn't intend on hiding from you the moment I knew about it...But then I felt clueless on how you might react and I was under the oath of someone dear to you too...
Mayank:What are you saying?
Bharti:(kept her warm cup on the table and cleared her throat)Mayu,no questions today,k?Let me say everything and hear every word and don't be mad.
Mayank:Bharti,will you stop beating around the bush?(moistened her lips as she parted them to speak)
Bharti:Itz about Niharika. I had been around for some times with her when you had gone for official trips...Remember? (Mayank nodded)Well, I took her to the hospital.
Mayank:What for?
Bharti:Mayu!!!No interruptions and no questions and btw, keep your mobile shut. This is serious matter.
Mayank:Ok fine,chill..
Bharti:(heaved a deep sigh)I was looking for some paracetamol in her drawers but I had stumbled upon some other medications which were not OTC meds. I mean, I felt suspicious and checked it up. I was pretty shocked to know after talking to her, that she had only come to Mumbai to spend more time with you. Starting a beauty salon was just an excuse. She's having a major heart problem and as a result, her heart muscle is weak. (held Mayank's hand firmly)She doesn't have... (her voice grew softer) much time...

Mayank almost dropped his cup of cappucchino. Bharti could clearly see that he was numb with shock. She waited for some time. Mayank had to react before she could do anything. Mayank clenched his fist and looked away. After some time, he looked back at Bharti who saw his eyes moist with tears. Those eyes which didn't cry after Radhika's departure. Now, they're crying at the thought of Niharika. His lips became parched and Bharti held his palm and gestured him to drink some coffee. He did so but this time,he felt the taste to be bland.

Mayank:Why didn't she inform me?
Bharti:You should be grateful that at least she answered my questions and confided in me. If she knew that I told you, then she'll break down..She even made me promise me not to tell R...
Mayank:Why did you stop?
Mayank:I know that face...No, you're hiding something from me...
Bharti:Oh really??
Mayank:Yes tell me....
Bharti:I'm getting late,Mayu..Drop me please??I'll tell you some other time...

~Few Days Later~

Armaan was discharged day before and he was having regular visits from Shreya,Jiya,Raj,Mahi,Bhaskar and Payal. Sudha was content with the speedy recovery Armaan was experiencing but she didn't understand why Bharti didn't come over to visit. When asked, Armaan told her that Bharti had been keeping tabs on him via calls and text messages. Before everyone left, Armaan held Shreya's hand and announced for his engagement to proceed as planned before. Shreya looked at him in dismay. She didn't know that she would have to go through with the engagement. Sudha too was surprised but she was so elated and immediately fed some sweets she had made and kept in the refrigerator a few days back. She had almost forgotten about it but now Armu had given a perfect reason to bring it out. All of his friends left except Shreya. Armaan was left with Shreya alone.

Shreya:What is your friggin' problem, Armaan? I thought we are through with this..
Armaan:I'm only doing this with a motive in mind..
Shreya:What do you mean exactly?
Armaan:You weren't there when I had felt the strong connection with her at the time I got shot.
Shreya:Her?Didn't Gaurav shoot you?(Armaan gestured to her to lock the door)I'm waiting...
Armaan:He shot me in my lumbar region..Someone else shot me in my chest!
Shreya:Kahiiin tum..OMG Bharti??She shot you in the chest??She tried to kill you,Armaan?
Armaan:I was at gunpoint and Gaurav was threatening her..She shot me reluctantly and soon shot Sid and Ved. Upon hearing Mahi's cries, she turned around but Gaurav would have shot her if I hadn't interfered. That was when I felt her connection. Her fingers were trembling and she was trying her best to hold me but I had collapsed in her arms..It was a true moment between us.
Shreya:(snapped at him)Oh hello..Mr Armaan Sinha,wake up please!!!She shot you for God's sake so ruthlessly and here you're saying you felt a strong vibe?(shut her eyes in frustration and opened instantly and thought)In all of these,why am I even with you?You are basically using me all these while and..
Armaan:I'm sorry Shreya that you feel that way..I still love her...
Shreya:Armaan,she tried to kill you...
Armaan: only because I was coming in the way of her mission..I don't know why you and Jiya don't get it...
Shreya:Ok you love her but why this engagement?Just go to her and propose for marriage..Is it that complicated for you??
Armaan:Isn't want to accept her in front of everyone,especially my mum and friends..
Shreya:Not everyone can be appeased,Armaan. When will you learn that?Sudha aunty will be really happy but I don't think the rest of your pals will be. Especially after the shooting.Even Mahi and Raj think otherwise.. I'll help you drive to Bharti's place. Just tell me when.
Shreya: dude, I didn't mean for you to get all so excited right away...
Armaan: No, I can't waste any more time...And by the way, police have been on the hunt for evidences on the trio deaths, which only we, Mahi and Mayank know is due to Bharti.And I don't know what she's gonna do next so I can't waste any further time.So come.
Shreya:(drove Armaan secretly to Bharti's place without Sudha's knowledge)I hope this will be the last time you're using me against Sudha aunty...
Armaan:(smiled as he saw Bharti's home and turned to her)You've been so much more than a friend to me and I'll always irritate you for sure so don't ever think of losing contact with me..
Shreya:(held his hand)Can I get a hug?(Armaan hugged her)Is she worth it??? (Armaan withdrew from his hug and looked at her)
Armaan:She has got no idea how worthy she is of my deep love... (Shreya smiled widely)
Shreya: Don't worry so much; she'll say Yes!! (drove off and Armaan smiled, adjusting his hair and coat)

Monday, June 27, 2016

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 328~

Just then,there was incessant knocking on the door.The knocking grew louder and louder and it startled her.She opened the door to see Niharika and Raj.

