Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Monday, March 14, 2016

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 324~

Payal:Wait Armaan..What's your intention?
Armaan:Payal, I don't get you..
Payal:Ok, let me clarify. You are getting engaged to Shreya in 2 days..2 days, alrite? Why are you following Bharti..
Armaan:Isn't it clear enough to you that I need closure? That's why I'm following her for the last time before I go to London for my career progression.
Payal:Does Shreya know about this? (Armaan started the car and looked away)Wow, she doesn't!! Fantastic!!Btw, following her gives you closure to what, exactly?? To end your feelings for her?? (Armaan kept mum) You are just making things difficult for me, aren't you??

Sonali tried calling Mahi but to no avail.

'Uff Mahi...where the hell are you??Ab yeh Raj phone kyun kar raha hai?'

Sonali:Raj,Mahi kahaa hai??
Sonali:Arre phone nahin lag rahi iss liye toh pooch rahi hoon yaar..Office mein nahin hai kya??
Raj:Bata nahin..Main Bhaskar ke saath hoon..Baahar!!
Sonali:Baahar?Par..Khayr chodo!!Waise bhi woh uss Mayank ke saath hi hogi..
Raj:Shayad..(honked at Sonali)
Sonali:What the hell...Tum dono iss raaste pe???
Raj:Kyun?Sirf tum Bharti ko dhoondne jaa sakte ho??Hmm???Waise bhi iss bande ko Payal ke bina chain bhi nahin aa raha hai...So yeah..Waise Mahi ka zyaada tension matt le..
Sonali:Nahin yaar..woh bas mujhe bhi toh bohat bura lag rahi hai uss din ke waje se..
Raj:Bura toh tumhe lagni chahiye..Anyways any follow-up on Payal and Armaan?
Sonali:Mere peeche aa jaana..Bas raaste mein hi hai...

Bharti was ready with her loaded gun. She took the keys from Khushi to drive. Bharti started having doubts on the latter since her visit from Armaan's place. Bharti swerved the car to a different route.

Khushi:Where are you going?
Bharti:You tell me...What did you exactly reveal to Armaan??
Khushi:I...Just that he's doing a big mistake by leaving you..
Bharti:Nothing else?
Khushi:Pakka yaar..If you don't trust me, I'll leave right away Bharti..
Bharti:Maybe you should..
Bharti:Haha just look at your face yaar...Of course I trust you!!
Khushi: Don't you ever do this with me again k?

Armaan saw a red signal on the navigation system of his mobile. Payal had set her eyes straight on the road ahead, relieving Armaan of any questions for the time being. He was getting closer to Bharti. Bharti reached a dead point after swerving to the opposite direction further and Armaan almost lost her but he followed her closely. Khushi thought of questioning her but that could only increase Bharti's suspicions.

Bharti halted her car. She invited Khushi for a cup of coffee by the local stall. Khushi excused herself slyly. Khushi messaged Armaan whilst Bharti was greeted by a set of familiar eyes. He sat on the bench, facing in the opposite direction.

Bharti:KK..Is everything ok?
KK:What should I even begin to say?Mahi and Mayank are closer to Gaurav than you think..A lot of people are chasing you by the way..
Bharti:Do you mean Armaan??
KK:Well, him in particular..You know who's involved in that,right?
Bharti:That makes me right all along..
KK:Let's go now..before Khushi catches up!! (KK drove the car and sped before Khushi could catch up after coming out of the loo)

Khushi:Armaan..We've lost her!!She sped off so fast..
Armaan:What????How could that happen??
Khushi:I don't know...Now it's too late!!! (Armaan hung up)

Armaan realized his navigation system had automatically gone haywire. He grew anxious. Armaan saw Payal waving at Bhaskar and Raj and Khushi as well. It was outrageous that things were getting off track. He dropped Payal off and he too sped off,not knowing where to. All he knew was he could not leave Bharti alone.

Armaan kept driving. He just didn't want to stop. He decided he would drive till the distance the car could take him. It was a futile and hopeless try but he trusted his car to help him at this hour. All of a sudden, his navigation started refreshing and it eventually began working, showing him the direction of where Bharti is headed towards.

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