Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Thursday, August 4, 2016

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 330~

Shreya: Don't worry so much; she'll say Yes!! (drove off and Armaan smiled, adjusting his hair and coat)

Armaan gradually opened the gate to Bharti's home. Just then, it hit him.

'Arre, no flowers,chocolates...Nothing at all,Armaan? Woh kya sochegi??I should get her something special..But then it's so freakin' late at night..Ab kahaa jaa kar kya le aao uske liye?? (shook his head)No, I don't have a choice. Armu, just go and propose. How the heavens am I going to...Uske saamne toh pehle jaao phir socho...Ab chal!!'

He was shocked to see the front door slightly ajar. His eyes promptly scanned her shoe rack. They were probably her's anyways. He crept inside and looked around. Just then he stopped upon hearing her voice, 'Where the hell are the candles? Whenever things are needed, I can't find them. I so need to organise things around here.' He figured she was in the kitchen and went there with the help of his mobile torch. He switched it off as soon as he saw Bharti's illuminated face from the candle she just lit. He couldn't stop smiling. Bharti took the candle and froze as she looked straight. She was stunned to see Armaan at this hour of the night. She fidgeted with her fingers, thinking of an excuse to get him out of her home as soon as possible but little did she realize about her clumsiness. Armaan rushed to her with a knee bent before her. She became even more confused.

Bharti:(thought to herself)What the hell is he...With one knee bent...Why is my leg having a burning sensation??(looked at her right leg and gasped at the scorching pain and Armaan had been snapping at her)
Armaan:Heyy,got an ice pack?? (Bharti nodded and pointed to the freezer)Ok hold on...Let me bring you to the sofa...
Bharti:(Armaan placed her feet on the sofa and made her sit)What are you doing here??
Armaan:Ice pack??K?(got the ice pack and endured the pain without a shriek of any kind, amazing him)
Bharti:There's an ointment in the drawer next to your left side..Thanks!!
Armaan:(placed the ointment on her bruised leg)You didn't make a hiss about your pain...
Bharti:Aadat pad chuki hain..Aur waise bhi main baaki ladkiyon ki tarha nahin hoon jo ek halke se moch ya dard ko jhel na sakti...
Armaan:Woh toh tum ho hi..
Bharti:Tum yahaa pe kaise aa gaye? I mean you need so much of rest...Bhaskar told me you got discharged yesterday..
Armaan:So you do have my updates??Thatz news!!
Bharti:FYI, I don't go around asking..News reach me..
Armaan:Waise I did wanted to ask you about something.. (Bharti placed her legs downwards and started walking but Armaan stopped her)What are you doing? You need rest too..
Bharti:Apna bakwas band karoge? It is a minor burn and nothing else... (just then both of them felt the strong winds from the open windows and Bharti hit her head)Clothes..I've just hung my clothes up at the terrace.. (turned to go but Armaan held her wrist)
Armaan:I'll get them for you...
Bharti: Fine. Go ahead.

Bharti made coffee for Armaan and herself. She wondered what was taking him so long. She decided to not wait any longer and headed up to the terrace. She couldn't believe her eyes and began shouting his name.

Armaan turned around. He was so absent-minded about her clothes while enjoying the heavy rains after a long time. He looked at her taking shelter inside and not getting wet at all, which was so unlike of her. But he soon noticed her facial expressions, one which spelt trouble for him.

He realized what she was holding. He smiled subtly and ran his fingers deep down and walked towards her.

