Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Sunday, January 24, 2016

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 322~ Khushi's Betrayal to Bharti

Armaan saw Niharika mingling with Ishaan and having a drink. He held her hand and walked away,rushing her to the kitchen.

Niharika:Uff kya hua hai tujhe? I was having fun with Ishaan. He's in love with Shreya,by the way..
Armaan: What?Are you sure?? But..
Niharika:Shreya doesn't know..I'm so sure you can relate to that since you had lived that phase for a pretty long time..
Armaan:You don't have to be such a jerk now..You're single now too.Let me not go there..Actually, I...
Niharika:You better not...
Armaan:Fine I won't..I wanted to ask you something. That day, when we both accidentally reached Gaurav's attic, what date did we see in his journals and clippings??

Niharika tried to recollect. She was a bit fazed as Armaan came out explicit with her, pertaining his doubts.

Armaan: I hope he's not..
Niharika:Shoot!! He's staging this entire facade?? I told you, you idiot!!!
Armaan: Sshhhh!! Shut up.. (covered her mouth)Mahi knows something which we don't..There she is,sipping her cocktail with Sonu..I'll tackle her!! (Took his hand away)But not a word to your bro about it,k? (Nihar nodded)

Just as Armaan left, she bumped into Raj, spilling his drink on his brown shirt.

Niharika: Oops...I'm.. (stifled her smile)so not sorry!!(thought to herself) Should have been his face instead..
Raj:Itz ok Nihar, you don't have to apologise..and still be mad at me!! Waise tum dono ke beech kuch hai kya? Agar hai toh bata do, jaldi se Shreya ke jagah par tumhe bithaa sakta hoon chutkiyo mein..
Niharika:Kehna toh aasaan hain na tumhe??
Raj:Kehne par toh tum mujhe majboor kar rahe ho..
Niharika:Oh God, don't go back there dude, itz alwayz a mistake going back and giving into your past..
Raj:Arre,chill..I was just messing around;we have got each other in our past and that's enough.. (winked at her and she smiled) I was meaning to ask..
Raj:Are you ok, health wise? I saw you unconscious a few times when we were..
Niharika: I'm fine,ok? Excuse me...
Raj:Why do I feel that she's still taking pills?? Just have to keep an eye on her..

Sonali:Mahi,Armaan kya keh raha tha?
Mahi:Kuch bhi toh nahin...Where's my drink?
Sonali:Really? Why was he sort of interrogating you about Gaurav?
Raj:Surely itz nothing, Sonu..Mahi won't hide anything from us, even if it's about Gaurav or Bharti for that matter. She knows how hard we are trying to trace Bharti..
Mahi:Guyz..what do you want?
Sonali:The truth about what you..
Mahi:I think I know more than what I should and I believe I can only share that after talking to Mayank..
As far as Bharti is concerned, I have a gut feeling that she is safe on her own. She is a warrior, I would say. She did so much for me. This is very little that I'm doing for her. In fact, she found out that...
Mahi:She and Sanju got to know of someone who was about to trap Alisha for his personal gains. To hurt Bharti. Someone whom I knew.
Sonali:You don't mean..
Mahi:Yes,my ex. Vedant Raiz. The very same abusive guy has come back in my life.
Sonali:Wait...Is there where you had been sneaking out of home every night for the past few days??(Mahi kept quiet)Mahi..he's a b****** and you're letting him in?
Mahi:For now, you just need to know that he's not in my life. In fact, Mayank did me such a big favour that I would have least expected..and I need to speak to him right now so excuse me...

Sudha gestured to Armaan to come forward. Both Shreya and Armaan shared an awkward glance. The guests were tipping Sudha with ideas, which led to Shreya clearing her throat.

I had been waiting for this day my entire life. I mean, every girl would die to marry a guy like Armaan--an almost perfect gentleman who must have turned down so many girls before considering me his life partner.

