Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Monday, June 13, 2016

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 327~

Mahi and Mayank had rushed the gurney which had Armaan's body,with blood that was gradually turning dark red. The paramedics asked both of them to wait outside the intensive care unit. Mahi saw Mayank having sunk onto one of the isolated padded seat and went to him.

Mayank: I had no idea at all. I was supposed to earn my friendship back. This was my bloody chance but what the heck was I doing with you? (Mahi raised an eyebrow at him and took her hand off his knee and stood up)
Mahi: Don't you realise what I was trying to do for you? We were in the same car in search of Bharti but you're just plainly accusing yourself of being...Being with me???
Mayank:Till date, I had suspected Armaan's love for Bharti but now I just don't get why he's purposely punishing himself when Bhaskar has a clear laid out plan for him.
Mahi:What do you mean?
Mayank:Armaan's career graph is exponential..With accommodation and great privileges he shouldn't have any problems in London.
Mahi:I don't think he's in the right mind to even think of London.Or else,why would he even consider risking his life twice for Bharti???Tell me!!!
Mayank:Thank God nothing happened to Bharti..Or else...
Mahi:(interrupted Mayank)OMG!!I don't believe this. You're glad that nothing happened to Bharti when you ought to be worrying about Armaan. I know what you're thinking. You are glad you didn't lose Bharti,like Radhika,right?? If that is so, you better pray to God nothing happens to the guy who took the bullets to his chest and back. (Headed off to the washroom and refreshed herself,rinsing her face multiple times to face the reality of the thoughts of someone whom she was beginning to fancy)

It was raining hard, raindrops splattering on the verandah of Bharti's residence. Flashes of Armaan being shot and falling from her clutch made her wake up abruptly. His words rang in her ears as she rested her head on the recliner. She opened her eyes instantly.

'You understood me so perfectly,Bharti.'

Bharti sat upright and looked around, as if she had heard Armaan's voice. He was nowhere around. She wondered if KK was playing a prank on her but then he would rather come out clean, not disguised as Armaan. After all he didn't have to hide from her at all, after whatever situations he had already put her in.

'Tumhe toh apne badla poori ki. Abhi bhi tumhe mera pyaar ka jazba samajh mein nahin aaya?Mera chodo,tumhe aise kyun laga ki Gaurav mujhe sach much maardega?Meri jaan lena ka haqq maine kisi ko bhi nahin diya...Naa usse naa tumhe,Bharti. Phir bhi tumne aisa na jaane kyun kiya...Kahin aisa toh nahin ki tumhe mujhse... (Bharti clasped shut her eyes and no longer wished to hear anything but ended up crying and shouting)

Jao yaha se...Hamesha,hamesha ke liye.. Jaise main tums door jaa rahi hoon!!!

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