Niharika:Bharti, what happened to your dress? (Bharti then recollected how the blood from Armaan's back and bosom spread to her dress;she had been totally absent-minded)
Bharti:Itz nothing... (locked the door)What brings you here?
Niharika:Where's Mayank? I thought he might have come looking for you..
Bharti:Oh shux!! I had sent him and Mahi to send Armaan to the hospital. They'll be at Fortis. I'll go get changed.Sit down k?
Raj:Whoa, you can really act well. Niharika, we know everything now so why are you...
Niharika: Raj,what are you even doing here? Just because we ended up coming here at the same time, it doesn't mean that we need to chat up like old times.
Raj:Let me clear your misunderstanding. There, my girlfriend is calling me. See?
Niharika:Sonali?Your girlfriend?
Raj:Kyun?Koi problem hai tumhe?
Niharika:(fidgeted)Mujhe kyun koi problem hogi? (rolled her eyes) Jahaa take maine usse jaana hai, woh akeli rehna pasand karti hai...Aur tumhe bhi shayad aisi hi ladki chahiye..Kyun??Jaoo aur apna call attend karo kyunki meri Bharti se baat karna zyaada zaroori hai...
Raj:Main kahin nahin jaane waala hoon.. (disconnected Sonali's call and stood there)
Bharti:What's the commotion between you two now?
Niharika:Bharti,how is Armaan now? Have Mayank contacted you?
Bharti:Is this what you wanted to talk to me about?
Niharika:Pretty much yeah..
Bharti:Then we are done here...I'll show you the way out...
Niharika:Bharti..Aren't you at least heading to the hospital to meet Armaan?? (Bharti stopped and looked at her blankly)
Bharti:What for?
Niharika:Wh.. (Raj was browsing his contact list and gave Sudha a missed call?
Raj:Bharti,look..What Niharika is trying to say is that Armaan had lost a lot of blood and he's in bad shape. He took a bullet for you so this is the least you could do for him.
Bharti:I didn't ask him to get involved in this whole mess by coming there. I couldn't let go of this opportunity by giving in to Gaurav's dirty tactics of blackmailing neither did I demand for Armaan to come in between to take the bullet that was meant for me. What was his intention of coming there? To create a scene once again and ruin everything for me??
Raj:Bharti please....Just meet him once!!
Bharti:Raj,for God's sake,don't you get it???I have got nothing to do with him!!
Raj:Answer this call and I'll go.. (Bharti saw the name on his mobile screen and her eyes moistened)
Bharti:Hi Mom..
Sudha:(Bharti heard her mellow voice,pauses in between)Bharti,my jaan...Are you on your way?I need you by my side dear...The doctors won't let me be near him. It's been ages since I've felt this scared in my life;first was before Armaan's dad's death and now Armaan..My mind is wavering...Bharti,where are you now?
Bharti:Mom,woh Raj ko pick up karna gayi thi...Ab hum raaste mein hi hain...(shook her head as she saw the last call by Raj made to Sudha and the time)Chale?
Raj:Sure.. (winked at Niharika)


Sudha:Thank God you came,Bharti...I'm just feeling so numb..Doctors are still inside..
Bharti:Mom,please sit.. (Raj and Niharika invited Mahi and Mayank over to pacify Sudha) Everything will be fine..
Mayank:Aunty, please..Don't cry,Armaan will not want you to see you crying...We are all here for you too,especially your daughter,Bharti.. (Bharti felt irked)
Sudha:But who could have done this to my dear Armu and why??He has no rivals at work,does he?Wait..Raj,you and Armu leaked out the scandals at Trends recently,right??
Mayank:Yes Aunty,they did...But I don't think..
Mahi:Aunty,do you really want to stress over who did this to your family?It's not worth it to know for Armu's health is much more important than the one who shot him.
Sudha:Mahi,I want a name. Do you hear me? I don't want to go through a traumatising event again.
Bharti:Mom,this will never happen to him. Ever again. Okay? Just look at me. You know that I mean what I say, right?
Mahi: Aunty, Bharti is right. Gaurav is dead so it will never happen again.
Bharti:Mom,doctor aa chuke hain..Aap dekhle ek baar...
Mahi:Whoa it's a great favour you've bestowed upon all of us,including Sudha aunty..(Bharti understood her sarcasm but remained silent)
Raj:Armaan took a bullet for you but you have no idea what it feels like to risk your life. Today I really do feel that maybe Jiya was right all along in saying that you had always been selfish...This time,you truly became self - centered and stone-hearted.  Today you have lost several friendships at trying to seek redemption.

Just then,Bhaskar,Payal and Jiya had come after hearing the news of Armaan's encounter with Gaurav. Jiya hugged Sudha while Bhaskar and Payal went to Bharti. Bharti saw Sudha leaving to meet the doctor who was operating on Armaan.

Mahi:Pray to God that nothing happens to him warna bath nahin kitne doston ke shraaph lage tumhe.
Mayank:Mahi, I think you should leave right now. (placed his hand over Bharti's shoulder and mildly pulled her towards him)She's my friend and no one dare speak against her.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Latest Sneak Preview: Alert!!

As per reliable sources, we have come to a highly dramatic climax and seen Mahi and Mayank rushing Armaan to the hospital where Sudha and her colleagues will attend to him shortly. However, Bharti hasn't visited him nor has she had a change of mind towards befriending Mayank who, according to her, had held back as a coward instead of finishing unsettled scores with Gaurav.

Furthermore, from an exclusive chat, Bharti shares with us that Armaan hadn't ceased thinking about his love. This time round, he might push her to the ultimatum with his engagement to Shreya.

Fans, what do you think? Is it a relief that Armaan's going to be okay or a disaster in disguise for ArBi fans??Share your comments!!


~Jab Lurve Hua Part 327~

Mahi and Mayank had rushed the gurney which had Armaan's body,with blood that was gradually turning dark red. The paramedics asked both of them to wait outside the intensive care unit. Mahi saw Mayank having sunk onto one of the isolated padded seat and went to him.

Mayank: I had no idea at all. I was supposed to earn my friendship back. This was my bloody chance but what the heck was I doing with you? (Mahi raised an eyebrow at him and took her hand off his knee and stood up)
Mahi: Don't you realise what I was trying to do for you? We were in the same car in search of Bharti but you're just plainly accusing yourself of being...Being with me???
Mayank:Till date, I had suspected Armaan's love for Bharti but now I just don't get why he's purposely punishing himself when Bhaskar has a clear laid out plan for him.
Mahi:What do you mean?
Mayank:Armaan's career graph is exponential..With accommodation and great privileges he shouldn't have any problems in London.
Mahi:I don't think he's in the right mind to even think of London.Or else,why would he even consider risking his life twice for Bharti???Tell me!!!
Mayank:Thank God nothing happened to Bharti..Or else...
Mahi:(interrupted Mayank)OMG!!I don't believe this. You're glad that nothing happened to Bharti when you ought to be worrying about Armaan. I know what you're thinking. You are glad you didn't lose Bharti,like Radhika,right?? If that is so, you better pray to God nothing happens to the guy who took the bullets to his chest and back. (Headed off to the washroom and refreshed herself,rinsing her face multiple times to face the reality of the thoughts of someone whom she was beginning to fancy)

It was raining hard, raindrops splattering on the verandah of Bharti's residence. Flashes of Armaan being shot and falling from her clutch made her wake up abruptly. His words rang in her ears as she rested her head on the recliner. She opened her eyes instantly.