Bhaskar:What the f..
Payal:Uff..Bharti woh ek ladki hogi jiske liye yeh jaan de dega lekin ab kehne se koi faayda nahin hai...
Raj:(stood beside Armaan)Kya zamana aa gaya hai, kyun?
Armaan:Kya matlab?
Raj:Nahin...Tum par jo yeh kavita sunaa rahi hai aur woh bhi sab ke saamne..Actually kavita ya jhoote taarifo ka baarish??Kuch zyaada nahin hai??
Armaan:Tumse matlab? Arre, jab koi kisi ka taarif kare, toh usse poori imaandaari se luft uthaao..
Raj:Tu toh waqay me badal gaya..
Armaan:(unaware of Raj's words as he felt as if he saw a shadow, and murmured)Bha--rti...
Armaan:Excuse me...
Raj:Arre poori kavita sun te jaana...

Armaan rushed out to the gate. However, there was no one. He was now sure that he was not in his senses. He can't be running behind her anymore. He has tried so hard to prove to himself and others that he has moved ahead of her but something pulled him back yet again. He had to stop doing this to himself or else he'll end up breaking a lot of hearts all at once at his expense.

Mayank and Bhaskar saw him but stood where they were, as he returned.

Just then, all were surprised to see someone so familiar come for the party. It was Khushi. Armaan identified her instantly and welcomed her, inviting her to the buffet table after having introduced Shreya to her.

Khushi:I'm so happy for you that you're moving ahead and doing well... I heard about your engagement and promotion at your office.
Armaan:Ah, that's how you reached here...
Khushi:You look a bit lost..You expecting someone??
Armaan:No, everyone's here..
Armaan:Did you notice anyone passing by at my place today..just moments before you reached here???
Khushi:Armaan,I don't think so..
Khushi:But listen..Whoever you're looking for, she's asked me to tell you something...

Just then, someone came in between them at the buffet table. It was Sudha aunty, asking for her as her mum had called from London.

Khushi: Aunty ek minute..Main Armaan se zara baat karoo??
Sudha:Khushi, Armaan toh yaha poori raat hai lekin tumhaari maa se baat kar, kaafi parishan lag rahi hai..Aa ja!!
Khushi:Excuse me..
Armaan:(murmured) Yeh Maa ko abhi aana tha...Khushi mujhe zaroor Bharti ke baarein mein bataane wali thi...Bharti,tum mujhse bohat dher tak nahin chup sakthi!!!(just then, Jiya dragged him to take some candid photographs with Shreya and his colleagues)

When Khushi came to the buffet table, Armaan was missing. She saw him waving at her and gesturing to her to wait.

Khushi:Damn it!!
Khushi:Can I borrow your mobile..please,please,please?? Just one phone call..
Armaan:Ok relax..take it!!(Khushi excused herself and made a phone call and returned shortly but Armaan had to leave again for photos again and Khushi simply waited)

It was getting late. Khushi was about to go but Armaan held her wrist.

Armaan:Hey rukho...Kahaa pe??Bina bataaye jaa rahe ho?  Aisa thodi na hota hai...
Khushi:Late ho gayi iss liye..
Armaan:Aur jiska message tum mujhe dene waali thi uska kya?
Khushi:Ab bolna kuch bacha nahin hai...Sagaayi ho rahi hai aur tum London jaa rahe ho..Main bas uske kehne par yahaa gayi thi yeh soch kar ki ek aakhri mulaqaat ho jaaye lekin tum toh bohat aage badh chuke dilon ko thodne ke chakkar mein...Saaf saaf zaahir hai ke tum Shreya ke dil ke saath khel rahe ho...Khelte jaaoo..Good night, Armaan..
Armaan:Sagaayi do din mein hai...Usse nyota zaroor de dena...
Khushi:Woh nahin aayegi aur shayad ab koi aakhri mulaqaat bhi nahin hogi!!Do din baad,sab kuch badal jaayegi..
Armaan:Do din baad?Kya matlab.. (heard Jiya and Raj calling for him )
Aa raha hoon..(Khushi went off in an auto)

Armaan bid farewell to the guests,one by one, who had turned to leave after dinner. Bhaskar,Payal,Mayank and Niharika remained with Raj and Jiya.

