Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Friday, January 8, 2016

JLH Sneak Report for Jan 2016

Welcoming the new year 2016, here is a latest report from the team of JLH.

As per the sources, it is revealed that the colleagues of Armaan, Shreya and Sudha are having a beautiful gala time at the pre-engagement party where Shreya doesn't shy from flaunting the guy whom she's about to commit herself to. Though we have seen her agreeing to treat this as a fake relation, we have no idea about the length and depth of her lies, provided the fact that she did have her heart broken by her true friend, Armaan himself. We had a quick chat himself who laughed and discreetly replied, 'Shreya and I share a real fake relation but it is only known between me and Raj, not Jiya or the rest but frankly speaking, you will get to see how my other colleagues are loathing the scene through moments of silence..haha'.

There is an amazing twist towards the end of this episode which Armaan further revealed,

'Well, it was actually great fun to have seen and had scenes with Khushi after a long time. Be assured, she came here to stay till the end of JLH. A truly shocking sequence awaits me, Khushi and Bharti. If you follow us and the episode, you will get a clue about Bharti's mission and my engagement. Jassie has called for shoots. Will talk soon, for now.. itz lots of luv from Armaan and the entire JLH team!!'

How very sweet of Armaan to address us. Let's countdown to this episode and share feedback for great episodes.


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