'You understood me so perfectly,Bharti.'

Bharti sat upright and looked around, as if she had heard Armaan's voice. He was nowhere around. She wondered if KK was playing a prank on her but then he would rather come out clean, not disguised as Armaan. After all he didn't have to hide from her at all, after whatever situations he had already put her in.

'Tumhe toh apne badla poori ki. Abhi bhi tumhe mera pyaar ka jazba samajh mein nahin aaya?Mera chodo,tumhe aise kyun laga ki Gaurav mujhe sach much maardega?Meri jaan lena ka haqq maine kisi ko bhi nahin diya...Naa usse naa tumhe,Bharti. Phir bhi tumne aisa na jaane kyun kiya...Kahin aisa toh nahin ki tumhe mujhse... (Bharti clasped shut her eyes and no longer wished to hear anything but ended up crying and shouting)

Jao yaha se...Hamesha,hamesha ke liye.. Jaise main tums door jaa rahi hoon!!!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 326~ Redemption

Ved:Alisha must surely know where Bharti is..She's her close pal at their university and even at different workplaces..Alisha trusted me with quite a lot of issues and thanks to you, Gaurav for speeding up a lot of things
Gaurav:Ved, did Mahi create any scene when she saw you with Alisha??
Ved:Surprisingly no and I wonder why. I mean she's not that same Mahi I had known..Everything is so different about her especially when that idiot Mayank is around her.(Mayank watched Mahi's expressions closely; her lips moved in a similar pattern, as though she was chanting a prayer but he couldn't grasp what she was uttering)
Gaurav:That's good, isn't it? She has no doubts on you. Neither is she creating a scene, begging you to return to her nor creating hurdles or obstructions in our path. In fact, even if anyone were to search my place, I've scattered journal entries of my guilt, of me having the chance to avert Radhika's murder. Anyone would think I am super repentant.
Sid:Nice way of deviating people like Bharti off track..But then why did she thrash you up??
Gaurav:Leave all of that behind.. I can't believe what she did to me. For that, this is the perfect time to retaliate. She will get to know what kind of a wild guy I am. The best way to get back at her is via Armaan and her daughter, Naina but I have no clue where she is these days.
Ved:Dude, she must have kept her somewhere safe.Far away. And must have dealt with you in this harsh manner. But what about Mayank? We've got to do something about him as well.
Sid:He still trusts you, doesn't he??
Gaurav:He's trusted me till now but now I'm unsure. Ever since Trends had shut down and Raj and Armaan had exposed the scandals, things are going down the ruins for him. At this point of time...
Sid:This is the perfect time to approach him and gain his confidence.Perhaps to break him as well as Mahi too.
Ved: I'm listening... (the lift doors opened and the trio left)

Mahi excused herself and took off her shawl. She snapped at a lost Mayank and she hastened him to get out and do something quick.Mayank was shocked to see Gaurav heading up, unsure where exactly. He held Mahi's hand firmly and ran up the stairs, following his instinct and headed to the roof. Mahi was surprised and elated to see Bharti but she was puzzled. How and where did Armaan come from? Why was he on the side of the three murderers? Has he fallen prey to Gaurav's journals?? Is Bharti not seeing him??

KK flashed his smile at Mahi's interesting string of questions and recollected what had happened.

In a state of fury, Armaan had left,dashing to MU but his car almost skidded.He had grown unconscious and at that point of time, KK who had vanished from Bharti's car, approached him as an old sage and healed his wounds. Armaan only grew conscious of his state after reaching Crowne Plaza with a note revealing Bharti's whereabouts and he had rushed upstairs. Lil did he realise he will find many more familiar faces and his dear Bharti with her fully loaded gun.

Bharti:Well Gaurav like I promised, haven't I found you? It's been a really long chase.
Gaurav:Yes but why the chase?
Bharti: 6 long years of endurance and you still don't know the reason?
Gaurav:6? Oh my...If you think I am behind the murder of Radhika, you're mistaken. I would have definitely pondered of and imagined of doing it ages ago but I didn't do it. I could have stopped it..Yes I could have.. (Bharti grew furious. She moved her gun and shot Sid's tibia)Avert..t... (Gaurav froze as he saw the gun elevated towards his direction and became tongue-tied)
Bharti:Yes Gaurav, speak up...What did you think?That this is some kind of foil gun that I'm playing with??If you're gonna speak up any more lies, then all of these cute lil bullets are gonna be encrypted into your head. What?You think you're gonna tell me that you weren't even aware of..No wait..You're gonna tell me what the media told the public??That your ally here, Sid did this?? (Gaurav looked at Sid who was suppressing his tears of pain from the gunshot)
Gaurav:Bharti, you think I did this to your best friend?
Bharti:First, you even think of Radhika's death as a murder. Then you start befriending Mayank years later after managing to follow up on him. Kyun? Sahi keh rahi hoon na? Par ek baat toh hai..Aaj tak yeh samajh mein nahin aaya ki tumne mere peeche padhne mein itna waqt kyun lagaaya..
Gaurav: Tumhe dekhte hi reh gaya..6 saal ke baad tum poori tarha se badal chuki thi..aur shayad mohabbat ho gaya tha..
Bharti:6 saal mein kuch bhi nahin badla, chaho toh Armaan se hi poochlo..Aur tum bhi toh nahin badle toh kaisi mohabbat?
Gaurav:Perhaps you're right. When this guy's love hasn't changed a bit for you despite your ruthlessness, how can I expect to see you changed? But I guess it must be the fire of vengeance within you burning so bright till today, glowing in your face. Cut your act, Bharti or else.. (brought his arm around Armaan's neck, enclosing with his fist in front) I'll have to kill your lover, your "secret friend ".
Bharti:You think I'd waited all these years just for you to blackmail me into stepping away from my vengeance by bringing him to gunpoint?You think he makes a difference to my plans?
Gaurav:Doesn't he?