Jiya:Armaan I'm so happy for you now..Ab tumhari zindagi mein sirf aur sirf Shreya hogi..
Raj:Isse pehle kuch.. (rushed to Jiya)Armaan,dude..I'll drop her home, bohat talli ho gayi hai..(Armaan understood how Raj was trying to stop Jiya from even mentioning Bharti's name and nodded)

Bhaskar was at home thinking of Khushi.

Payal:Kya soch rahe ho jaan?
Bhaskar:Khushi ke baarein mein..
Payal:Kaafi hot lag rahi thi aaj..In fact Shreya ko toh jalan ho rahi thi jab Armaan usse itne attention de raha tha..

Bhaskar:Tumhe nahin lagta ki kuch ghadbad ho raha tha? I mean Khushi ki ek dum se aa jaana party mein...Itne mahine tak kahaa thi koi pata nahin aur ab sahi waqt par yahaa pe maujud...It's just so strange!!

Bharti:You're late..What took you so long??
Khushi:Armaan stopped me..He invited you for his engagement by the way..
Bharti:Ek second..Turn around..
Khushi:Kya kar rahi hoon...
Bharti:Let me just check!! (Examined Khushi who got no inkling of what she was doing)Did you get stung by anything??
Khushi:God,Bharti...Are you doubting people there?Itz Armaan's place, for God's sake.Jeez...
Bharti:I've had enough abruptions but not now.. After 2 days everything will be over!!But..As a word of caution, I want you to know something..
Bharti:I know your past, your history so don't make me use it against you.
Khushi:Armaan was really looking for you at the party btw..Within 2 days, both of your lives will be so different. After that, you'll..
Bharti: Who's to know about life and death? Yahaa toh kambakhat do din ka faasla bardaasht nahin ho raha... (left from her room and Khushi went to the washroom,locking herself)Ouch, this micro chip really hurts bad. This better be good.(recollected how she gradually inserted a chip in Armaan's mobile and how she had made a call to Bharti using his phone) That duffus better find out quick what I'm up to by tomorrow. (Just then Bharti's words provoked her to think about the mission) Bharti is definitely not worried about the mission. But what did she imply?

Armaan kicked his leg in the air. He was alone in his room. He was restless. He couldn't imagine that Bharti wouldn't attend a special event in his life. Of course it was only a pre-engagement party but it still mattered to him. Khushi did attempt to tell him something about Bharti of course but it was left mid-air. He checked his mobile and looked at the recent apps used.

He was surprised. He had not recorded anything so why was there his recorder and voicemail opened. Khushi had used his mobile to make a call.Did she leave some clue, Armaan wondered.

He listened to the voicemail.

'Khushi, whose number is this? Look, I need you to come back asap. Payal and Bhaskar need not know of our plan. And Arm..Just tell him that it's too late for anything now. After 2 days, everything will be over.'

He consequently opened the recorded message.

'Seems like no one here wants a final reunion or farewell between you and Bharti, Armaan. I can't believe I am betraying her trust but I need you to be calm and listen to me. We will be heading to Delhi where Gaurav's ally, Siddharth Mehra is going to be two days from now. Bharti is sure Gaurav will be there to meet him as well as some other guy, Vedant. I'm only telling you this because you are the most romantic and foolish guy I have ever met in my life. She doesn't even take your name fully. What's the meaning of that? She misses you so badly, and perhaps you are her only cure. The only person who can heal her wound and keep her sane from all these insanity clouding her head. I saw your mum keeping your old album comprising of Bharti's and your photos. Sorry but I took a peep and I must say, you guys should grow older together. Forget everything and start fresh. Stop your engagement.Forget all your ties with others. Live your own life in your own terms with her. Your one and true love. I'll try to bring her to talk to you. Armaan I might be wrong but I think she loves you too. Perhaps that's why she's pushing herself from all of her friends and colleagues and she said something about the end of everything after the 2 days. Oops, Bharti's calling. Gotta dash.Bye......'


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