Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Saturday, May 28, 2016

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 326~ Redemption

Ved:Alisha must surely know where Bharti is..She's her close pal at their university and even at different workplaces..Alisha trusted me with quite a lot of issues and thanks to you, Gaurav for speeding up a lot of things
Gaurav:Ved, did Mahi create any scene when she saw you with Alisha??
Ved:Surprisingly no and I wonder why. I mean she's not that same Mahi I had known..Everything is so different about her especially when that idiot Mayank is around her.(Mayank watched Mahi's expressions closely; her lips moved in a similar pattern, as though she was chanting a prayer but he couldn't grasp what she was uttering)
Gaurav:That's good, isn't it? She has no doubts on you. Neither is she creating a scene, begging you to return to her nor creating hurdles or obstructions in our path. In fact, even if anyone were to search my place, I've scattered journal entries of my guilt, of me having the chance to avert Radhika's murder. Anyone would think I am super repentant.
Sid:Nice way of deviating people like Bharti off track..But then why did she thrash you up??
Gaurav:Leave all of that behind.. I can't believe what she did to me. For that, this is the perfect time to retaliate. She will get to know what kind of a wild guy I am. The best way to get back at her is via Armaan and her daughter, Naina but I have no clue where she is these days.
Ved:Dude, she must have kept her somewhere safe.Far away. And must have dealt with you in this harsh manner. But what about Mayank? We've got to do something about him as well.
Sid:He still trusts you, doesn't he??
Gaurav:He's trusted me till now but now I'm unsure. Ever since Trends had shut down and Raj and Armaan had exposed the scandals, things are going down the ruins for him. At this point of time...
Sid:This is the perfect time to approach him and gain his confidence.Perhaps to break him as well as Mahi too.
Ved: I'm listening... (the lift doors opened and the trio left)

Mahi excused herself and took off her shawl. She snapped at a lost Mayank and she hastened him to get out and do something quick.Mayank was shocked to see Gaurav heading up, unsure where exactly. He held Mahi's hand firmly and ran up the stairs, following his instinct and headed to the roof. Mahi was surprised and elated to see Bharti but she was puzzled. How and where did Armaan come from? Why was he on the side of the three murderers? Has he fallen prey to Gaurav's journals?? Is Bharti not seeing him??

KK flashed his smile at Mahi's interesting string of questions and recollected what had happened.

In a state of fury, Armaan had left,dashing to MU but his car almost skidded.He had grown unconscious and at that point of time, KK who had vanished from Bharti's car, approached him as an old sage and healed his wounds. Armaan only grew conscious of his state after reaching Crowne Plaza with a note revealing Bharti's whereabouts and he had rushed upstairs. Lil did he realise he will find many more familiar faces and his dear Bharti with her fully loaded gun.

Bharti:Well Gaurav like I promised, haven't I found you? It's been a really long chase.
Gaurav:Yes but why the chase?
Bharti: 6 long years of endurance and you still don't know the reason?
Gaurav:6? Oh my...If you think I am behind the murder of Radhika, you're mistaken. I would have definitely pondered of and imagined of doing it ages ago but I didn't do it. I could have stopped it..Yes I could have.. (Bharti grew furious. She moved her gun and shot Sid's tibia)Avert..t... (Gaurav froze as he saw the gun elevated towards his direction and became tongue-tied)
Bharti:Yes Gaurav, speak up...What did you think?That this is some kind of foil gun that I'm playing with??If you're gonna speak up any more lies, then all of these cute lil bullets are gonna be encrypted into your head. What?You think you're gonna tell me that you weren't even aware of..No wait..You're gonna tell me what the media told the public??That your ally here, Sid did this?? (Gaurav looked at Sid who was suppressing his tears of pain from the gunshot)
Gaurav:Bharti, you think I did this to your best friend?
Bharti:First, you even think of Radhika's death as a murder. Then you start befriending Mayank years later after managing to follow up on him. Kyun? Sahi keh rahi hoon na? Par ek baat toh hai..Aaj tak yeh samajh mein nahin aaya ki tumne mere peeche padhne mein itna waqt kyun lagaaya..
Gaurav: Tumhe dekhte hi reh gaya..6 saal ke baad tum poori tarha se badal chuki thi..aur shayad mohabbat ho gaya tha..
Bharti:6 saal mein kuch bhi nahin badla, chaho toh Armaan se hi poochlo..Aur tum bhi toh nahin badle toh kaisi mohabbat?
Gaurav:Perhaps you're right. When this guy's love hasn't changed a bit for you despite your ruthlessness, how can I expect to see you changed? But I guess it must be the fire of vengeance within you burning so bright till today, glowing in your face. Cut your act, Bharti or else.. (brought his arm around Armaan's neck, enclosing with his fist in front) I'll have to kill your lover, your "secret friend ".
Bharti:You think I'd waited all these years just for you to blackmail me into stepping away from my vengeance by bringing him to gunpoint?You think he makes a difference to my plans?
Gaurav:Doesn't he?