Armaan looked on, with a splinter of hope that Bharti would speak in his defense. After all these months of separation, incoherent speech amidst the friction, he still longed for Bharti. He wanted her. Badly..

Armaan:Bhart... (before he could complete, Bharti shot Armaan in his bosom)..i...(Gaurav was appalled and turned to Ved who subsequently got shot in the head)
Mahi:Ved!!!! (Bharti turned around and saw Mahi and Mayank, two shocked faces, frozen by her actions)
Gaurav was shocked beyond his comprehension. He tried and tested her and truly, she had surpassed him at every step but not this time. He took his gun and shot in Bharti's direction. Mayank screamed out loud but as Bharti turned, Armaan had held Bharti close to him and bore the bullet in his lower back. Bharti heard him moan in pain while painstakingly uttering her name.

You understood what I wanted to tell you. I wanted you to shoot me for no one else had the right to do it. Only you understood me so well. You were right, Bharti. I should have supported you.

Bharti held Armaan's face but he was growing paler with each second. She shook him hard but he lost his grip and fell in her arms. She suppressed her tears and let him lay his head on her foreleg. Mayank came to her and she told him to take Armaan to the hospital as soon as possible and to call his mum instantly. He sought the help of Mahi and they left instantly.

Gaurav:Tch tch tch...Bohat dard ho rahi hai Bharti?Chahu toh main marham lagaadu? (Bharti shoved his hand aside and stood up,glaring him in the eye)
Bharti:Tumhaare dono saathiyo ke khel khatam ho chuka hai..Tum apne goliyan kahaa lena pasand karoge??
Gaurav:You're just...Ok fine I admit, I killed her but she didn't deserve to ruin my life by jailing me with no proper evidence of any sorts. Radhika had ruined my life Bharti,do you hear me???And I wanted to avenge her. That's all I did. If what I did was wrong, then what the HELL do you think you're doing? Sure I could have averted the whole situation. I had even told Sid to take care of everything but I couldn't forget how happy she was during the Holi when she proposed to Mayank. I couldn't tolerate her laughter, which haunted me and I took the gun from my coat and killed her so effortlessly in the celebration of colours, adorning her the colour of death. And no one ever found out. (Mayank returned and saw Bharti having shot Gaurav in the chest, straight in his heart).

Bharti saw Gaurav's body collapsing onto the hard flooring with a loud thud. Blood oozed out progressively. Bharti kept the gun safely in her jacket and turned around, stunned to see Mayank.

'You finally did it, Bharti.'

'You were supposed to do it but you held back like a coward.'

'You're mistaking me, Bharti. Please give me a chance..'

Bharti walked away without even acknowledging him. She didn't let him finish and simply walked away, with no inches of regret. Except..If only Armaan hadn't come in her way!!

Monday, April 18, 2016

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 325~

Mahi decided to take driving as a means of diverting her attention from Mayank and focusing on the bigger picture instead--listening in on Alisha's conversation.

Ved:I'm sorry jaan but you made the mistake of your life by telling Bharti about us.
Alisha:When did I ever do that? Even if I did, how did you figure??
Ved:Why do you think I know everything about you? Gaurav helps me a great deal..Ever since the incident, Sid, Gaurav and I became great friends.
Alisha:What incident?
Ved:Hah,nice try. But things are over between us babe.
Alisha:You try to make it sound as if I'm desperate to be with you. You called me and now you're making it sound so cool. (hung up and texted Mahi about the whereabouts of the 3 friends who were heading to a hotel they were going to check in,clues provided by Sid as he had interrupted the conversation a lil before Ved resumed his conversation with her)

Mayank:You are confident of your plan?
Mahi:Sure,what the heck..But how come you're not so sure yourself??
Mayank:I just want Bharti to be safe. I've already put her through much ordeal but not anymore.
Mahi:You didn't. She did it herself. For Radhika. It is all for...redemption's sake. I mean Radhika must have meant so much for her, more than you can imagine. It's pretty clear she wouldn't spare the person who dare murder her closest friend. I know I wouldn't.
Mayank: I kept it as a secret. I didn't want her to know who the actual killer was. It was already hard for me to deal with the whole situation but lil did I know that Radhika would leave a diary for her!!
Mahi:I guess I should say serves you right..but you have my empathy.. Bharti has always been an enigma since the day we met her first..Either things should not have crossed in both Armaan's and Bharti's lives or they should have united by now..I mean this is just too much!!!
Mayank:Shall we focus on the road, Mahi??Where are we exactly??
Mahi:Exactly at our destination.. (parked the car)Come...

Mahi and Mayank searched for Alisha. But she was nowhere to be found. Both of them entered the lift and pressed the roof top, crossing their fingers. Both had no idea if they were even in the right direction in the first place.

Mahi:Why have you become quiet all of a sudden?
Mayank:Where's Alisha?
Mahi:(held his wrist and looked at him)I know what I'm doing..Trust me!!
Mayank:Great way to go Mahi.. (the lift had ceased moving)
Mahi:(taunted herself in her mind)Damn it...Why do things always have to go wrong when I'm with Mayank??It just gives him more chances for him not to trust me..
Mayank:Mahi,it's fine..Things don't always pan out..
Mahi:Yeah whatever... (rested on the floor with her head against the wall of the lift)

~Crowne Hotel~

Ved: Alisha, listen..
Ved:Don't think I've called to apologise..
Alisha:Hah..jerk!!(hung up and called Mahi)Mahi,phone uthaao....
Mahi:Mayank,tumhaare mobile mein network aa rahi hain kya?
Mahi:Kyun kya?Alisha ko phone karna hai..Thanks dude!!(called Alisha but in vain)Her line is busy...
Mayank:Take it easy for some time,k? We both can't get panicked for now...
Mahi:Wait...I'm getting some bars..my network is miraculously returning..Let me try Alisha..
Mayank:Hold on...She just sent me a voice mail...Let's hear it!!(Mahi leaned close to Mayank's mobile)"Mayank,Mahi..Where are you two?I'm at Crowne Hotel and I just saw the trio heading to the lift lobby from the rooftop, thanks to the bribe I offered the security guys who let me watch the footage. Give me a call asap". (Mahi saw Mayank looking at her and excused herself and looked away)

Mahi:(fidgeted)Soch kya rahi thi..Usse ab bas door rehna hai!!Par woh teeno agar iss lift ka intezaar kar raha hai toh?? (took off her shawl and covered her head and face,leaving her eyes exposed)

Just then, the lift door opened and Mahi closed her eyes. She was pulled to Mayank's corner by him, covering both of their head with his coat. Mahi opened her eyes and saw Mayank and his coat. However, she felt far more conscious when Mayank was observing her eyes and she kept chanting to herself to not look at him in any way whatsoever and resumed eavesdropping on the conversation between the trio, who thought that Mahi and Mayank were a couple madly in love.

