Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Monday, June 27, 2016

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 328~

Just then,there was incessant knocking on the door.The knocking grew louder and louder and it startled her.She opened the door to see Niharika and Raj.

Niharika:Bharti, what happened to your dress? (Bharti then recollected how the blood from Armaan's back and bosom spread to her dress;she had been totally absent-minded)
Bharti:Itz nothing... (locked the door)What brings you here?
Niharika:Where's Mayank? I thought he might have come looking for you..
Bharti:Oh shux!! I had sent him and Mahi to send Armaan to the hospital. They'll be at Fortis. I'll go get changed.Sit down k?
Raj:Whoa, you can really act well. Niharika, we know everything now so why are you...
Niharika: Raj,what are you even doing here? Just because we ended up coming here at the same time, it doesn't mean that we need to chat up like old times.
Raj:Let me clear your misunderstanding. There, my girlfriend is calling me. See?
Niharika:Sonali?Your girlfriend?
Raj:Kyun?Koi problem hai tumhe?
Niharika:(fidgeted)Mujhe kyun koi problem hogi? (rolled her eyes) Jahaa take maine usse jaana hai, woh akeli rehna pasand karti hai...Aur tumhe bhi shayad aisi hi ladki chahiye..Kyun??Jaoo aur apna call attend karo kyunki meri Bharti se baat karna zyaada zaroori hai...
Raj:Main kahin nahin jaane waala hoon.. (disconnected Sonali's call and stood there)
Bharti:What's the commotion between you two now?
Niharika:Bharti,how is Armaan now? Have Mayank contacted you?
Bharti:Is this what you wanted to talk to me about?
Niharika:Pretty much yeah..
Bharti:Then we are done here...I'll show you the way out...
Niharika:Bharti..Aren't you at least heading to the hospital to meet Armaan?? (Bharti stopped and looked at her blankly)
Bharti:What for?
Niharika:Wh.. (Raj was browsing his contact list and gave Sudha a missed call?
Raj:Bharti,look..What Niharika is trying to say is that Armaan had lost a lot of blood and he's in bad shape. He took a bullet for you so this is the least you could do for him.
Bharti:I didn't ask him to get involved in this whole mess by coming there. I couldn't let go of this opportunity by giving in to Gaurav's dirty tactics of blackmailing neither did I demand for Armaan to come in between to take the bullet that was meant for me. What was his intention of coming there? To create a scene once again and ruin everything for me??
Raj:Bharti please....Just meet him once!!
Bharti:Raj,for God's sake,don't you get it???I have got nothing to do with him!!
Raj:Answer this call and I'll go.. (Bharti saw the name on his mobile screen and her eyes moistened)
Bharti:Hi Mom..
Sudha:(Bharti heard her mellow voice,pauses in between)Bharti,my jaan...Are you on your way?I need you by my side dear...The doctors won't let me be near him. It's been ages since I've felt this scared in my life;first was before Armaan's dad's death and now Armaan..My mind is wavering...Bharti,where are you now?
Bharti:Mom,woh Raj ko pick up karna gayi thi...Ab hum raaste mein hi hain...(shook her head as she saw the last call by Raj made to Sudha and the time)Chale?
Raj:Sure.. (winked at Niharika)


Sudha:Thank God you came,Bharti...I'm just feeling so numb..Doctors are still inside..
Bharti:Mom,please sit.. (Raj and Niharika invited Mahi and Mayank over to pacify Sudha) Everything will be fine..
Mayank:Aunty, please..Don't cry,Armaan will not want you to see you crying...We are all here for you too,especially your daughter,Bharti.. (Bharti felt irked)
Sudha:But who could have done this to my dear Armu and why??He has no rivals at work,does he?Wait..Raj,you and Armu leaked out the scandals at Trends recently,right??
Mayank:Yes Aunty,they did...But I don't think..
Mahi:Aunty,do you really want to stress over who did this to your family?It's not worth it to know for Armu's health is much more important than the one who shot him.
Sudha:Mahi,I want a name. Do you hear me? I don't want to go through a traumatising event again.
Bharti:Mom,this will never happen to him. Ever again. Okay? Just look at me. You know that I mean what I say, right?
Mahi: Aunty, Bharti is right. Gaurav is dead so it will never happen again.
Bharti:Mom,doctor aa chuke hain..Aap dekhle ek baar...
Mahi:Whoa it's a great favour you've bestowed upon all of us,including Sudha aunty..(Bharti understood her sarcasm but remained silent)
Raj:Armaan took a bullet for you but you have no idea what it feels like to risk your life. Today I really do feel that maybe Jiya was right all along in saying that you had always been selfish...This time,you truly became self - centered and stone-hearted.  Today you have lost several friendships at trying to seek redemption.

