Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Friday, February 19, 2016

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 323~

Armaan hurled his phone on his bed, landing into the soft quilt spreads. He dimmed the lights and shut his eyes.

Niharika was quite drunk and Mayank noticed how tipsy she was, yet she managed to get into her room safe. Mayank checked on her and helped cover her. She held his hand as he was about to leave.

Niharika:Raj,you know something? My Mayu is a broken soul indeed. He has lost his love and now he has lost his best friend for good. He is a total nutcase but I want you to promise me something. I know I was rude. Simply because I couldn't imagine Mayu being rude to you and Sonu a few days back. How he shouted at Sonu and you, stating the crazy unbelievable emotion of love in Mahi's eyes for him. I really don't know but if there was an ounce of truth in it, then I want them to be together, at least for my sake. Perhaps my last wishes.... (Mayank saw his sister's eyes closing in as she doze off to a deep sleep)

He was familiar with his sister's emotional blackmailing hence there was no room for doubt.

The next day, Armaan was at his desk in his cabin. Sonali and Pushpak were watching him separately from each other's cabin and cubicle respectively. Armaan was squeezing his stress ball repetitively for some seconds. Soon, he stood up and adjusted his cardigan and drank his cup of coffee. But he sat again after removing his cardigan. He dialled someone on his phone. As soon as he looked up, he noticed Sonali who looked away instantly. Pushpak too followed suit.

Armaan:Hey what's going on?
Payal:Armaan, I'm doing my show..Call me later,k?
Armaan:No, wait. Erm, I know where Gaurav is. Perhaps that's where Bharti is headed too.
Payal:What? But how did you know?
Armaan:My sources...
Payal:Hmm ok I'll call you back.

Armaan hung up and wondered if he did the right thing.

What if she had already known about Bharti? Will she let Bharti know about my call? I need to meet Payal right away before she calls her.

Sonali saw him rushing. Just as she turned, she bumped into Pushpak. She murmured a 'Sorry' and excused herself but he held her uwrist.She looked up. Absent-minded Mahi bumped into Pushpak, pushing them closer. She snorted after hearing an immediate shriek from Sonali. Pushpak instantly let go of her hand and left from there. Jenny informed Mahi that Mayank was waiting for her at the MU reception and she rushed. Sonali wondered who to go after;  Mahi or Armaan.

Sonali saw how Mahi smiled at Mayank and how both of them left in the lift. She now realised there must be some truth in what Mayank shouted at her.

'Agar itna bhi vishwas nahin hai, jaa kar apne dost se pooch. Pooch ki kya woh mujhse pyaar nahin karti; kya uske aankhon mein zara sa bhi ikraar nahin hai?? Tumhaari dost se bas itna kehna ki maine usse kabhi uss nazar se dekha hi nahin'

That's when Mahi entered Sonali's cabin and saw the tension brewing. Sonali,in turn, fumed at her but Mahi simply left without a word and Mayank followed suit.

Sonali went after Armaan instead. She sped as and when needed in her black car and realised he headed to meet Payal. Just as she thought it was a fruitless approach, she saw Payal coming out of her workplace and from there, Armaan headed further. After some time she was starting to feel unsure. She didn't understand why Armaan was heading to Delhi. She kept her phone on loudspeaker while talking to Raj.

Raj:Oye Sonu...Where the hell are you? Aren't you supposed to come with me to meet Amarjeet, Jiya and Bhaskar??
Sonali: I don't know par filhaal main Bhaskar ki biwi ko follow kar rahi hoon..Yeh iss raaste pe kyun jaa raha hai??
Raj:What?Where are you?
Sonali:Ermm...Heading to Delhi..
Raj:Par kyun??
Sonali:Actually i had a choice of either going after Mahi and Mayank or Armaan. Ever since Mayank lashed at me, I thought of the otherwise and...
Raj:You're actually following Armaan and Payal and that too to Delhi??(the call got disconnected)
Bhaskar:Don't you think you and Sonali are a bit too late now??
Raj: Sonali isn't here..And so are Armaan and Payal...
Bhaskar:Pay..What??? (brought him to a corner and Raj narrated as he tried calling Payal)She cut my call, damn it..Why Delhi?
Raj:You think I know?(Bhaskar recalled how Payal had her doubts after Armaan's party)
Bhaskar:Do you have Khushi's number??
Raj:No, why?
Bhaskar:Get it for me quick and give me a call..And see if you can ask Mahi to cover for you..Jiya can cover for me and so will Mahi for you,got it?? (Dashed from there before Raj could say anything)
Raj:Bata nahin yeh sab kuch kahaa pe jaa kar khatam hoga... (called Mahi)

On the other hand,Mahi had switched off her mobile.

Mayank:I need your help,Mahi..
Mahi:Mayank, you are not supposed to be even meeting me..
Mayank:I wanted to apologise..I thought about it and it wasn't right at all..I mean I shouldn't have said anything to Sonali in the first place...
Mahi:Mayank, I hadn't known what those feelings I had was supposed to mean..But I swear I wasn't gonna react on those emotions..I've suffered enough and can't possibly even think of getting serious with anyone at all,especially someone like you!!
Mayank:Now what's that supposed to mean??
Mahi:Mayank,I...(laughed)You're crazy!!Look,there will never ever be anything between us ok??Ok tell me what do you want from me?
Mahi:She last met you and both of you...
Mayank:I know..but I just...don't know what I'm supposed to do now..I've had some informers tell me that..
Mahi:Are they reliable and trustworthy??Please tell me it's not Ash!!
Mayank:You really loathe her,don't you??
Mahi:Not as much as your Trends filled with gossip mongers and political predators..Tell me something..Tumhaare liye Radhika ki khooni ko maaf karna itni aasaan ho gaya hai kya??

Mayank looked at her and smiled.

Mayank:Tumne bhi toh apne pyaar ko bhula kar mujhse pyaar karne lagi..Uska kya?? Humein ab Bharti ko dhoondna chalna chaahiye..Chale Mahi??

Payal asked Armaan to stop the car. She was suspicious of his motives.

Payal:How can you be so sure of Bharti's exact location?
Armaan:Well Khushi informed me indirectly..
Armaan:She's with her right now..Can we carry on?? (Just then, Armaan's mobile rang and he attended to it outside of the car while Payal instantly switched her mobile to activate her location so that Bhaskar can find out without Armaan finding out)

Bhaskar saw an alert on his mobile showing Payal's location. He was relieved. Raj too came with Khushi's number.

Bhaskar thanked him and both of them, together with Mayank and Mahi and Armaan and Payal and Sonali set out in separate paths to find Bharti. To stop her. From her mission.

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