Monday, March 14, 2016

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 324~

Payal:Wait Armaan..What's your intention?
Armaan:Payal, I don't get you..
Payal:Ok, let me clarify. You are getting engaged to Shreya in 2 days..2 days, alrite? Why are you following Bharti..
Armaan:Isn't it clear enough to you that I need closure? That's why I'm following her for the last time before I go to London for my career progression.
Payal:Does Shreya know about this? (Armaan started the car and looked away)Wow, she doesn't!! Fantastic!!Btw, following her gives you closure to what, exactly?? To end your feelings for her?? (Armaan kept mum) You are just making things difficult for me, aren't you??

Sonali tried calling Mahi but to no avail.

'Uff Mahi...where the hell are you??Ab yeh Raj phone kyun kar raha hai?'

Sonali:Raj,Mahi kahaa hai??
Sonali:Arre phone nahin lag rahi iss liye toh pooch rahi hoon yaar..Office mein nahin hai kya??
Raj:Bata nahin..Main Bhaskar ke saath hoon..Baahar!!
Sonali:Baahar?Par..Khayr chodo!!Waise bhi woh uss Mayank ke saath hi hogi..
Raj:Shayad..(honked at Sonali)
Sonali:What the hell...Tum dono iss raaste pe???
Raj:Kyun?Sirf tum Bharti ko dhoondne jaa sakte ho??Hmm???Waise bhi iss bande ko Payal ke bina chain bhi nahin aa raha hai...So yeah..Waise Mahi ka zyaada tension matt le..
Sonali:Nahin yaar..woh bas mujhe bhi toh bohat bura lag rahi hai uss din ke waje se..
Raj:Bura toh tumhe lagni chahiye..Anyways any follow-up on Payal and Armaan?
Sonali:Mere peeche aa jaana..Bas raaste mein hi hai...

Bharti was ready with her loaded gun. She took the keys from Khushi to drive. Bharti started having doubts on the latter since her visit from Armaan's place. Bharti swerved the car to a different route.

Khushi:Where are you going?
Bharti:You tell me...What did you exactly reveal to Armaan??
Khushi:I...Just that he's doing a big mistake by leaving you..
Bharti:Nothing else?
Khushi:Pakka yaar..If you don't trust me, I'll leave right away Bharti..
Bharti:Maybe you should..
Bharti:Haha just look at your face yaar...Of course I trust you!!
Khushi: Don't you ever do this with me again k?

Armaan saw a red signal on the navigation system of his mobile. Payal had set her eyes straight on the road ahead, relieving Armaan of any questions for the time being. He was getting closer to Bharti. Bharti reached a dead point after swerving to the opposite direction further and Armaan almost lost her but he followed her closely. Khushi thought of questioning her but that could only increase Bharti's suspicions.

Bharti halted her car. She invited Khushi for a cup of coffee by the local stall. Khushi excused herself slyly. Khushi messaged Armaan whilst Bharti was greeted by a set of familiar eyes. He sat on the bench, facing in the opposite direction.

Bharti:KK..Is everything ok?
KK:What should I even begin to say?Mahi and Mayank are closer to Gaurav than you think..A lot of people are chasing you by the way..
Bharti:Do you mean Armaan??
KK:Well, him in particular..You know who's involved in that,right?
Bharti:That makes me right all along..
KK:Let's go now..before Khushi catches up!! (KK drove the car and sped before Khushi could catch up after coming out of the loo)

Khushi:Armaan..We've lost her!!She sped off so fast..
Armaan:What????How could that happen??
Khushi:I don't know...Now it's too late!!! (Armaan hung up)

Armaan realized his navigation system had automatically gone haywire. He grew anxious. Armaan saw Payal waving at Bhaskar and Raj and Khushi as well. It was outrageous that things were getting off track. He dropped Payal off and he too sped off,not knowing where to. All he knew was he could not leave Bharti alone.

Armaan kept driving. He just didn't want to stop. He decided he would drive till the distance the car could take him. It was a futile and hopeless try but he trusted his car to help him at this hour. All of a sudden, his navigation started refreshing and it eventually began working, showing him the direction of where Bharti is headed towards.

Friday, February 19, 2016

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 323~

Armaan hurled his phone on his bed, landing into the soft quilt spreads. He dimmed the lights and shut his eyes.

Niharika was quite drunk and Mayank noticed how tipsy she was, yet she managed to get into her room safe. Mayank checked on her and helped cover her. She held his hand as he was about to leave.

Niharika:Raj,you know something? My Mayu is a broken soul indeed. He has lost his love and now he has lost his best friend for good. He is a total nutcase but I want you to promise me something. I know I was rude. Simply because I couldn't imagine Mayu being rude to you and Sonu a few days back. How he shouted at Sonu and you, stating the crazy unbelievable emotion of love in Mahi's eyes for him. I really don't know but if there was an ounce of truth in it, then I want them to be together, at least for my sake. Perhaps my last wishes.... (Mayank saw his sister's eyes closing in as she doze off to a deep sleep)

He was familiar with his sister's emotional blackmailing hence there was no room for doubt.

The next day, Armaan was at his desk in his cabin. Sonali and Pushpak were watching him separately from each other's cabin and cubicle respectively. Armaan was squeezing his stress ball repetitively for some seconds. Soon, he stood up and adjusted his cardigan and drank his cup of coffee. But he sat again after removing his cardigan. He dialled someone on his phone. As soon as he looked up, he noticed Sonali who looked away instantly. Pushpak too followed suit.

Armaan:Hey what's going on?
Payal:Armaan, I'm doing my show..Call me later,k?
Armaan:No, wait. Erm, I know where Gaurav is. Perhaps that's where Bharti is headed too.
Payal:What? But how did you know?
Armaan:My sources...
Payal:Hmm ok I'll call you back.

Armaan hung up and wondered if he did the right thing.