Just then,Bhaskar,Payal and Jiya had come after hearing the news of Armaan's encounter with Gaurav. Jiya hugged Sudha while Bhaskar and Payal went to Bharti. Bharti saw Sudha leaving to meet the doctor who was operating on Armaan.

Mahi:Pray to God that nothing happens to him warna bath nahin kitne doston ke shraaph lage tumhe.
Mayank:Mahi, I think you should leave right now. (placed his hand over Bharti's shoulder and mildly pulled her towards him)She's my friend and no one dare speak against her.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Latest Sneak Preview: Alert!!

As per reliable sources, we have come to a highly dramatic climax and seen Mahi and Mayank rushing Armaan to the hospital where Sudha and her colleagues will attend to him shortly. However, Bharti hasn't visited him nor has she had a change of mind towards befriending Mayank who, according to her, had held back as a coward instead of finishing unsettled scores with Gaurav.

Furthermore, from an exclusive chat, Bharti shares with us that Armaan hadn't ceased thinking about his love. This time round, he might push her to the ultimatum with his engagement to Shreya.

Fans, what do you think? Is it a relief that Armaan's going to be okay or a disaster in disguise for ArBi fans??Share your comments!!


~Jab Lurve Hua Part 327~

Mahi and Mayank had rushed the gurney which had Armaan's body,with blood that was gradually turning dark red. The paramedics asked both of them to wait outside the intensive care unit. Mahi saw Mayank having sunk onto one of the isolated padded seat and went to him.

Mayank: I had no idea at all. I was supposed to earn my friendship back. This was my bloody chance but what the heck was I doing with you? (Mahi raised an eyebrow at him and took her hand off his knee and stood up)
Mahi: Don't you realise what I was trying to do for you? We were in the same car in search of Bharti but you're just plainly accusing yourself of being...Being with me???
Mayank:Till date, I had suspected Armaan's love for Bharti but now I just don't get why he's purposely punishing himself when Bhaskar has a clear laid out plan for him.
Mahi:What do you mean?
Mayank:Armaan's career graph is exponential..With accommodation and great privileges he shouldn't have any problems in London.
Mahi:I don't think he's in the right mind to even think of London.Or else,why would he even consider risking his life twice for Bharti???Tell me!!!
Mayank:Thank God nothing happened to Bharti..Or else...
Mahi:(interrupted Mayank)OMG!!I don't believe this. You're glad that nothing happened to Bharti when you ought to be worrying about Armaan. I know what you're thinking. You are glad you didn't lose Bharti,like Radhika,right?? If that is so, you better pray to God nothing happens to the guy who took the bullets to his chest and back. (Headed off to the washroom and refreshed herself,rinsing her face multiple times to face the reality of the thoughts of someone whom she was beginning to fancy)

It was raining hard, raindrops splattering on the verandah of Bharti's residence. Flashes of Armaan being shot and falling from her clutch made her wake up abruptly. His words rang in her ears as she rested her head on the recliner. She opened her eyes instantly.

'You understood me so perfectly,Bharti.'

Bharti sat upright and looked around, as if she had heard Armaan's voice. He was nowhere around. She wondered if KK was playing a prank on her but then he would rather come out clean, not disguised as Armaan. After all he didn't have to hide from her at all, after whatever situations he had already put her in.

'Tumhe toh apne badla poori ki. Abhi bhi tumhe mera pyaar ka jazba samajh mein nahin aaya?Mera chodo,tumhe aise kyun laga ki Gaurav mujhe sach much maardega?Meri jaan lena ka haqq maine kisi ko bhi nahin diya...Naa usse naa tumhe,Bharti. Phir bhi tumne aisa na jaane kyun kiya...Kahin aisa toh nahin ki tumhe mujhse... (Bharti clasped shut her eyes and no longer wished to hear anything but ended up crying and shouting)

Jao yaha se...Hamesha,hamesha ke liye.. Jaise main tums door jaa rahi hoon!!!