Armaan:Is that...coffee for me?? (looked at her admiringly)How sweet and you know, thoda romantic too.. (Bharti rolled her eyes)
Bharti:Coffee toh hai lekin tumhaare liye nahin...
Armaan:Do mugs?
Bharti:Mere liye..Yeh toh kam hain, usually char paanch cups toh aaraam se pee leti hoon..So don't expect anything from me for yourself..
Armaan:Aisa kyun?
Bharti:Maine kahaa tha ki main apne kapde khud lelungi chajje par lekin nahin...Volunteer toh tum karte ho aur ab mere saare ke saare kapde gila kar diya...
Armaan:Bharti,suno na..Main lene hi waala tha lekin itni khoobsurat baarish ko dekh kar main sab kuch bhool gaye yaar...I mean yeh mausam bohat hafte baad aa raha hai aur main bas aise hi kho gaye....
Bharti:Yeh toh tum mere kapde kamre mein rakh kar bhi toh mazaa le sakti thi...(drank her coffee as she watched the heavy monsoon rains)Tumne abhi tak nahin bataaya ki tum yahaa kya karne aaye ho...Mausam bohat kharaab hai aur tumhaari gaadi bhi toh nahin hai...
Armaan:(waited for her to finish her second mug and gazed at her;he took her hand by surprise,leaving the mugs by the stool and gradually brought her close to him,one step at a time,out in the rains)You wanted to know why I came here?(brought her hand to his chest)Do you know what's in here?(Bharti was feeling a bit uneasy, uncomfy to face him in the eye as flashes of her shooting him came straight to her head) I have not allowed the doctors to remove the bullet from my system. (Bharti was appalled and she withdrew her hand with force and turned away from him but he placed his palm on her shoulder and stopped her)This is a punishment for me, Bharti. For not having supported you when you needed me the most.
Bharti:When did I ever ask for your support?I don't need anything from you..
Armaan:Bharti, I can now understand you fully. The pains you've gone through are so much more deep and time may not have fulfilled it's promise of healing you. Since Radhika's demise, you have just become reclusive but at the same time, you've filtered so much of love and compassion that you truly deserve. (Bharti realised where this conversation was headed and took his hand off her shoulder and took a step further but just then, she felt the lace of her dress tear near her neck. Bharti was stunned. Armaan turned around and was embarrassed by what he did. Bharti turned to see him but soon turned away when she saw him turning towards her) I'm so sorry, Bharti. I only meant to stop you for I want to finally free my heart..
Armaan: Bharti...
Bharti:I don't wanna hear anything.. (started walking)
Armaan:I love you!!!!!! (Bharti stopped)
Bharti:It's getting late, Armaan..
Armaan:Will you marry me??? (Bharti froze; she gradually turned around and looked at him)
Bharti:(thought to herself as her heart raced) This can't be happening. This really can't be happening. (clasped her ears shut and closed her eyes) He shouldn't even think about confessing his feelings for me. I shot him, damn it!!!
Armaan too was confused. He had just blabbered away in an attempt to stop her from leaving. He was awkward but he had to say it before she left. He never ever told her anything before. Only hinted to her on several occasions but that didn't work and now he didn't want her to run away from him, of all people.

All of a sudden, he saw Bharti enraged, coming at him as though she was gonna shout. He jerked backwards in fear.

Bharti:Why don't you get it,huh?Haven't I hinted to you already? Haven't yu understood anything??You think I had no idea about your love for me??You think I'm so blind that I can't even differentiate friendship from love? I had always prayed in my mind that you would never ever say this to me, Armaan. I just don't want love in my life, ok?Is it that difficult to understand??? I shot you for God's sake..How can you even think about confessing even after all of that?
Armaan:My love for you is beyond all of that, Bharti.
Bharti:(smirked)Yeah..No,it never can be. No one is that crazy to love a killer.
Armaan:Will you just stop berating yourself about how you don't deserve my love?? (held her face)You have all rights over me, Bharti..You had never meant harm upon me on purpose...I was only happy to give up my life for you by taking the bullet... (Bharti took his hands from her face and moved away)

Just then,both of them heard a jeep stop outside. Armaan took a look from the terrace but Bharti knew her time has come and took small steps from him. He turned to look at her intently, trying to grasp what's going on in her head. Just then, it struck him.

She was trying to walk away from his life. The cops slowly crept out from the jeep without its siren on, to not alert any neighbours around.

No,no!!!Not now; this can't be happening now!!Bharti...

Armaan held Bharti's wrist firmly. Both of them needn't say anything yet somehow both of them felt a secret communication sparking through their eyes.

You shouldn't have called the cops.

You shouldn't have come here, Armaan.

Is this why you were trying to get me out of your home?

One day or another, I had to surrender. Most importantly, leave from your life. You have to let me go, Armaan. Ek na ek din toh mujhe jaana hi hai..Jitni jaldi ho sake utni hi achi hai tumhaare liye. I'm never a good influence on you. I've never been a good friend for you so it's better I leave. Forever!!

Nothing happened to me na??

I killed Gaurav and his allies, Armaan.

They deserved it.

The cops are coming up, Armaan.

I can't let your hands be tainted with blood, Bharti.

It's too late, Armaan.

No it's not. We can run away from here. Somewhere far, where it is just me and you. Please!!

I'm really sorry!!Ho sake toh mujhe maaf kar dena...

Ek baar gale nahi miloge Bharti??

Bharti turned away to go but turned back and rushed to Armaan's arms. She hugged him, feeling his warmth, closeness and passion like never before. He kissed her hair and wiped her tears but by then the cops came and voiced out for her. Bharti was handcuffed and soon she was led to the police jeep. Armaan looked on from the terrace, watching her leave. He went inside her room,where the photo frame of her's and Naina stood by the bedside. He hugged it and began sobbing hard, continuously, not knowing what to do next.

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