What if she had already known about Bharti? Will she let Bharti know about my call? I need to meet Payal right away before she calls her.

Sonali saw him rushing. Just as she turned, she bumped into Pushpak. She murmured a 'Sorry' and excused herself but he held her uwrist.She looked up. Absent-minded Mahi bumped into Pushpak, pushing them closer. She snorted after hearing an immediate shriek from Sonali. Pushpak instantly let go of her hand and left from there. Jenny informed Mahi that Mayank was waiting for her at the MU reception and she rushed. Sonali wondered who to go after;  Mahi or Armaan.

Sonali saw how Mahi smiled at Mayank and how both of them left in the lift. She now realised there must be some truth in what Mayank shouted at her.

'Agar itna bhi vishwas nahin hai, jaa kar apne dost se pooch. Pooch ki kya woh mujhse pyaar nahin karti; kya uske aankhon mein zara sa bhi ikraar nahin hai?? Tumhaari dost se bas itna kehna ki maine usse kabhi uss nazar se dekha hi nahin'

That's when Mahi entered Sonali's cabin and saw the tension brewing. Sonali,in turn, fumed at her but Mahi simply left without a word and Mayank followed suit.

Sonali went after Armaan instead. She sped as and when needed in her black car and realised he headed to meet Payal. Just as she thought it was a fruitless approach, she saw Payal coming out of her workplace and from there, Armaan headed further. After some time she was starting to feel unsure. She didn't understand why Armaan was heading to Delhi. She kept her phone on loudspeaker while talking to Raj.

Raj:Oye Sonu...Where the hell are you? Aren't you supposed to come with me to meet Amarjeet, Jiya and Bhaskar??
Sonali: I don't know par filhaal main Bhaskar ki biwi ko follow kar rahi hoon..Yeh iss raaste pe kyun jaa raha hai??
Raj:What?Where are you?
Sonali:Ermm...Heading to Delhi..
Raj:Par kyun??
Sonali:Actually i had a choice of either going after Mahi and Mayank or Armaan. Ever since Mayank lashed at me, I thought of the otherwise and...
Raj:You're actually following Armaan and Payal and that too to Delhi??(the call got disconnected)
Bhaskar:Don't you think you and Sonali are a bit too late now??
Raj: Sonali isn't here..And so are Armaan and Payal...
Bhaskar:Pay..What??? (brought him to a corner and Raj narrated as he tried calling Payal)She cut my call, damn it..Why Delhi?
Raj:You think I know?(Bhaskar recalled how Payal had her doubts after Armaan's party)
Bhaskar:Do you have Khushi's number??
Raj:No, why?
Bhaskar:Get it for me quick and give me a call..And see if you can ask Mahi to cover for you..Jiya can cover for me and so will Mahi for you,got it?? (Dashed from there before Raj could say anything)
Raj:Bata nahin yeh sab kuch kahaa pe jaa kar khatam hoga... (called Mahi)

On the other hand,Mahi had switched off her mobile.

Mayank:I need your help,Mahi..
Mahi:Mayank, you are not supposed to be even meeting me..
Mayank:I wanted to apologise..I thought about it and it wasn't right at all..I mean I shouldn't have said anything to Sonali in the first place...
Mahi:Mayank, I hadn't known what those feelings I had was supposed to mean..But I swear I wasn't gonna react on those emotions..I've suffered enough and can't possibly even think of getting serious with anyone at all,especially someone like you!!
Mayank:Now what's that supposed to mean??
Mahi:Mayank,I...(laughed)You're crazy!!Look,there will never ever be anything between us ok??Ok tell me what do you want from me?
Mahi:She last met you and both of you...
Mayank:I know..but I just...don't know what I'm supposed to do now..I've had some informers tell me that..
Mahi:Are they reliable and trustworthy??Please tell me it's not Ash!!
Mayank:You really loathe her,don't you??
Mahi:Not as much as your Trends filled with gossip mongers and political predators..Tell me something..Tumhaare liye Radhika ki khooni ko maaf karna itni aasaan ho gaya hai kya??

Mayank looked at her and smiled.

Mayank:Tumne bhi toh apne pyaar ko bhula kar mujhse pyaar karne lagi..Uska kya?? Humein ab Bharti ko dhoondna chalna chaahiye..Chale Mahi??

Payal asked Armaan to stop the car. She was suspicious of his motives.

Payal:How can you be so sure of Bharti's exact location?
Armaan:Well Khushi informed me indirectly..
Armaan:She's with her right now..Can we carry on?? (Just then, Armaan's mobile rang and he attended to it outside of the car while Payal instantly switched her mobile to activate her location so that Bhaskar can find out without Armaan finding out)

Bhaskar saw an alert on his mobile showing Payal's location. He was relieved. Raj too came with Khushi's number.

Bhaskar thanked him and both of them, together with Mayank and Mahi and Armaan and Payal and Sonali set out in separate paths to find Bharti. To stop her. From her mission.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

As per trusted sources, Jab Lurve Hua will be reaching its highest peak aka climax very very soon. Jassie, as the creative director of JLH has confirmed this by saying, 'In fact, with Khushi's re-entrance into the major plot, everything is going fast paced'.

We are now on the sets of JLH with Khushi who is elated to share further sneaks into the show, 'We will be shooting partly in Delhi and partly in Mumbai. Delhi kyunki wahaa par teeno saathiya maujud honge-Vedant, Sid and Gaurav aur Mumbai jahaa baaki sab honge. In fact, it is nore about Armaan's dilemma if he ought to do this one last favour for Bharti with justice to his love or should he go ahead as planned. Khushi is a source of intervention for Armaan but will she succeed or not, is not under her control. Meanwhile tabs are being kept on Vedant by Alisha and Mahi so this gets more and more interesting. Jassie has a way of creating dramatic twists especially when tackling such challenges involving time shortage. A lot happens so her audience should not miss a scene out of the upcoming episodes'.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 322~ Khushi's Betrayal to Bharti

Armaan saw Niharika mingling with Ishaan and having a drink. He held her hand and walked away,rushing her to the kitchen.

Niharika:Uff kya hua hai tujhe? I was having fun with Ishaan. He's in love with Shreya,by the way..
Armaan: What?Are you sure?? But..
Niharika:Shreya doesn't know..I'm so sure you can relate to that since you had lived that phase for a pretty long time..
Armaan:You don't have to be such a jerk now..You're single now too.Let me not go there..Actually, I...
Niharika:You better not...
Armaan:Fine I won't..I wanted to ask you something. That day, when we both accidentally reached Gaurav's attic, what date did we see in his journals and clippings??

