Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Monday, April 18, 2016

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 325~

Mahi decided to take driving as a means of diverting her attention from Mayank and focusing on the bigger picture instead--listening in on Alisha's conversation.

Ved:I'm sorry jaan but you made the mistake of your life by telling Bharti about us.
Alisha:When did I ever do that? Even if I did, how did you figure??
Ved:Why do you think I know everything about you? Gaurav helps me a great deal..Ever since the incident, Sid, Gaurav and I became great friends.
Alisha:What incident?
Ved:Hah,nice try. But things are over between us babe.
Alisha:You try to make it sound as if I'm desperate to be with you. You called me and now you're making it sound so cool. (hung up and texted Mahi about the whereabouts of the 3 friends who were heading to a hotel they were going to check in,clues provided by Sid as he had interrupted the conversation a lil before Ved resumed his conversation with her)

Mayank:You are confident of your plan?
Mahi:Sure,what the heck..But how come you're not so sure yourself??
Mayank:I just want Bharti to be safe. I've already put her through much ordeal but not anymore.
Mahi:You didn't. She did it herself. For Radhika. It is all for...redemption's sake. I mean Radhika must have meant so much for her, more than you can imagine. It's pretty clear she wouldn't spare the person who dare murder her closest friend. I know I wouldn't.
Mayank: I kept it as a secret. I didn't want her to know who the actual killer was. It was already hard for me to deal with the whole situation but lil did I know that Radhika would leave a diary for her!!
Mahi:I guess I should say serves you right..but you have my empathy.. Bharti has always been an enigma since the day we met her first..Either things should not have crossed in both Armaan's and Bharti's lives or they should have united by now..I mean this is just too much!!!
Mayank:Shall we focus on the road, Mahi??Where are we exactly??
Mahi:Exactly at our destination.. (parked the car)Come...

Mahi and Mayank searched for Alisha. But she was nowhere to be found. Both of them entered the lift and pressed the roof top, crossing their fingers. Both had no idea if they were even in the right direction in the first place.

Mahi:Why have you become quiet all of a sudden?
Mayank:Where's Alisha?
Mahi:(held his wrist and looked at him)I know what I'm doing..Trust me!!
Mayank:Great way to go Mahi.. (the lift had ceased moving)
Mahi:(taunted herself in her mind)Damn it...Why do things always have to go wrong when I'm with Mayank??It just gives him more chances for him not to trust me..
Mayank:Mahi,it's fine..Things don't always pan out..
Mahi:Yeah whatever... (rested on the floor with her head against the wall of the lift)

~Crowne Hotel~

Ved: Alisha, listen..
Ved:Don't think I've called to apologise..
Alisha:Hah..jerk!!(hung up and called Mahi)Mahi,phone uthaao....
Mahi:Mayank,tumhaare mobile mein network aa rahi hain kya?
Mahi:Kyun kya?Alisha ko phone karna hai..Thanks dude!!(called Alisha but in vain)Her line is busy...
Mayank:Take it easy for some time,k? We both can't get panicked for now...
Mahi:Wait...I'm getting some bars..my network is miraculously returning..Let me try Alisha..
Mayank:Hold on...She just sent me a voice mail...Let's hear it!!(Mahi leaned close to Mayank's mobile)"Mayank,Mahi..Where are you two?I'm at Crowne Hotel and I just saw the trio heading to the lift lobby from the rooftop, thanks to the bribe I offered the security guys who let me watch the footage. Give me a call asap". (Mahi saw Mayank looking at her and excused herself and looked away)

Mahi:(fidgeted)Soch kya rahi thi..Usse ab bas door rehna hai!!Par woh teeno agar iss lift ka intezaar kar raha hai toh?? (took off her shawl and covered her head and face,leaving her eyes exposed)

Just then, the lift door opened and Mahi closed her eyes. She was pulled to Mayank's corner by him, covering both of their head with his coat. Mahi opened her eyes and saw Mayank and his coat. However, she felt far more conscious when Mayank was observing her eyes and she kept chanting to herself to not look at him in any way whatsoever and resumed eavesdropping on the conversation between the trio, who thought that Mahi and Mayank were a couple madly in love.

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