Armaan looked on, with a splinter of hope that Bharti would speak in his defense. After all these months of separation, incoherent speech amidst the friction, he still longed for Bharti. He wanted her. Badly..

Armaan:Bhart... (before he could complete, Bharti shot Armaan in his bosom)..i...(Gaurav was appalled and turned to Ved who subsequently got shot in the head)
Mahi:Ved!!!! (Bharti turned around and saw Mahi and Mayank, two shocked faces, frozen by her actions)
Gaurav was shocked beyond his comprehension. He tried and tested her and truly, she had surpassed him at every step but not this time. He took his gun and shot in Bharti's direction. Mayank screamed out loud but as Bharti turned, Armaan had held Bharti close to him and bore the bullet in his lower back. Bharti heard him moan in pain while painstakingly uttering her name.

You understood what I wanted to tell you. I wanted you to shoot me for no one else had the right to do it. Only you understood me so well. You were right, Bharti. I should have supported you.

Bharti held Armaan's face but he was growing paler with each second. She shook him hard but he lost his grip and fell in her arms. She suppressed her tears and let him lay his head on her foreleg. Mayank came to her and she told him to take Armaan to the hospital as soon as possible and to call his mum instantly. He sought the help of Mahi and they left instantly.

Gaurav:Tch tch tch...Bohat dard ho rahi hai Bharti?Chahu toh main marham lagaadu? (Bharti shoved his hand aside and stood up,glaring him in the eye)
Bharti:Tumhaare dono saathiyo ke khel khatam ho chuka hai..Tum apne goliyan kahaa lena pasand karoge??
Gaurav:You're just...Ok fine I admit, I killed her but she didn't deserve to ruin my life by jailing me with no proper evidence of any sorts. Radhika had ruined my life Bharti,do you hear me???And I wanted to avenge her. That's all I did. If what I did was wrong, then what the HELL do you think you're doing? Sure I could have averted the whole situation. I had even told Sid to take care of everything but I couldn't forget how happy she was during the Holi when she proposed to Mayank. I couldn't tolerate her laughter, which haunted me and I took the gun from my coat and killed her so effortlessly in the celebration of colours, adorning her the colour of death. And no one ever found out. (Mayank returned and saw Bharti having shot Gaurav in the chest, straight in his heart).

Bharti saw Gaurav's body collapsing onto the hard flooring with a loud thud. Blood oozed out progressively. Bharti kept the gun safely in her jacket and turned around, stunned to see Mayank.

'You finally did it, Bharti.'

'You were supposed to do it but you held back like a coward.'

'You're mistaking me, Bharti. Please give me a chance..'

Bharti walked away without even acknowledging him. She didn't let him finish and simply walked away, with no inches of regret. Except..If only Armaan hadn't come in her way!!

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