Niharika tried to recollect. She was a bit fazed as Armaan came out explicit with her, pertaining his doubts.

Armaan: I hope he's not..
Niharika:Shoot!! He's staging this entire facade?? I told you, you idiot!!!
Armaan: Sshhhh!! Shut up.. (covered her mouth)Mahi knows something which we don't..There she is,sipping her cocktail with Sonu..I'll tackle her!! (Took his hand away)But not a word to your bro about it,k? (Nihar nodded)

Just as Armaan left, she bumped into Raj, spilling his drink on his brown shirt.

Niharika: Oops...I'm.. (stifled her smile)so not sorry!!(thought to herself) Should have been his face instead..
Raj:Itz ok Nihar, you don't have to apologise..and still be mad at me!! Waise tum dono ke beech kuch hai kya? Agar hai toh bata do, jaldi se Shreya ke jagah par tumhe bithaa sakta hoon chutkiyo mein..
Niharika:Kehna toh aasaan hain na tumhe??
Raj:Kehne par toh tum mujhe majboor kar rahe ho..
Niharika:Oh God, don't go back there dude, itz alwayz a mistake going back and giving into your past..
Raj:Arre,chill..I was just messing around;we have got each other in our past and that's enough.. (winked at her and she smiled) I was meaning to ask..
Raj:Are you ok, health wise? I saw you unconscious a few times when we were..
Niharika: I'm fine,ok? Excuse me...
Raj:Why do I feel that she's still taking pills?? Just have to keep an eye on her..

Sonali:Mahi,Armaan kya keh raha tha?
Mahi:Kuch bhi toh nahin...Where's my drink?
Sonali:Really? Why was he sort of interrogating you about Gaurav?
Raj:Surely itz nothing, Sonu..Mahi won't hide anything from us, even if it's about Gaurav or Bharti for that matter. She knows how hard we are trying to trace Bharti..
Mahi:Guyz..what do you want?
Sonali:The truth about what you..
Mahi:I think I know more than what I should and I believe I can only share that after talking to Mayank..
As far as Bharti is concerned, I have a gut feeling that she is safe on her own. She is a warrior, I would say. She did so much for me. This is very little that I'm doing for her. In fact, she found out that...
Mahi:She and Sanju got to know of someone who was about to trap Alisha for his personal gains. To hurt Bharti. Someone whom I knew.
Sonali:You don't mean..
Mahi:Yes,my ex. Vedant Raiz. The very same abusive guy has come back in my life.
Sonali:Wait...Is there where you had been sneaking out of home every night for the past few days??(Mahi kept quiet)Mahi..he's a b****** and you're letting him in?
Mahi:For now, you just need to know that he's not in my life. In fact, Mayank did me such a big favour that I would have least expected..and I need to speak to him right now so excuse me...

Sudha gestured to Armaan to come forward. Both Shreya and Armaan shared an awkward glance. The guests were tipping Sudha with ideas, which led to Shreya clearing her throat.

I had been waiting for this day my entire life. I mean, every girl would die to marry a guy like Armaan--an almost perfect gentleman who must have turned down so many girls before considering me his life partner.

Bhaskar:What the f..
Payal:Uff..Bharti woh ek ladki hogi jiske liye yeh jaan de dega lekin ab kehne se koi faayda nahin hai...
Raj:(stood beside Armaan)Kya zamana aa gaya hai, kyun?
Armaan:Kya matlab?
Raj:Nahin...Tum par jo yeh kavita sunaa rahi hai aur woh bhi sab ke saamne..Actually kavita ya jhoote taarifo ka baarish??Kuch zyaada nahin hai??
Armaan:Tumse matlab? Arre, jab koi kisi ka taarif kare, toh usse poori imaandaari se luft uthaao..
Raj:Tu toh waqay me badal gaya..
Armaan:(unaware of Raj's words as he felt as if he saw a shadow, and murmured)Bha--rti...
Armaan:Excuse me...
Raj:Arre poori kavita sun te jaana...

Armaan rushed out to the gate. However, there was no one. He was now sure that he was not in his senses. He can't be running behind her anymore. He has tried so hard to prove to himself and others that he has moved ahead of her but something pulled him back yet again. He had to stop doing this to himself or else he'll end up breaking a lot of hearts all at once at his expense.

Mayank and Bhaskar saw him but stood where they were, as he returned.

Just then, all were surprised to see someone so familiar come for the party. It was Khushi. Armaan identified her instantly and welcomed her, inviting her to the buffet table after having introduced Shreya to her.

Khushi:I'm so happy for you that you're moving ahead and doing well... I heard about your engagement and promotion at your office.
Armaan:Ah, that's how you reached here...
Khushi:You look a bit lost..You expecting someone??
Armaan:No, everyone's here..
Armaan:Did you notice anyone passing by at my place today..just moments before you reached here???
Khushi:Armaan,I don't think so..
Khushi:But listen..Whoever you're looking for, she's asked me to tell you something...

Just then, someone came in between them at the buffet table. It was Sudha aunty, asking for her as her mum had called from London.

Khushi: Aunty ek minute..Main Armaan se zara baat karoo??
Sudha:Khushi, Armaan toh yaha poori raat hai lekin tumhaari maa se baat kar, kaafi parishan lag rahi hai..Aa ja!!
Khushi:Excuse me..
Armaan:(murmured) Yeh Maa ko abhi aana tha...Khushi mujhe zaroor Bharti ke baarein mein bataane wali thi...Bharti,tum mujhse bohat dher tak nahin chup sakthi!!!(just then, Jiya dragged him to take some candid photographs with Shreya and his colleagues)

When Khushi came to the buffet table, Armaan was missing. She saw him waving at her and gesturing to her to wait.

Khushi:Damn it!!
Khushi:Can I borrow your mobile..please,please,please?? Just one phone call..
Armaan:Ok relax..take it!!(Khushi excused herself and made a phone call and returned shortly but Armaan had to leave again for photos again and Khushi simply waited)

It was getting late. Khushi was about to go but Armaan held her wrist.

Armaan:Hey rukho...Kahaa pe??Bina bataaye jaa rahe ho?  Aisa thodi na hota hai...
Khushi:Late ho gayi iss liye..
Armaan:Aur jiska message tum mujhe dene waali thi uska kya?
Khushi:Ab bolna kuch bacha nahin hai...Sagaayi ho rahi hai aur tum London jaa rahe ho..Main bas uske kehne par yahaa gayi thi yeh soch kar ki ek aakhri mulaqaat ho jaaye lekin tum toh bohat aage badh chuke dilon ko thodne ke chakkar mein...Saaf saaf zaahir hai ke tum Shreya ke dil ke saath khel rahe ho...Khelte jaaoo..Good night, Armaan..
Armaan:Sagaayi do din mein hai...Usse nyota zaroor de dena...
Khushi:Woh nahin aayegi aur shayad ab koi aakhri mulaqaat bhi nahin hogi!!Do din baad,sab kuch badal jaayegi..
Armaan:Do din baad?Kya matlab.. (heard Jiya and Raj calling for him )
Aa raha hoon..(Khushi went off in an auto)

Armaan bid farewell to the guests,one by one, who had turned to leave after dinner. Bhaskar,Payal,Mayank and Niharika remained with Raj and Jiya.

Jiya:Armaan I'm so happy for you now..Ab tumhari zindagi mein sirf aur sirf Shreya hogi..
Raj:Isse pehle kuch.. (rushed to Jiya)Armaan,dude..I'll drop her home, bohat talli ho gayi hai..(Armaan understood how Raj was trying to stop Jiya from even mentioning Bharti's name and nodded)

Bhaskar was at home thinking of Khushi.

Payal:Kya soch rahe ho jaan?
Bhaskar:Khushi ke baarein mein..
Payal:Kaafi hot lag rahi thi aaj..In fact Shreya ko toh jalan ho rahi thi jab Armaan usse itne attention de raha tha..

Bhaskar:Tumhe nahin lagta ki kuch ghadbad ho raha tha? I mean Khushi ki ek dum se aa jaana party mein...Itne mahine tak kahaa thi koi pata nahin aur ab sahi waqt par yahaa pe maujud...It's just so strange!!

Bharti:You're late..What took you so long??
Khushi:Armaan stopped me..He invited you for his engagement by the way..
Bharti:Ek second..Turn around..
Khushi:Kya kar rahi hoon...
Bharti:Let me just check!! (Examined Khushi who got no inkling of what she was doing)Did you get stung by anything??
Khushi:God,Bharti...Are you doubting people there?Itz Armaan's place, for God's sake.Jeez...
Bharti:I've had enough abruptions but not now.. After 2 days everything will be over!!But..As a word of caution, I want you to know something..
Bharti:I know your past, your history so don't make me use it against you.
Khushi:Armaan was really looking for you at the party btw..Within 2 days, both of your lives will be so different. After that, you'll..
Bharti: Who's to know about life and death? Yahaa toh kambakhat do din ka faasla bardaasht nahin ho raha... (left from her room and Khushi went to the washroom,locking herself)Ouch, this micro chip really hurts bad. This better be good.(recollected how she gradually inserted a chip in Armaan's mobile and how she had made a call to Bharti using his phone) That duffus better find out quick what I'm up to by tomorrow. (Just then Bharti's words provoked her to think about the mission) Bharti is definitely not worried about the mission. But what did she imply?

Armaan kicked his leg in the air. He was alone in his room. He was restless. He couldn't imagine that Bharti wouldn't attend a special event in his life. Of course it was only a pre-engagement party but it still mattered to him. Khushi did attempt to tell him something about Bharti of course but it was left mid-air. He checked his mobile and looked at the recent apps used.

He was surprised. He had not recorded anything so why was there his recorder and voicemail opened. Khushi had used his mobile to make a call.Did she leave some clue, Armaan wondered.

He listened to the voicemail.

'Khushi, whose number is this? Look, I need you to come back asap. Payal and Bhaskar need not know of our plan. And Arm..Just tell him that it's too late for anything now. After 2 days, everything will be over.'

He consequently opened the recorded message.

'Seems like no one here wants a final reunion or farewell between you and Bharti, Armaan. I can't believe I am betraying her trust but I need you to be calm and listen to me. We will be heading to Delhi where Gaurav's ally, Siddharth Mehra is going to be two days from now. Bharti is sure Gaurav will be there to meet him as well as some other guy, Vedant. I'm only telling you this because you are the most romantic and foolish guy I have ever met in my life. She doesn't even take your name fully. What's the meaning of that? She misses you so badly, and perhaps you are her only cure. The only person who can heal her wound and keep her sane from all these insanity clouding her head. I saw your mum keeping your old album comprising of Bharti's and your photos. Sorry but I took a peep and I must say, you guys should grow older together. Forget everything and start fresh. Stop your engagement.Forget all your ties with others. Live your own life in your own terms with her. Your one and true love. I'll try to bring her to talk to you. Armaan I might be wrong but I think she loves you too. Perhaps that's why she's pushing herself from all of her friends and colleagues and she said something about the end of everything after the 2 days. Oops, Bharti's calling. Gotta dash.Bye......'


Friday, January 8, 2016

JLH Sneak Report for Jan 2016

Welcoming the new year 2016, here is a latest report from the team of JLH.

As per the sources, it is revealed that the colleagues of Armaan, Shreya and Sudha are having a beautiful gala time at the pre-engagement party where Shreya doesn't shy from flaunting the guy whom she's about to commit herself to. Though we have seen her agreeing to treat this as a fake relation, we have no idea about the length and depth of her lies, provided the fact that she did have her heart broken by her true friend, Armaan himself. We had a quick chat himself who laughed and discreetly replied, 'Shreya and I share a real fake relation but it is only known between me and Raj, not Jiya or the rest but frankly speaking, you will get to see how my other colleagues are loathing the scene through moments of silence..haha'.

There is an amazing twist towards the end of this episode which Armaan further revealed,

'Well, it was actually great fun to have seen and had scenes with Khushi after a long time. Be assured, she came here to stay till the end of JLH. A truly shocking sequence awaits me, Khushi and Bharti. If you follow us and the episode, you will get a clue about Bharti's mission and my engagement. Jassie has called for shoots. Will talk soon, for now.. itz lots of luv from Armaan and the entire JLH team!!'

How very sweet of Armaan to address us. Let's countdown to this episode and share feedback for great episodes.